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Software programming - open-source code provided :

Summary [descriptions, links] for only a few of these systems have been done, so welcom to a system-tracing challenge...
11Sep2018 Other [comments, maybe some coding] to follow at some point...(LibreOffice macros are probably here somewhere, Open Porous Media (OPM) reservoir simulation, ...) Note that I have never [trained, worked] as a professional programmer. I often had to write code to [bridge gaps, circumvent, augment, collaborate, replace] "mainframe MJIS systems", using whatever tools were on hand to get the job done.
13Apr2020 Here are just a few examples :

System maintenance : [software, hardware, operating systems, etc] stuff (see 'Linux/ especially) and notes for using many [programs, utilities]

Directory listing : Here are my brutal notes related to [installations, howto reminders, tracking bugs, etc] for a wide range of mostly computer-related stuff.

You will have to dig around a lot, but if you have problems with a few (mostly Linux) utilities, programs etc, it might be worth your while.

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