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Conference Guides for [IEEE-CIS, INNS] conferences : Although this guide was initially set up for IJCNN2019, and was used for IEEE WCCI 2020, hopefully some of the basic information may still help [organising committee members, authors] up to 2023-2025 (assuming a half-life of links and process information of 3-5 years?). The Authors' and Publications menus have been combined, allowing authors to see the Publications Chair perspective as well. I am no longer keeping this up to date. Bill Howell, 11Dec2020

Attendee sftp downloads of conference papers

Table of Contents :

Important notices, changes, solutions!

01Aug2019 - Less than one week remaining for downloads! All attendee access will be de-activated by 21:00 UTC-6h, 07Aug2019. Additional blog comments have been posted.

23Jul2019 - You have only 2 weeks to complete your downloads, as the sftp server will NOT be available after 07Aug2019. If you have trouble accessing the system, contact Bill Howell. Sponsors-Exhibits Chair, and provide a description of your problems.

07Jul2019 - Check the Blog of this web-page for a view of problems that other attendees have encountered, and related [solutions, comments, questions].

01Jul2019 Major change : The sftp server had 5 zip files of the papers, but this was not a satisying approach. Now the papers are posted as [individual, uncompressed] files. This addressed several issues : I hope to update the instructions below when I get the time, but for now (and probably until the conference is over) I will only try to find the time to post blog items from users who have helped morph the system.

Do NOT use the server as a cloud drive - your access will be cut off after 4 accesses! Try to download ALL files on your first logon!

Background description

23Jun2019 This is a very [quick, incomplete] description of sftps downloads of IJCNN2019 papers. Time permitting, it will be expanded in the near future.

IJCNN2019 is providing online access to conference papers for registered attendees ONLY. We will NOT be providing [USB memory sticks, DVDs, other media]. General Co-Chair Chrisina Jayne made this decision because :
All conference papers are split up into 5 zip files, especially as many people (or at least myself) have trouble with 1 Giga-byte file downloads. We may even provide the papers in [uncompressed, single paper] format for those who have severe download problems.

Two or three months after the conference, papers will be available online via IEEE Xplore. There is a $31 per-paper fee for access, so using roughly 800 papers * 31$, your online access saves you 24,800$ !!! (... just kidding ...)

Copyright and Reprint Permission

Copyright and Reprint Permission: Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source. Libraries are permitted to photocopy beyond the limit of U.S. copyright law for private use of patrons those articles in this volume that carry a code at the bottom of the first page, provided the per-copy fee indicated in the code is paid through Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923. For reprint or republication permission, email to IEEE Copyrights Manager at All rights reserved. Copyright ©2019 by IEEE.

Download instructions :

  1. get an sftp program (I use FileZilla)
  2. make sure firewalls don't keep it from working (contact your IT department or use your home computer)
  3. I just use the 'Quick connect' of FileZilla, and enter the settings below.
  4. Do this early!!! You have a limited time for accessing the papers :
    from : 26Jun2019 (2.5 weeks before the start of the conference)
    to : 07Aug2019 (2.5 weeks after the end of the conference)
  5. You have a limited number of accesses to do all the downloads.

Your settings will be provided in an individualized email (registered conference attendees only!) :
  1. A simple browser connection will NOT work!! You must use an sftp program or plug-in.
  2. Downloads take a long time, so TURN OFF your [power, screen] saver during downloads.
  3. Passwords must be 12 characters in length : Although I send the emails in text format, if your email program changes them to HTML, then occasionally character interpretations will corrupt the password (shorten, for example). If you see that, be sure to extract the proper password from your email, by either a copy-paste to a text editor, or read the page source.
  4. Download as early as possible!! (get in -> download -> get out) : NO support for downloads will be provided during the conference! I have very limited time to help with problems before the conference as well.
  5. Bring a device to the conference that can view pdf files, or bring print-outs of papers that are important to you!! Print-outs and devices will not be lent out at the conference.
  6. User logins are [monitored, limited to 4 occasions], as a way to slightly improve the security of the papers. I will be doing this manually at the start (no time to write scripts right now), and will stop access for high logins. Poor internet connections and low bandwidths may be the problem - email to me if you can't reliably download 200 Mbyte files.
  7. Given the rush setup (I started on Friday 21Jun2019), for sure there will errors. For example : It would help me enormously if you would check the file of "problematic papers", then notify me of papers that have problems and are not listed in that file.

Obviously, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE these copyrighted papers!

A special thanks for pointing out serious glitches in the early development of the system :

Problematic papers :

Note that many papers have formatting problems (paper size, margins, occassionally unreadable character sets) that have not yet been resolved.

I you notice a paper that has obvious and significant formatting errors, such as : and is does NOT listed in the file problematic papers, then notify Chul Sung. Publications Chair. IBM Watson Research. USA.

