IJCNN 2017 Program Tutorial T7: Tutorial 7: Topological and graph based clustering: Recent algorithmic advances Sunday, May 14, 8:00AM-10:00AM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Instructor: Nistor Grozavu Tutorial T4: Tutorial 4: Information theoretic learning in pattern classification Sunday, May 14, 8:00AM-10:00AM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Instructor: Bao-Gang Hu Tutorial T6: Tutorial 6: Deep Learning Using Multi-Layer Perceptron and Improving its Performance Sunday, May 14, 8:00AM-10:00AM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Instructor: B. Chandra Tutorial T12: Tutorial 12: Monte Carlo Tree Search and other Simulation Optimization Methods Sunday, May 14, 8:00AM-10:00AM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Instructor: Michael C. Fu Tutorial T13: Tutorial 13: Data insights from machine learning with applications to biomedical data Sunday, May 14, 8:00AM-10:00AM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Instructor: Paulo Lisboa Tutorial T1: Tutorial 1: Interactive Machine Learning: From Classifiers to Robotics Sunday, May 14, 10:20AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Instructor: Brad Hayes Tutorial T5: Tutorial 5: Change and Anomaly Detection in Data Streams Sunday, May 14, 10:20AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Instructor: Giacomo Broacchi Tutorial T10: Tutorial 10: Deep Learning for Face Recognition Sunday, May 14, 10:20AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Instructor: Richa Singh; Mayank Vatsa Tutorial T17: Tutorial 17: From Complex Systems Theory to Systems Neuroscience Sunday, May 14, 10:20AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Instructor: Peter Erdi Tutorial T16: Tutorial 16: Advanced Neural Network Applications for Smart Grid Operations Sunday, May 14, 10:20AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Instructor: G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy Tutorial T2: Tutorial 2: Physics of the mind Sunday, May 14, 1:30PM-3:30PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Instructor: Leonid Perlovsky Tutorial T8: Tutorial 8: Advanced Methodologies for Predictive Learning Sunday, May 14, 1:30PM-3:30PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Instructor: Vladimir Cherkassky Tutorial T15: Tutorial 15: Deep multiview representation learning: methods and applications Sunday, May 14, 1:30PM-3:30PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Instructor: Raman Arora; Kevin Duh Tutorial T19: Tutorial 19: Towards the Ultimate Brain Computer - Hardware Designs of Artificial and Spiking Neural Networks Sunday, May 14, 1:30PM-3:30PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Instructor: Jae-sun Seo and Bipin Rajendran Tutorial T14: Tutorial 14: Time-Evolving Data Streams Learning and Short-Term Urban Traffic Flow Forecasting Sunday, May 14, 1:30PM-3:30PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Instructor: Francesco Masulli Tutorial T3: Tutorial 3: Brain-Inspired Turing Machine Logic in Neural Networks for Vision, Speech, and Natural Languages Sunday, May 14, 3:50PM-5:50PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Instructor: Juyang Weng Tutorial T20: Tutorial 20: Cutting heuristics in Computational Intelligence with Visual Data Mining Sunday, May 14, 3:50PM-5:50PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Instructor: Boris Kovalerchuk Tutorial T9: Tutorial 9: Deep Learning for EEG Signal Processing and Health Informatics Sunday, May 14, 3:50PM-5:50PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Instructor: Francesco Carlo Morabito Tutorial T18: Tutorial 18: Event-Related Potentials: Cognition in Brain-Computer Interfaces Sunday, May 14, 3:50PM-5:50PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Instructor: Joao Luis Garcia Rosa Tutorial T11: Tutorial 11: Graphical Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning for Multimedia Content Analysis Sunday, May 14, 3:50PM-5:50PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Instructor: Xiao-Ping (Steven) Zhang and Zhu Liu Special Track Recep: Welcome Reception Sunday, May 14, 6:30PM-8:30PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Yoonsuck Choe Session Plen1: Plenary session 1: Jose C. Principe Monday, May 15, 8:00AM-9:00AM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Cesare Alippi 8:00AM A Cognitive Architecture for Object Recognition in Video Jose C. Principe Special Session S19: Large datasets and big data analytics: Theory, methods, and applications Monday, May 15, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Nicolo Navarin 9:20AM Simple and Efficient Parallelization for Probabilistic Temporal Tensor Factorization [#267] Guangxi Li, Zenglin Xu, Linnan Wang, Jinmian Ye, Irwin King and Michael Lyu 9:40AM Exploiting Sparsity to Improve the Accuracy of Nystr\"{o}m-based Large-scale Spectral Clustering [#770] Mahesh Mohan and Claire Monteleoni 10:00AM Brazil's Bolsa Familia and Young Adult Workers: A Parallel RDD Approach to Large Datasets [#308] Aloisio Dourado, Rommel Carvalho, Donald Pianto and Gustavo van Erven 10:20AM Advanced Pseudo-inverse Linear Discriminants for the Improvement of Classification Accuracies [#736] Zhichao Jin, Lili Guo and Daqi Gao Special Session S07: Cognition and development Monday, May 15, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Yoonsuck Choe 9:20AM A Self-Organizing Model for Affective Memory [#334] Pablo Barros and Stefan Wermter 9:40AM Hyperarticulation Aids Learning of New Vowels in a Developmental Speech Acquisition Model [#623] Anja Philippsen, Felix Reinhart, Britta Wrede and Petra Wagner 10:00AM Neurorobotic Simulations on the Degradation of Multiple Column Liquid State Machines [#76] Ricardo de Azambuja, Daniel Garcia, Martin Stoelen and Angelo Cangelosi 10:20AM The art of scaling up : a computational account on action selection in basal ganglia [#481] Bhargav Teja Nallapu, Bapi Raju