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Summary [descriptions, links] for only a few of these systems have been done, so welcom to a system-tracing challenge...
  • 11Sep2018 Other coding to follow at some point...(LibreOffice macros are probably here somewhere, Open Porous Media (OPM) reservoir simulation, ...)
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    This lists only main themes and is not-so-up-to-date : check "Bill Howell's blog" for many other items.

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    (This hasn't been updated for several years, as of 25Sep2013)

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    Note that material in the following "Sub-sites" does not imply that the hosted individuals agree with my opinions and themes, and visa-versa...

    Paul L Vaughan's webpage - Paul did a huge amount of work on astronomical and Earth process datasets, coming up with unique, insightful, and powerful results, often leaving the experts in the dust, in my opinion. He both develops and applies advanced wavelet transforms for the spatio-temporal analysis of complex systems, and applied his own concepts similar to fractional order calculus.
    Steven H Yaskell's webpage - Steven has written two key books on climate and history, which provide very important context for the huge impacts of climate and the sun's key role, as well as a history of science and scientists in this area. But much more than that, Steven provides wonderful stories about how people, scientists and non-scientists, have fought to shed light light on the subject in the face of tremendous opposition from mainstream science and scientists, of how the sun and climate have impacted on peoples lives, and of the under-appreciated role of women in science.
    Steve Wickson's webpage including : "A Galactic Theory of Climate" - mass extinctions, glaciations etc over the last revised paper 16Oct07, first posted 05Jul07

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    This is just a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff that friends can pick up online. Click to go to web-page with a directory listing.

    Unsponsored links (a few personal reference points):

    QNial prototyping language. Beautiful child of a marriage between the LISP and APL programming languages.
    International Neural Network Society (INNS) - theoretical and computational understanding of the brain, and applied to machines
    Rebel Media - Often obnoxious, sometimes [wrong, off-mark], always under attack, and one of the only thinking Canadian media. Free Speech has almost disappeared in Canada, but so far Levant has survived the government actions, "law-as-a-sword-and-not-a-shield" lawsuits, and mainstream public.
    Bill O'Reilly - Chased off Fox News by the intolerant left, but still having an impact, still thinking, still one of the only ones saying what needs to be said.

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