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William Neil Howell

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As the menus are being rebuilt (Apr-May2020), they will likely fail from time to time.

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24Feb2018 - One of these days I'm going to [fix, clean up] this website !!!
13Apr2020 - Over the next month, I will some upgrading of the website (mostly a set of menus)

This is just a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff that friends can pick up online, but it is used only rarely. Click to go to web-page with a directory listing.

Personal...... - interests, activities (this is WAY out of date, incomplete - the menus show what I've actually spent my time on)

Mostly active memberships :
long-time member$ - Friends of Science Society www.friendsofscience.org
"Patreon supporter$" - Electric Universe www.thunderbolts.info (in particular the SAFIRE project)
member$ - John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society http://www.naturalphilosophy.org
subscriber - Ben Davidson's www.Suspicious0bservers.org
subscriber - Principia Scientific International http://www.principia-scientific.org
member$ - International Neural Network Society www.inns.org
member$ - IEEE Computational Intelligence Society www.ieee-cis.org
past "supporter$" - Free Thinking Film Society www.freethinkingfilmfest.ca (World's most depressing film festival...)

"The two fools who rushed in"
This expression comes from Steven Yaskell's book "Grand Phases on the Sun" on www.amazon.com & facebook. Many historical charts in the book came from a project by my father and I. Steven recognized us as "the two fools who rushed in", because of the scary historical concept that we worked on. My father and I still find this to be funny.

Last updated:
13Apr2020 provide primitive menus for web-pages (initial work only), limited updates to some content
10Sep2018 cleaned up home page (still ugly), replace
26Sep2017 created separate section for "Bill Howell's videos", to make it easy to find my video productions
26Nov2014 revamped "Hope-to-do-soon" project list, tidied up a tiny bit (not enough!)
25Sep2013 I removed most of the "New Material" listing into a separate web-page, and added a list of "hope-to-do-soon" projects
Oops - missed a whole pile of changes from 16Mar2008 to 25Sep2013!
16Mar08 added Neil Howell webpage, with paintings
23Dec07 new contact information, moved from Calgary to Ottawa
24Oct07 29Aug07, 27Jan07, 08Dec06, 05Oct06, ...missing dates of many interim updates...,
?1998? original

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