Surampudi and Nicolas P. Rougier Session eeg: EEG Analysis Monday, May 15, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Chaomin Luo 9:20AM EEG Classification Based On Sparse Representation [#326] Hongwei Mo, Chaomin Luo and Gene Eu Jan 9:40AM Stochastic and Deterministic Stationarity Analysis of EEG Data [#359] Daniel Moreira Cestari and Joao Luis Garcia Rosa 10:00AM Enhanced Detection of Movement Onset in EEG through Deep Oversampling [#606] Noura Al Moubayed, Bashar Awwad Shiekh Hasan and Andrew Stephen McGough 10:20AM Investigating the possibility of applying EEG lossy compression to EEG-based user authentication [#795] Binh Nguyen, Dang Nguyen, Wanli Ma and Dat Tran Session rand: Randomized and noise-based learning Monday, May 15, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Khan Iftekharuddin 9:20AM Single-Cell Based Random Neural Network for Deep Learning [#72] Yonghua Yin and Erol Gelenbe 9:40AM Efficient k-means++ with Random Projection [#176] Jan Y. K. Chan and Alex Po Leung 10:00AM A Two-Phase Representation Based Face Recognition Method With 'Random-Filtering' Virtual Samples [#383] Deyan Tang, Siwang Zhou, Wenjuan Yang and Yonghe Liu 10:20AM Using Noise to Speed Up Video Classification with Recurrent Backpropagation [#931] Bart Kosko and Olaoluwa Adigun Session deep1: Deep learning 1: theory Monday, May 15, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Jinglu Hu 9:20AM DeepRecon: Dynamically Reconfigurable Architecture for Accelerating Deep Neural Networks [#892] Tayyar Rzayev, Saber Moradi, David Albonesi and Rajit Manohar 9:40AM A Robust Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Method for Deep Learning [#670] Caglar Gulcehre, Jose Sotelo, Marcin Moczulski and Yoshua Bengio 10:00AM Data-centric Computation Mode for Convolution in Deep Neural Networks [#792] Peiqi Wang, Zhenyu Liu, Haixia Wang and Dongsheng Wang 10:20AM A Multilayer Gated Bilinear Classifier: from Optimizing a Deep Rectified Network to a Support Vector Machine [#178] Weite Li and Jinglu Hu Session theory1: Theory 1 Monday, May 15, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Giacomo Boracchi 9:20AM Selective and Cooperative Potentiality Maximization for Improving Interpretation and Generalization [#65] Ryotaro Kamimura 9:40AM Neural Networks Between Integer and Rational Weights [#77] Jiri Sima 10:00AM Weibull Partition Models with Applications to Hidden Semi-Markov Models [#83] Youwei Lu, Shogo Okada and Katsumi Nitta 10:20AM A Model based Search Method for Prediction in Model-free Markov Decision Process [#174] Ajin George Joseph and Shalabh Bhatnagar Special Session S01a: Advanced data analytics for large-scale complex data environment 2 Monday, May 15, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Yang Li; Xiaobo Liu 11:00AM Deeply-Supervised CNN for Prostate Segmentation [#243] Zhu Qikui, Du Bo, Turkbey Baris, Choyke Peter L . and Yan Pingkun 11:20AM A Weighted-resampling based Transfer Learning Algorithm [#137] Xiaobo Liu, Zhentao Liu, Guangjun Wang, Zhihua Cai and Harry Zhang 11:40AM Fitness with Diversity Information for Selection of Evolutionary Algorithms [#134] Yang Li, Chengjun Li, Gang Liu and Wei Long 12:00PM A Kernel-based adaptive Fuzzy C-Means algorithm for M-FISH image segmentation [#335] Alan William Dougherty and Jane You Special Session S25: Mind, Brain, and Cognitive Algorithms Monday, May 15, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Leonid Perlovsky 11:00AM Neural Network Modeling of Business Decision Making [#197] Daniel Levine, Kay-Yut Chen and Bakur AlQaudi 11:20AM Actions as Contexts [#837] Xiang Wu and Juyang Weng 11:40AM "Hard Science" of Psychology, Physics of the Mind [#938] Leonid Perlovsky 12:00PM Resting State Neural Networks and Energy Metabolism [#769] Raymond Noack, Manjesh Chetan, Ruszinko Miklos, Siegelmann Hava and Kozma Robert Session gene: Genetic and molecular applications Monday, May 15, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Marley Vellasco 11:00AM Accurate Classification of Immunomodulatory RNA Sequences [#526] Hugo A. Guillen-Ramirez, Jose Colbes, Carlos A. Brizuela and Israel M. Martinez-Perez 11:20AM Structural Damage Assessment Using Artificial Immune Systems and Wavelet Decomposition [#878] Arthur Shi and Xiao-Hua Yu 11:40AM Feature importance calculation and protein quality assessment on the decoy discrimination problem [#914] Edwin Tavara, Marley Vellasco, Bruno Horta and Fabio Custodio 12:00PM Convex Local Sensitive Low Rank Matrix Approximation [#782] Chongya Li, Lin Zhu, Wenzheng Bao, Yongli Jiang, Changan Yuan and De-Shuang Huang Session prob: Probabilistic methods Monday, May 15, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Barbara Hammer 11:00AM Adaptive Blocked Gibbs Sampling for Inference in Probabilistic Graphical Models [#376] Mohammad Maminur Islam, Khan Mohammad Al Farabi and Venugopal Deepak 11:20AM Probabilistic Matrix Factorization from Quantized Measurements [#379] Giulio Bottegal and Johan A.K. Suykens 11:40AM Probabilistic Matching: Causal Inference under Measurement Errors [#493] Fani Tsapeli, Peter Tino and Mirco Musolesi 12:00PM Bayesian Optimization for Conditional Hyperparameter Spaces [#510] Julien-Charles Levesque, Audrey Durand, Christian Gagne and Robert Sabourin Session deep2: Deep learning 2: theory Monday, May 15, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Nicolo Navarin 11:00AM Unsupervised Deep Kernel for High Dimensional Data [#815] Ying Xie, Linh Le and Jie Hao 11:20AM Margin Maximization for Robust Classification using Deep Learning [#898] Alexander Matyasko and Chau Lap-Pui 11:40AM Variational methods for Conditional Multimodal Deep Learning [#125] Gaurav Pandey and Ambedkar Dukkipati 12:00PM Deep Graph Node Kernels: a Convex Approach [#759] Luca Oneto, Nicolo Navarin, Alessandro Sperduti and Davide Anguita Session theory 2: Theory 2 Monday, May 15, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: