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Conference Guides for [IEEE-CIS, INNS] conferences : Although this guide was initially set up for IJCNN2019, and was used for IEEE WCCI 2020, hopefully some of the basic information may still help [organising committee members, authors] up to 2023-2025 (assuming a half-life of links and process information of 3-5 years?). The Authors' and Publications menus have been combined, allowing authors to see the Publications Chair perspective as well. I am no longer keeping this up to date. Bill Howell, 11Dec2020

Mass emails

Table of Contents :

Introduction :

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE-CIS) [sole,co]-sponsors a large number of [conferences, symposia, workshops, etc] (referred to generically as "conferences" in the rest of the web-page). Starting with WCCI2020, a number of IEEE ListServers have been set up so that recipients may [sub, unsub]-scribe to the conferences for which they will receive publicity mass emails. As of summer 2019, only the WCCI2020 ListServer is actually being used, but the lists will be available to other conferences for their future use if they decide to use them.

[INNS, IEEE-CIS] mass email policies

As of 11Jun2019, the INNS - IEEE-CIS mass email policies.odt need modest updates for the IEEE-CIS ListServer arrangement.

[Roles, Responsibilities, Access] for producing mass emails

A number of roles for server administration are given in the "IEEE LISTERV documentation", and even though other email server platforms might be used by your conference, it is convenient to use the IEEE ListServer terminology here with the understanding that for many, if not most, conferences, the [SENDER, EDITOR, OWNER] are the same person :

The Email Miners

To me, a critical and usually neglected responsibility is that of gathering new email addresses. The 2010-2019 period appears to has seen substantial growth in the Computational Intelligence area, thanks at least partly to Deep Learning and Big Data, and maybe system [identification, modelling, control, optimization]. Additionally, the mass email lists decline perhaps 20-30% per year as graduate students move on, jobs change, and scientists retire or change focus. Unfortunately, the net result has been a decline in the total number of viable email addresses for a couple of years now, since Simone Scardapane did a wonderful job of bolstering it. The initial mass email lists plus regular updates come from IEEE-CIS author lists for each of the conferences. Occasionally, publicly available emails or lists from related conferences are also obtained. However, the IEEE-CIS ListServers, allow end-user control of their subscriptions, including new users who learn of the lists.

Email servers

As of 06Nov2019, a variety of email server arrangements have been used to publicize [INNS, IEEE-CIS] conferences, including : I set up the current IEEE-CIS publicity ListServers while preparing for WCCI2020, and the subsequent handover of [information, email lists] on completion of my Publicity Co-Chair responsibilities. The "Publicity Guide : Mass email" web-pages focus mostly on the IEEE-CIS List Server arrangement, but older, much more [detailed, deep] information is linked on the pages for non-ListServer email servers.

Schedule for mass emails

Note that a joint [INNS, IEEE-CIS] policy is that a maximum of 8 mass emails are allowed to publicize IJCNN, and the same limitation has also been applied to WCCI, although without a formal policy that I am aware of. One or perhaps two additional IJCNN emails can be allowed by the joint [INNS, IEEE-CIS] Presidents for exceptional situations. Additional emails mostly arise where serious mistakes have been made in emails, or special issues arise requiring one more email.

Here is a "snapshot" of the schedule for WCCI2020 mass mails as taken halfway through the planned 8 emails 07Nov2019.

Dates - see my 08Oct2018 email to Amir Hussain, root email directory for WCCI2020
Done :
06Nov2019 Wed

Current mass email :
26Nov2019 Tue

Future mass emails:
10Dec2019 Tue
07Jan2020 Tue
15Jan2020 Wed

Mass emails do NOT apply for other Important Dates, as these are emails to co-authors rather than the community at large :

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