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Steven Haywood Yaskell

Steven has written two key books on climate and history, which provide very important context for the huge impacts of climate and the sun's key role, as well as a history of science and scientists in this area. But much more than that, Steven provides wonderful stories about how people, both scientists and non-scientists, have fought to shed light light on the subject in the face of tremendous opposition from mainstream science and scientists, of how the sun and climate have impacted on peoples lives, and of the under-appreciated role of women in science. Yaskell's work also reflects the profound impact that climate has had on his own family in Vermont over the last hundred years, even though he has not described this in detail in his books (short descriptions are provided in the "New Material" section below).

New Material!!:

Steven H Yaskell's background (he will have to fill in here...)

06Apr2014 - original posting

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