George Cavalcanti 11:00AM Cooperative Learning: Decentralized Data Neural Network [#856] Noah Lewis, Sergey Plis and Vince Calhoun 11:20AM On the Characterization of the Oracle for Dynamic Classifier Selection [#80] Mariana A. Souza, George D. C. Cavalcanti, Rafael M. O. Cruz and Robert Sabourin 11:40AM Data Analysis in Weitzenbock Space [#240] Stephen Marsland and Carole Twining 12:00PM Simple, Fast and Accurate Hyper-parameter Tuning in Gaussian-kernel SVM [#266] Guangliang Chen, Wilson Florero-Salinas and Dan Li Session Plen2: Plenary session 2: Hava Siegelmann Monday, May 15, 1:30PM-2:30PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Chrisina Jayne 1:30PM How brain architecture leads to abstract thought Hava Siegelmann Panel Session Panel1: Cutting edge neural network research Monday, May 15, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Asim Roy; Robert Kozma; Yoonsuck Choe Special Session S01b: Advanced data analytics for large-scale complex data environment 1 Monday, May 15, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Yang Li; Xiaobo Liu 2:50PM An output-based knowledge transfer approach and its application in bladder cancer prediction [#167] Guanjin Wang, Guangquan Zhang, Kup-Sze Choi, Kin-Man Lam and Jie Lu 3:10PM Relational Autoencoder for Feature Extraction [#292] Qinxue Meng, Daniel Catchpoole, David Skillicorn and Paul Kennedy 3:30PM Metric learning for multi-instance classification with collapsed bags [#146] Li Dewei, Xu Dongkuan, Tang Jingjing and Tian Yingjie 3:50PM First-order Causal Process for Causal Modelling with Instantaneous and Cross-temporal Relations [#524] Fujin Zhu, Guangquan Zhang, Jie Lu and Donghua Zhu 4:10PM Universal Network Representation for Heterogeneous Information Networks [#236] Ruiqi Hu, Celina Ping Yu, Sai-Fu Fung, Shirui Pan, Haishuai Wang and Guodong Long Special Session S23: Machine learning methods applied to vision and robotics (MLMVR) 1 Monday, May 15, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Enrique Dominguez 2:50PM Panoramic Background Modeling for PTZ Cameras with Competitive Learning Neural Networks [#564] Karl Thurnhofer-Hemsi, Ezequiel Lopez-Rubio, Enrique Dominguez, Rafael Marcos Luque-Baena and Miguel A. Molina-Cabello 3:10PM Neural Controller for PTZ cameras based on nonpanoramic foreground detection [#648] Miguel A. Molina-Cabello, Ezequiel Lopez-Rubio, Rafael Marcos Luque-Baena, Enrique Dominguez and Karl Thurnhofer-Hemsi 3:30PM LonchaNet: A Sliced-based CNN Architecture for Real-time 3D Object Recognition [#421] Francisco Gomez-Donoso, Alberto Garcia-Garcia, Jose Garcia-Rodriguez, Sergio Orts-Escolano and Miguel Cazorla 3:50PM Prediction of Natural Guidewire Rotation Using an sEMG-based NARX Neural Network [#31] Xiao-Hu Zhou, Gui-Bin Bian, Xiao-Liang Xie, Zeng-Guang Hou and Jian-Long Hao 4:10PM A Recurrent Neural Network based Schaeffer Gesture Recognition System [#586] Sergiu-Ovidiu Oprea, Alberto Garcia-Garcia, Jose Garcia-Rodriguez, Sergio Orts-Escolano and Miguel Cazorla Session interf: Behavior and user interfaces Monday, May 15, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Nojun Kwak 2:50PM Matching Video Net: Memory-based embedding for video action recognition [#173] Daesik Kim, Myunggi Lee and Nojun Kwak 3:10PM Haptic Material Classification with a Multi-Channel Neural Network [#356] Matthias Kerzel, Moaaz Ali, Hwei Geok Ng and Stefan Wermter 3:30PM Variation in Classification Accuracy with Number of Glimpses [#847] Jayanta Dutta and Bonny Banerjee 3:50PM Fast On-Line Kernel Density Estimation for Active Object Localization [#368] Anthony Rhodes, Max Quinn and Melanie Mitchell 4:10PM Human Action Recognition using Transfer Learning with Deep Representations [#196] Allah Bux Sargano, Xiaofeng Wang, Plamen Angelov and Zulfiqar Habib Session fac: Matrix factorization and feature discovery Monday, May 15, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Xiaokai Wei 2:50PM Factorization for Projective and Metric Reconstruction via Truncated Nuclear Norm [#407] Yang Lin, Li Yang, Zhouchen Lin, Tong Lin and Hongbin Zha 3:10PM Robust Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Ordered Structure Constraints [#128] Jing Wang, Feng Tian, Chang Hong Liu, Hongchuan Yu, Xiao Wang and Xianchao Tang 3:30PM Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Adaptive Neighbors [#192] Shudong Huang, Zenglin Xu and Fei Wang 3:50PM Multi-view Unsupervised Feature Selection by Cross-diffused Matrix Alignment [#854] Xiaokai Wei, Bokai Cao and Philip S. Yu 4:10PM Distance Metric Learning with Eigenvalue Fine Tuning [#61] Wang Wenqun, Zhang Ya and Hu Jinglu Session deep3 : Deep learning 3: theory Monday, May 15, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: William Severa 2:50PM Deep Reward Shaping from Demonstrations [#403] Ahmed Hussein, Eyad Elyan, Mohamed Medhat Gaber and Chrisina Jayne 3:10PM Mitigating Fooling with Competitive Overcomplete Output Layer Neural Networks [#343] Navid Kardan and Kenneth Stanley 3:30PM Neurogenesis Deep Learning: Extending Deep Networks to Accommodate New Classes [#655] Timothy Draelos, Nadine Miner, Christopher Lamb, Craig Vineyard, Kristofor Carlson, Conrad James, James Aimone, William Severa and Jonathan Cox 3:50PM Fast Feedforward Non-parametric Deep Learning Network with Automatic Feature Extraction [#449] Plamen Angelov, Xiaowei Gu and Jose Principe 4:10PM The Effects of Output Codes on Transfer Learning in a Deep Convolutional Neural Net [#531] Steven Gutstein and Ethan Stump Session theory3: Theory 3 Monday, May 15, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Ricardo Cerri 2:50PM A Sequential Simplex Algorithm for Automatic Data and Center Selecting Radial Basis Functions [#694] Xiaofeng Ma, Tomojit Ghosh and Michael Kirby 3:10PM Dictionary Learning with Equiprobable Matching Pursuit [#339] Fredrik Sandin and Sergio Martin-del-Campo 3:30PM A TCART-M - Tuned CARTesian-based Error Function for