Setup and hosting of the sftp server

The sftp server for online access by conference attendees to IJCNN2019 papers was set up by Michael Rae and William Astle of, following my panic request to them. I have been using them for years for my IJCNN email server and my personal [public, ssh] servers. I am mentioning this out of appreciation for their servic, without any form of compensation from them.

Help for problems with sftp access

Start by looking at the "Downloads" section above, which links to the [web, blog]-pages for downloads.

31Jul&01Aug2019 Email warning to attendees - The email body below was sent to attendees to warn them of the imminent sftp server deqactivations. This also links to the [web, blog]-pages, and describes some ofthe common problems that IJCNN attendees encountered when trying to download :

Subject: FINAL reminder to finish your paper downloads, within ONE week!

Although all recipients of this email have accessed the IJCNN sftp server, but I am sending this email to remind those who haven't completed the downloads to do so now.

As attendees of IJCNN2019, you may download ONE copy of the complete set of papers on the server, if you do so between 27Jun2019 and 07Aug2019. Remember to download ONLY the pdfs that are newer than any that you have downloaded already (this is usually a [setting, option] in the sftp program).

I will NOT be providing email technical support at this late stage, so please do NOT send emails to me, unless :
Obviously, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE these copyrighted papers! DO NOT download multiple copies of the papers.

Mr. Bill Howell
P.O. Box 299, Hussar, Alberta, T0J1S0
member - International Neural Network Society (INNS), IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE-CIS),
WCCI2020 Glasgow, Publicity Chair mass emails,
Retired: Science Research Manager (SE-REM-01) at Natural Resources Canada, CanmetMINING, Ottawa


For settings and instructions that are REQUIRED to connect, you MUST visit :
Attendee downloads of conference papers
Additional [problems, fixes, comments] can be found on the blog :
BLOG : Attendee downloads of conference papers
I will attempt to add several comments to the blog site listed above, depending on my time availability.


Although ~16 people have requested help to access the site, and another ~17 requested that their [username, password] be re-activated after being de-activated for [excessive accesses, I am not sure that anyone who has worked through the challenge has failed to connect. Of course, many might have failed but did not notify me.

All of my recent support has involved simply repeating what has already been provided as instructions. There is no sense in spending my time on this. Additionally, I am sure that attendees found solutions to their unique problems by themselves, but I receive very little feedback on that. If you take your time, read the instructions

The top 4 problems that attendees have encountered, in decreasing order of frequency :
  1. failure to read instructions, including the items listed below
  2. you cannot use your browser, you need an sftp [program, add-on, plug-in]
  3. [slow, unreliable] internet connections
  4. deactivation of access - this will occur if :
    • you access the site >4 times. (in other words -> get in, download all, get out)
    • >5 days has passed since your last access
  5. you never received an email with your [username, password] (double-check that you did not!) You MUST use the same email address to communicate with me as the one that you registered with!)

Why don't things work?
Sometimes I look at it as the normal Unix utility learning process (eg [grep, sed, diff, com, etc]):
Do NOT contact me for your [username, passwords], unless you did NOT receive these (and check to make SURE that you did not!!). Attendees have received at least one email, and often two or more, providing that information. It is not my job to compensate for your email management problems, and I won't spend time on that.

See the [web, blog]-pages for many more problems.

Summary of the sftp server [goals, constraints, setup, operation, usage, problems]

This summary is targeted at future [General, Publications] Co-Chairs, but it may be of interest to some of the users as well, especially those who would like to understand more about the details. It is a separate web-page from the main "Attendees downloads of conference papers", as it really isn't useful to attendees needs when it comes to using the sftp server. Attendee downloads of conference papers - summary

REMINDERS : This Authors' Guide is specific to the IEEE conference paper system, and for the most part links to, or repeats, information that is COPYRIGHTED by the IEEE. Keep in mind that the IEEE processes something like 1,800 conferences per year, and delays exceeding a week are to be expected, with longer delays during high-activity parts of the year. So don't wait too long before starting each process!
Author preparations for the conference include (roughly in squence) :
  1. Initial submission of your paper to the IEEE paper review system.
  2. Receipt of an email paper acceptance notification from the Program Co-Chairs via the IEEE paper review system.
  3. Payment of the conference registration fee. At least one of the co-authors must be registered for the conference to present the paper.
  4. IEEE approval of a signed IEEE electronic Copyright form (eCf) (online submission)
  5. Submission and approval of a properly revised final paper.
  6. Travel visa approval, for citizens of countries required to do that by Hungary.
  7. ?What else have I forgotten? ...

Directory of available files for this webpage

Many thanks to our Sponsors & Exhibitors

Ongoing support : [IEEE, IEEE-CIS] for [CEC, FUZZ, IJCNN]; INNS for IJCNN; [IET, EPS] for CEC
2020 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Glasgow, Scotland.....19-24 July 2020

2019 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Budapest, HUNGARY.....14-19 July 2019
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