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MindCode neural network Bill Lucas Universal Force Randell Mills- hydrinos IceBreaker unchained (WWII)
small or sleeping : S&P500 P/E ratios vs Treasury rates Puetz - The Greatest of cycles Lies, Damned Lies, and Scientists SAFIRE - electric sun experiment COVID-19
hibernating : Charvatova solar inertial motion Pandemics, health, and the Sun Civilisations and sun Steve Yaskell - sun & history Auroral phenomena and petroglyphs
Climate and sun Galactic rays and evolution Solar modeling and forecasting Climate - Kyoto Premise fraud "Hope-to-do-soon" projects

Note that many project links in the menu above provide only a directory listing of files. This is the case especially for still-very-active projects. (Yes, I am too lazy to keep web-pages up to date.)

[Long-term, priority] projects :

The projects below typically take >1 year of full time work equivalent, spread over several years.

Let it stew :

These projects are not currently active, but I often mull over them and take the odd notes. My intention is to gback to them some day ...

Old projects :

These projects are not currently active. I never actually finish any project, so I can't say that those below are finished. I take them as far as I can wthe time that I had to work on them, and will always be able to come up with ideas to [improve, change] them.
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