Multilabel Classification with the MLP [#283] Jacek Mandziuk, Adam Zychowski and Lipo Wang 3:50PM A Two-Step Cascade Classification Method [#501] Eunelson Silva, Alceu S. Britto, Luiz S. Oliveira, Fabricio Enembreck, Robert Sabourin and Alessandro Koerich 4:10PM Incorporating Instance Correlations in Multi-label Classification via Label-Space [#505] Iuri Bonna Mauricio Abreu, Rafael Gomes Mantovani and Ricardo Cerri Session recom: Recommender systems and graph analysis Monday, May 15, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Liqiang Wang 4:40PM Social Recommendation Using Euclidean Embedding [#467] Wentao Li, Min Gao, Wenge Rong, Junhao Wen, Qingyu Xiong, Ruixi Jia and Tong Dou 5:00PM Music Recommendation via Heterogeneous Information Graph Embedding [#470] Dongjing Wang, Guandong Xu and Shuiguang Deng 5:20PM Leveraging Deep Visual Features for Content-based Movie Recommender Systems [#583] Ralph Rassweiler, Jonatas Wehrmann and Rodrigo Barros 5:40PM Graph-Boosted Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation [#60] Guangzhen Liu, Peng Han, Yulei Niu, Wenwu Yuan, Zhiwu Lu and Ji-Rong Wen 6:00PM Link Prediction by Exploiting Network Formation Games in Exchangeable Graphs [#212] Liqiang Wang, Yafang Wang, Bin Liu, Lirong He, Shijun Liu, Gerard de Melo and Zenglin Xu Special Session S06: Biologically inspired neural networks and learning systems for robotics Monday, May 15, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Chaomin Luo 4:40PM Teaching Emotion Expressions to a Human Companion Robot using Deep Neural Architectures [#616] Nikhil Churamani, Matthias Kerzel, Erik Strahl, Pablo Barros and Stefan Wermter 5:00PM A Self-Driving Robot Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Neuromorphic Hardware [#363] Tiffany Hwu, Jacob Isbell, Nicolas Oros and Jeffrey Krichmar 5:20PM Emergence of Tool Construction in an Articulated Limb Controlled by Evolved Neural Circuits [#918] Randall Reams and Yoonsuck Choe 5:40PM Neural Based Obstacle Avoidance with CPG Controlled Hexapod Walking Robot [#722] Petr Cizek, Pavel Milicka and Jan Faigl 6:00PM Predictive Coding for Dynamic Vision: Development of Functional Hierarchy in a Multiple Spatio-Temporal Scales RNN Model [#119] Minkyu Choi and Jun Tani Session sensory: Sensory processing: Vision, audition, and olfaction Monday, May 15, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: A. Ravishankar Rao 4:40PM Visual Entity Linking [#788] Neha Tilak, Sunil Gandhi and Tim Oates 5:00PM Simulations Support the Simple Hypothesis that Persistent Coupling of Electrochemical Activity in Recurrent Network Neurons Is an Objective Signature of Visual Object Unity [#78] Raymond Pavloski and Charles Lamb 5:20PM Audio Visual Speech Recognition With Multimodal Recurrent Neural Networks [#259] Weijiang Feng, Naiyang Guan, Yuan Li, Xiang Zhang and Zhigang Luo 5:40PM Perception Space Analysis: From Color Vision to Odor Perception [#585] Amir Madany Mamlouk, Martin Haker and Thomas Martinetz 6:00PM The modulation of synchronization by tuning functions and its effect on multi-sensory perception [#382] A. Ravishankar Rao Session syst: Software and systems Monday, May 15, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Christina Kluever 4:40PM Using Regularized Fisher Discriminant Analysis To Improve The Performance Of Gaussian Supervector In Session And Device Identification [#313] Yuechi Jiang and Frank H. F. Leung 5:00PM Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Learning Outcomes in Massive Open Online Courses [#332] Raghad Al-Shabandar, Abir Hussain, Andy Laws, Robert Keight, Janet Lunn and Naeem Rad 5:20PM Analyzing and Predicting Concurrency Bugs in Open Source Systems [#361] Paolo Ciancarini, Francesco Poggi, Davide Rossi and Alberto Sillitti 5:40PM A Self-Enforcing Neural Network as Decision Support System for Air Traffic Control based on probabilistic Weather Forecasts [#392] Christina Kluever, Juergen Kluever and Dirk Zinkhan 6:00PM Structure Embedding for Knowledge Base Completion and Analytics [#560] Zili Zhou, Guandong Xu, Wenhao Zhu, Jinyan Li and Wu Zhang Session deep4: Deep learning 4: Applications Monday, May 15, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: David Fagan 4:40PM Deep Learning based Frameworks for Image Super-Resolution and Noise-Resilient Super-Resolution [#307] Manoj Sharma, Santanu Chaudhury and Brejesh Lall 5:00PM CAS-CNN: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Image Compression Artifact Suppression [#391] Lukas Cavigelli, Pascal Hager and Luca Benini 5:20PM Learning of Binocular Fixations using Anomaly Detection with Deep Reinforcement Learning [#639] Francois de La Bourdonnaye, Celine Teuliere, Jochen Triesch and Thierry Chateau 5:40PM Abstraction Hierarchy in Deep Learning Neural Networks [#657] Roman Ilin, Thomas Watson and Robert Kozma 6:00PM Deep Learning through Evolution: A Hybrid Approach to Scheduling in a Dynamic Environment [#302] David Fagan, Michael Fenton, David Lynch, Stepan Kucera, Holger Claussen and Michael O'Neill Session theory4: Theory 4 Monday, May 15, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Bill Howell 4:40PM Octonion-Valued Bidirectional Associative Memories [#43] Calin-Adrian Popa 5:00PM Hyperellipsoidal Neuron [#58] Carlos Villasenor, Nancy Arana-Daniel, Alma Y. Alanis and Carlos Lopez-Franco 5:20PM Dendrite Ellipsoidal Neuron [#453] Fernando Arce, Erik Zamora and Humberto Sossa 5:40PM Neuro-inspired Quantum Associative Memory Using Adiabatic Hamiltonian Evolution [#814] Yoshihiro Osakabe, Shigeo Sato, Hisanao Akima, Mitsunaga Kinjo and Masao Sakuraba 6:00PM Matrix Variate RBM Model with Gaussian Distributions [#320] Simeng Liu, Yanfeng Sun, Yongli Hu, Junbin Gao, Fujiao Ju and Baocai Yin Plenary Poster Session P1: Poster session #1 Monday, May 15, 7:30PM-9:00PM, Room: Arteaga, Chair: Richard Duro P101 Complex-Valued Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Valued Image