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Groupe de Recherche en Physique Solaire


Third Canadian Solar Workshop




par les Drs Ken Tapping (CNR/IHA) et David Boteler (Laboratoire les collaborations, et assurer que les divers acteurs solaires au pays

Le premier Atelier Solaire Canadien a eu lieu en novembre 2004 au


Frais d'inscription

Hotel Terrasse Royale
tel. 1-800-567-0804

Bien que la fin novembre soit en pleine saison creuse, cet hotel est le moins de 10 minutes. Voir leur page Web:


Solar Observatory (Tucson, Arizona, USA) qui discutera du Advanced Technology s'impliquer.

Questions et commentaires

l'adresse courriel:


The Canadian Solar Workshop Series is the brainchild of Drs Ken Tapping (NRC/HIA) and David Boteler (NRCan Geomagnetic Laboratories), adumbrated in response to what they perceived as a revival of solar physics research in Canada starting a few years ago. The motivation underlying the creation of the Canadian Solar Workshop series is thus to provide a relatively informal workshop-type venue where the Canadian Solar Physics community can meet on a regular basis (so far yearly), to ensure cross-fertilization, foster collaborative endeavours, and so that everyone remains well-informed of research activities in other groups.

The first Canadian Solar Workshop was held in November 2004 at Natural Resources Canada's Geomagnetic Laboratory on the outskirts of Ottawa, and hosted by David Boteler's space weather group. The second Canadian Solar Workshop was held in October 2005 at Queen's University's department of Mathematics and Statistics (Kingston), and hosted by David Thomson's QSORT group. The third Canadian Solar Workshop will be held on November 30 and Physics Department's Solar Physics Research Group.

Registration and abstract submission

Click here for online registration and abstract submission.

Registration fees

Registration fees can be paid onsite. These are *tentatively* set at CDN$60, with a reduced rate of CDN$25 for students. The fees may go down if additional external sources of funding are secured.


We recomment that participants reserve as soon as possible a room at the following hotel:

Hotel Terrasse Royale
tel. 1-800-567-0804

Although this will be low season in Montreal, the Royal Terrasse hotel it the only one within walking distance of the University. If one other University workshop or event happens to take place over the same time window, it may well fill up. PLEASE BOOK EARLY!! ...and mention the Physics Department when doing so, in order to benefit from our reduced rate.

bars/pubs, restaurants, etc., and next to a subway station and bus routes Page:


Keynote speakers

We are pleased this year to announce the attendance of two special keynote speakers: Dr Thomas Bogdan, Director of the Space Environment Laboratory, at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Boulder, Colorado, USA), who will discuss the future of the space weather entreprise; and Dr Steve Keil, Director of the National Solar Observatory (Tucson, Arizona, USA) who will present a talk on the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope, an international project of interest to the canadian community.

Questions and queries

Any question or comment should be e-mailed to the LOC at


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