Classification [#38] Calin-Adrian Popa P102 Evolutionary Optimization of On-line Multilayer Perceptron for Similarity-Based Access Control [#86] Andrii Shalaginov P103 Modeling Direction Selective Visual Neural Network with ON and OFF Pathways for Extracting Motion Cues from Cluttered Background [#228] Qinbing Fu and Shigang Yue P104 A dynamic neural controller for adaptive optimal control of permanent magnet DC motors [#437] Yinyan Zhang, Shuai Li, Xin Luo and Ming-sheng Shang P105 LSTM with Working Memory [#222] Andrew Pulver and Siwei Lyu P106 Critical echo state network dynamics by means of Fisher information maximization [#936] Filippo Maria Bianchi, Lorenzo Livi, Robert Jenssen and Cesare Alippi P107 Learning to Reproduce Stochastic Time Series Using Stochastic LSTM [#416] Sadaf Gulshad, Dick Sigmund and Jong-Hwan Kim P108 Parameter Compression of Recurrent Neural Networks and Degradation of Short-term Memory [#663] Jonathan Cox P109 Improving Learning Efficiency of Recurrent Neural Network through Adjusting Weights of All Layers in a Biologically-inspired Framework [#783] Xiao Huang, Wei Wu, Peijie Yin and Hong Qiao P110 Neural Control for a Microgrid [#548] Martin de Jesus Loza-Lopez, Tania Beatriz Lopez-Garcia, Riemann Ruiz-Cruz and Edgar N. Sanchez P111 Empirical Analysis of the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of the Echo State Property [#844] Sebastian Basterrech P112 Fast Deep Neural Network based on intelligent dropout and layer skipping [#728] Asma Eladel, Ridha Ejbali, Chokri Ben Amar and Mourad Zaied P113 A Study on Visual Interpretation of Network In Network [#810] Suzuki Satoshi and Shouno Hayaru P114 Asymmetric Stacked Autoencoder [#387] Aditay Tripathi and Angshul Majumdar P115 Deep Learning based Image Description Generation [#225] Philip Kinghorn, Li Zhang and Ling Shao P116 Deep Neural Network Bottleneck Features for Bird Species Verification [#96] Jinming Zhao, Yanyan Xu, Dengfeng Ke and Kaile Su P117 Sequence-to-sequence Prediction of Personal Computer Software by Recurrent Neural Network [#344] Qichuan Yang, Zhiqiang He, Fujiang Ge and Yang Zhang P118 Image Aesthetics Assessment using Deep Chatterjee's Machine [#433] Zhangyang Wang, Ding Liu, Shiyu Chang, Florin Dolcos, Diane Beck and Thomas Huang P119 Fusing Attention with Visual Question Answering [#677] Ryan Burt, Mihael Cudic and Jose Principe P120 A Novel Constructive Algorithm for CANet [#811] Danilo Pereira and Bruno Fernandes P121 A Penalized Maximum Likelihood Approach to the Adaptive Learning of the Spatial Pooler Permanence [#780] Ernest Fokoue, Lakshmi Ravi and Dhireesha Kudithipudi P122 Integrating Extra Knowledge into Word Embedding Models for Biomedical NLP Tasks [#807] Yuan Ling, Yuan An, Mengwen Liu, Sadid Hasan, Yetian Fan and Xiaohua Hu P123 Risk-Averse Trees for Learning from Logged Bandit Feedback [#329] Francesco Trovo', Stefano Paladino, Paolo Simone, Marcello Restelli and Nicola Gatti P124 Pruning Optimum-Path Forest Ensembles Using Quaternion-based Optimization [#50] Silas Fernandes and Joao Papa P125 Groupwise Bayesian Dimension Reduction [#255] Bo Zhang, Liwei Wang, Yan Song and Chul Sung P126 A Novel Clustering Oriented Closeness Measure Based on Neighborhood Chain [#140] Shaoyi Liang, Deqiang Han, Lei Zhang and Qinke Peng P127 Selection of Learning Experts [#620] Robin Allesiardo and Raphael Feraud P128 Robust Semi-supervised Concept Factorization [#139] Wei Yan, Bob Zhang and Sihan Ma P129 A Partial Labeling Framework for Multi-Class Imbalanced Streaming Data [#109] Elaheh Arabmakki, Mehmed Kantardzic and Tegjyot Singh Sethi P130 Class Representative Autoencoder for Low Resolution Multi-Spectral Gender Classification [#859] Maneet Singh, Shruti Nagpal, Richa Singh and Mayank Vatsa P131 Online Incremental Supervised Growing Neural Gas [#132] Felipe Duque-Belfort, Hansenclever F. Bassani and Aluizio F. R. Araujo P132 Online Compressed Robust PCA [#69] Pingbo Pan, Jiashi Feng, Ling Chen and Yi Yang P133 Sharing deep generative representation for perceived image reconstruction from human brain activity [#205] Changde Du, Changying Du and Huiguang He P134 Colorness Index Strategy for Pixel Fire Segmentation [#406] Bruno Souza, Jacques Facon and David Menotti P135 Large-Scale Image Classification Using Fast SVM with Deep Quasi-Linear Kernel [#118] Peifeng Liang, Weite Li, Donghang Liu and Jinglu Hu P136 Bias Corrected Regularization Kernel Network and its Applications [#201] Qiang Wu P137 m-Power Regularized Least Squares Regression [#217] Julien Audiffren and Hachem Kadri P138 Clustering by Support Vector Manifold Learning [#715] Marcin Orchel P139 Compress-Filtering and Transfer-Expanding of Data Set for Short-Term Load Forecasting [#11] Zeng Pan, Wu Di and Jin Min P140 Multi-View LS-SVM Regression for Black-Box Temperature Prediction in Weather Forecasting [#317] Lynn Houthuys, Zahra Karevan and Johan A. K. Suykens P141 Overdispersed Variational Autoencoders [#572] Harshil Shah, David Barber and Aleksandar Botev P142 Efficient Global Network Learning from Local Reconstructions [#424] Severine Affeldt, Nataliya Sokolovska, Edi Prifti and Jean-Daniel Zucker P143 Class-wise Deep Dictionary Learning [#49] Singhal Vanika, Khurana Prerna and Majumdar Angshul P144 Neural Net-Based and Safety-Oriented Visual Analytics for Time-Spatial Data [#233] Zhenghao Chen, Jianlong Zhou, Xiuying Wang, Jeremy Swanson, Fang Chen and Dagan Feng P145 Class-Specific Kernel Discriminant Analysis based on Cholesky Decomposition [#53] Alexandros Iosifidis and Moncef Gabbouj P146 Link Prediction Based Hybrid Recommendation System Using User-Page Preference Graphs [#895] Mohammad Sharif and Raghavan Vijay P147 Optimize Collapsed Gibbs Sampling for Biterm Topic Model by Alias Method [#97] Xingwei He and Hua Xu P148 Modularity-Dependent Modulation of Synchronized Bursting Activity in Cultured Neuronal Network Models [#573] Satoshi Moriya, Hideaki Yamamoto, Hisanao Akima, Ayumi Hirano-Iwata, Michio Niwano, Shigeru Kubota and Shigeo Sato P149 Synchronization analysis for complex networks with interval delay via non-fragile pinning control [#446] Dawei Gong, Zhiwen Zhang, Xiaolin Dai, Jinliang Song and Bonan Huang P150 Classification Based on Neuroimaging Data by Tensor Boosting [#336] Bo Zhang, Hua Zhou, Liwei Wang and Chul Sung P151 Programming the Mind and Decrypting the Universe--A Bipolar Quantum-Neuro-Fuzzy Associative Memory Model for Quantum Cognition and Quantum Intelligence [#251] Wen-Ran Zhang P152 The neural control of movement must contend with trajectory-specific and nonlinearly distorted manifolds of afferent muscle spindle activity [#858] Jasmine Berry, Robert Ritter III, Akira Nagamori and Francisco Valero-Cuevas P153 Separating Inference from Feature Learning in Deep Unsupervised Visual Saliency Estimation [#871] Bruno Taille and Michael Garcia Ortiz P154 Selection of Stable Features for Modeling 4-D Affective Space from EEG Recording [#800] Rakib Al-Fahad, Mohammed Yeasin, Anam ASM Iftekhar and Bahareh Elahian P155 Multi-label Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Label Pairwise Ranking Comparison Transformation [#105] Haotian Xu and Lingyu Xu P156 A CMOS Chaotic Boltzmann Machine Circuit and Three-neuron Network Operation [#555] Masatoshi Yamaguchi, Hakaru Tamukoh, Hideyuki Suzuki and Takashi Morie P157 Noisy Neuromorphic Neurons with RPG On-chip Noise Source [#836] Kun Yue and Alice Parker P158 Hardware-Driven Nonlinear Activation for Stochastic Computing Based Deep Convolutional Neural Networks [#202] Ji Li, Zihao Yuan, Zhe Li, Caiwen Ding, Ao Ren, Qinru Qiu, Jeffrey Draper and Yanzhi Wang P159 Deep learning based nonlinear principal component analysis for industrial process fault detection [#14] Xiaogang Deng, Xuemin Tian, Sheng Chen and Chris J. Harris P160 Predicted-Occupancy Grids for Vehicle Safety Applications based on Autoencoders and the Random Forest Algorithm [#622] Parthasarathy Nadarajan, Michael Botsch and Sebastian Sardina P161 Semantic Segmentation of Microscopic Images of H-and-E Stained Prostatic Tissue using CNN [#364] Johan Isaksson, Ida Arvidsson, Kalle Astrom and Anders Heyden P162 Improved Speaker Recognition System for Stressed Speech using Deep Neural Networks [#593] Sri Harsha Dumpala and Sunil Kumar Kopparapu P163 Incorporating Message Embedding into Co-Factor Matrix Factorization for Retweeting Prediction [#569] Can Wang, Qiudan Li, Lei Wang and Dajun Daniel Zeng P164 Classifying Commit Messages: A Case Study in Resampling Techniques [#763] SeyedHamid Shekarforoush, Robert Green and Robert Dyer P165 An Analysis of Factors Predicting Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Disease Prevention [#82] Mingzhao Hu, Yifei Zhang and N. Maritza Dowling P166 A Generative Model with Hypergraph Regularizers for Protein Function Prediction [#84] Shaokai Wang, Xutao Li, Yunming Ye, Yan Li, Xiaohui Huang and Xiaolin Du P167 Wavelet Coherence-based clustering of EEG signals to estimate the brain connectivity in absence epileptic patients [#631] Cosimo Ieracitano, Nadia Mammone, Jonas Duun-Henriksen, Troels W. Kjaer, Fabio La Foresta and Francesco C. Morabito P168 Image Pseudo Tag Generation with Deep Boltzmann Machine and Topic--Concept Similarity Map [#724] Satoru Ishikawa, Jorma Laaksonen and Juha Karhunen P169 Online Peak Detection in Photoplethysmogram Signals Using Sequential Learning Algorithm [#253] B.N. Sumukha, R. Chandan Kumar, Skanda S. Bharadwaj and Koshy George P170 Cross-Validated Smooth Multi-Instance Learning [#784] Dayuan Li, Lin Zhu, Wenzheng Bao, Fei Cheng, Yi Ren and De-Shuang Huang P171 A Large-Scale Multi-Pose 3D-RGB Object Database [#463] Fabian Sachara, Kopinski Thomas, Finn Handmann, Nico Cremer, Alexander Gepperth and Uwe Handmann P172 Design of a Hierarchical-Clustering CMAC-PID Controller [#295] Yuntao Liao, Kazushige Koiwai and Toru Yamamoto P173 Hamiltonian-driven Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Dynamic Systems [#246] Yongliang Yang, Donald Wunsch and Yixin Yin P174 Near-Space Aerospace Vehicles Attitude Control Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Sliding Mode Control [#254] Yufei Tang, Chaoxu Mu and Haibo He P175 Exploring Quantization Error to Improve Human Action Classification [#688] Raquel Almeida, Zenilton Patrocinio Jr and Silvio Guimaraes P176 Fast Digital Watermarking of Uncompressed Colored Images using Bidirectional Extreme Learning Machine [#429] Ankit Rajpal, Anurag Mishra and Rajni Bala P177 Comparison of EMD, MEMD and 2T-EMD by analyzing standard artificial signals and EEG [#530] Yao Miao and Jianting Cao P178 Towards Using Visual Attributes to Infer Image Sentiment Of Social Events [#459] Unaiza Ahsan, Munmun De Choudhury and Irfan Essa P179 Restricted Boltzmann Machine Based Stock Market Trend Prediction [#912] Qiubin Liang, Wenge Rong, Jiayi Zhang, Jingshuang Liu and Zhang Xiong P180 From Ranking and Clustering of Evolving Networks to Patent Citation Analysis [#462] Hayley Beltz, Aniko Fulop, Raoul Wadhwa and Peter Erdi P181 Knowledge-based Document Embedding for Cross-Domain Text Classification [#604] Yiming Li, Baogang Wei, Liang Yao, Hui Chen and Zherong Li P182 Mining E-Commercial Data: A Text-Rich Heterogeneous Network Embedding Approach [#849] Weizheng Chen, Chi Liu, Jun Yin, Hongfei Yan and Yan Zhang P183 Solar Power Prediction with Data Source Weighted Nearest Neighbors [#468] Zheng Wang and Irena Koprinska P184 Stock Market's Price Movement Prediction With LSTM Neural Networks [#787] David Nelson, Adriano Pereira and Renato Oliveira P185 Multiscale Hebbian Neural Network for Cyber Threat Detection [#832] Sana Siddiqui, Muhammad Salman Khan and Ken Ferens P186 On the Robustness of Machine Learning Based Malware Detection Algorithms [#479] Weiwei Hu and Ying Tan P187 An Infinite Classification RBM Model for Radar HRRP Recognition [#117] Xuan Peng, Xunzhang Gao and Xiang Li P188 FNN Approximation-Based Adaptive Control for Suppressing Chatter in Nonlinear Milling with Piezo-Actuators [#630] Xiaoli Liu and Chun-Yi Su P189 Towards Computer Vision Based Ancient Coin Recognition in the Wild -- Automatic Reliable Image Preprocessing and Normalization [#519] Brandon Conn and Ognjen Arandjelovic P190 Impact of Struck-out Text on Writer Identification [#647] Chandranath Adak, Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri and Michael Blumenstein P191 Neural Network Nonlinear Plant Identification as a Tool in Intelligent Controller Design [#737] Dinart Braga, Ricardo Tanscheit and Marley Vellasco P192 Dynamic Event Monitoring Using Unsupervised Feature Learning Towards Smart Grid Big Data [#833] Yufei Tang and Jun Yang P193 Balancing Indoor Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumptions of Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems via Sparse Firefly Algorithm Optimization [#535] Deqing Zhai and Yeng Chai Soh P194 study for ELM-based recognition of fold structure aiming at remote sensing image [#15] Jiehong Wu and Liangkai Zou P195 Predicting Public Bicycle Rental Number using Multi-source Data [#154] Fei Lin, Shihua Wang, Jian Jiang, Weidi Fan and Yong Sun P196 Multi-class Active Learning: A Hybrid Informative and Representative Criterion Inspired Approach [#162] Zengmao Wang, Bo Du and Lefei Zhang P197 Incremental Extraction of High-Dimensional Equivalence Structures [#230] Seiya Satoh and Hiroshi Yamakawa P198 A reputation-enhanced model for trust-based collaborative filtering recommender system [#239] Shen Linshan, Xiao Wei, Yang Xing and Cui Lin P199 CPMF: A Collective Pairwise Matrix Factorization Model for Upcoming Event Recommendation [#67] Chun-Yi Liu, Chuan Zhou, Jia Wu, Hongtao Xie, Yue Hu and Li Guo P200 A Multi-object Optimization Model of Electricity Fee Payment Site Selection Based on Multiple Payment Methods [#916] Zhang Xinyi, Hui Guotao, Gao Qiang, Ren Xiaoya, Bi Yingjiao, Zhou Bowen and Yang Dongsheng P201 A Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Acoustic Scene Classification [#600] Michele Valenti, Aleksandr Diment, Giambattista Parascandolo, Stefano Squartini and Tuomas Virtanen P202 Towards Intoxicated Speech Recognition [#734] Zixing Zhang, Felix Weninger, Martin Woellmer, Jing Han and Bjoern Schuller P203 Seeking the SuperStar: Automatic Assessment of Perceived Singing Quality [#448] Johanna Boehm, Florian Eyben, Maximilian Schmitt, Harald Kosch and Bjoern Schuller P204 Demystifying Numenta Anomaly Benchmark [#929] Nidhi Singh and Craig Olinsky P205 Time Series Classification from Scratch with Deep Neural Networks: A Strong Baseline [#542] Zhiguang Wang, Weizhong Yan and Tim Oates P206 Stacked Deep Convolutional Auto-Encoders for Emotion Recognition from Facial Expressions [#678] Ariel Ruiz-Garcia, Mark Elshaw, Abdulrahman Altahhan and Vasile Palade P207 ChaLearn Looking at People: A Review of Events and Resources [#345] Sergio Escalera, Xavier Baro, Hugo Escalante and Isabelle Guyon P208 Signal Detection of MIMO-OFDM System Based on Auto Encoder and Extreme Learning Machine [#150] Fei Long and Ou Weihua P209 Benchmarking the Selection of the Hidden-layer Weights in Extreme Learning Machines [#401] Enrique Romero P210 Adaptive Incremental Ensemble of Extreme Learning Machines for Fault Diagnosis in Induction Motors [#522] Roozbeh Razavi-Far, Mehrdad Saif, Vasile Palade and Enrico Zio P211 Multi-Layer Neural Networks for Quality of Service oriented Server-State Classification in Cloud Servers [#580] Yonghua Yin, Lan Wang and Erol Gelenbe P212 t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding Spectral Clustering [#913] Nicoleta Rogovschi, Jun Kitazono, Nistor Grozavu, Toshiaki Omori and Seiichi Ozawa P213 An exploratory analysis targeting diagnostic classification of AAC app usage patterns [#835] Adham Atyabi, Beibin Li, Yeojin Amy Ahn, Minah Kim, Erin Barney and Frederick Shic P214 An open-source framework for the interactive exploration of Big Data: applications in understanding health care [#389] A. Ravishankar Rao and Daniel Clarke P215 Machine learning models to search relevant genetic signatures in clinical context [#172] Daniel Urda, Rafael Marcos Luque Baena, Noelia Sanchez, Leonardo Franco and Jose Manuel Jerez Aragones P216 A Novel Machine Learning Framework For Phenotype Prediction Based On Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Data [#619] Vinay Karagod and Kaushik Sinha P217 Exploring the consequences of distributed feature selection in DNA microarray data [#152] Veronica Bolon-Canedo, Konstantinos Sechidis, Noelia Sanchez-Marono, Amparo Alonso-Betanzos and Gavin Brown P218 Assessment of the repeatability in an automatic methodology for hyperemia grading in the bulbar conjunctiva [#41] Luisa Sanchez Brea, Noelia Barreira Rodriguez, Antonio Mosquera Gonzalez and Katharine Evans P219 Power infrastructure monitoring and damage detection using drone captured images [#899] Ashley Varghese, Jayavardhana Gubbi, Hrishikesh Sharma and Balamuralidhar Purushothaman P220 Towards Real-Time Robot Simulation on Uneven Terrain Using Neural Networks [#827] Daniel Cook and Andrew Vardy P221 Extremely Parallel Memristor Crossbar Architecture for Convolutional Neural Network Implementation [#819] Chris Yakopcic, Zahangir Alom and Tarek Taha P222 Methods for High Resolution Programming in Lithuim Niobate Memristors for Neuromorphic Hardware [#923] Chris Yakopcic, Shu Wang, Weisong Wang, Eunsung Shin, Guru Subramanyam and Tarek Taha P223 Non-negative Pyramidal Neural Network for Parts-based Learning [#627] Milla Ferro, Bruno Fernandes and Carmelo Bastos-Filho P224 Performance Optimization of Echo State Networks Through Principal Neuron Reinforcement [#826] Hsiao-Tien Fan, Wei Wang and Zhanpeng Jin P225 Dynamic Island Model based on Spectral Clustering in Genetic Algorithm [#155] Qinxue Meng, Jia Wu, John Ellis and Paul Kennedy Session Plen3: Plenary session 3: Alex Graves Tuesday, May 16, 8:00AM-9:00AM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Barbara Hammer 8:00AM Frontiers in recurrent neural network research Alex Graves Panel Session CP1a: AIML Contest Panel (1): Awards and Contest Presentations Tuesday, May 16, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Juyang (John) Weng and Juan Castro-Garcia Special Session S09a: Concept drift, domain adaptation, and learning in dynamic environments 1 Tuesday, May 16, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Giacomo Boracchi 9:20AM Uniform Histograms for Change Detection in Multivariate Data [#744] Giacomo Boracchi, Cristiano Cervellera and Danilo Maccio 9:40AM LEVELIW: Learning Extreme Verification Latency with Importance Weighting [#850] Mohammad Umer, Christopher Frederickson and Robi Polikar 10:00AM Label-Noise-Tolerant Classification for Streaming Data [#55] Benoit Frenay and Barbara Hammer 10:20AM Transfer Learning in Classification based on Manifold Models and its Relation to Tangent Metric Learning [#489] Sascha Saralajew and Thomas Villmann Special Session S11: Data mining and knowledge discovery in cyberphysical systems Tuesday, May 16, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Tang Bo 9:20AM NotiFi: A Ubiquitous WiFi-based Abnormal Activity Detection System [#400] Dali Zhu, Na Pang, Gang Li and Shaowu Liu 9:40AM Policy Gradient Methods with Gaussian Process Modelling Acceleration [#120] Dong Li, Dongbin Zhao, Qichao Zhang and Chaomin Luo 10:00AM Detecting changes at the sensor level in Cyber-Physical Systems: Methodology and Technological Implementation [#423] Cesare Alippi, Viviana D'Alto, Mirko Falchetto, Danilo Pau and Manuel Roveri 10:20AM A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach to Automatic Plant Phenotyping for Smart Agriculture [#922] So Yahata, Tetsu Onishi, Kanta Yamaguchi, Seiichi Ozawa, Jun Kitazono, Takenao Ohkawa, Takeshi Yoshida, Murakami Noriyuki and Hiroyuki Tsuji Special Session S15a: Extreme learning machines Tuesday, May 16, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Philip de Chazal 9:20AM A Theoretical Study of The Relationship Between An ELM Network and Its Subnetworks [#25] Enmei Tu, Guanghao Zhang, Lily Rachmawati, Eshan Rajabally, Shangbo Mao and Guang-Bin Huang 9:40AM Regularized Training of the Extreme Learning Machine using the Conjugate Gradient Method [#773] Philip de Chazal and Mark McDonnell 10:00AM Reconstruction of Bifurcation Diagrams Using an Extreme Learning Machine with a Pruning Algorithm [#166] Yoshitaka Itoh and Masaharu Adachi 10:20AM A Low-Dimensional Vector Representation for Words using an Extreme Learning Machine [#731] Paula Lauren, Guangzhi Qu, Guang-Bin Huang, Paul Watta and Amaury Lendasse Session spike1: Spiking neurons: adaptation 1 Tuesday, May 16, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Timoleon Moraitis 9:20AM Fatiguing STDP: Learning from Spike-Timing Codes in the Presence of Rate Codes [#879] Timoleon Moraitis, Abu Sebastian, Irem Boybat, Manuel Le Gallo, Tomas Tuma and Evangelos Eleftheriou 9:40AM Spike Timing-Dependent Conduction Delay Learning Model Classifying Spatio-Temporal Spike Patterns [#164] Takashi Matsubara 10:00AM Unsupervised Learning of Event-Based Image Recordings using Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity [#290] Laxmi Iyer and Arindam Basu 10:20AM Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity Based Enhanced Self-Learning for Efficient Pattern Recognition in Spiking Neural Networks [#719] Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan, Sourjya Roy, Vijay Raghunathan and Kaushik Roy Session deep5: Deep learning 5: Applications Tuesday, May 16, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Jian Zhang 9:20AM Deep Learning Approach to Link Weight Prediction [#92] Yuchen Hou and Lawrence Holder 9:40AM Deep Boltzmann Machines for Robust Fingerprint Spoofing Attack Detection [#223] Gustavo Souza, Daniel Santos, Rafael Pires, Aparecido Marana and Joao Papa 10:00AM Classification of Android Apps and Malware Using Deep Neural Networks [#547] Robin Nix and Jian Zhang 10:20AM Context Preference-based Deep Adaptive Resonance Theory: Integrating User Preferences into Episodic Memory Encoding and Retrieval [#305] Dick Sigmund, Gyeong-Moon Park and Jong-Hwan Kim Session theory5: Theory 5 Tuesday, May 16, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Michael Potter 9:20AM Neural Networks and the Search for a Quadratic Residue Detector [#447] Michael Potter, Leon Reznik and Stanislaw Radziszowski 9:40AM Stochastic Diagonal Approximate Greatest Descent in Neural Networks [#568] Hong Hui Tan, King Hann Lim and Hendra Gunawan Harno 10:00AM Nesterov's Accelerated Gradient and Momentum as approximations to Regularised Update Descent [#673] Botev Aleksandar, Lever Guy and Barber David 10:20AM On improving Recurrent Neural Network for Image Classification [#27] Chandra B. and Rajeshkumar Sharma Panel Session CP1b: AIML Contest Panel (2): AIML Contest 2017 Engine Download and Introductions Tuesday, May 16, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Juyang (John) Weng and Juan Castro-Garcia Special Session S09b: Concept drift, domain adaptation, and learning in dynamic environments 2 Tuesday, May 16, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Robi Polikar 11:00AM Incremental Learning with the Minimum Description Length Principle [#891] Pierre-Alexandre Murena, Antoine Cornuejols and Jean-Louis Dessalles 11:20AM BLPA: Bayesian Learn-Predict-Adjust Method for Online Detection of Recurrent Changepoints [#774] Alexandr Maslov, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Yulong Pei, Indre Zliobaite, Alexander Shklyaev, Tommi Karkkainen and Jaakko Hollmen 11:40AM An Incremental Ensemble Classifier Learning by Means of a Rule-Based Accuracy and Diversity Comparison [#460] Md Asafuddoula, Brijesh Verma and Mengjie Zhang 12:00PM Pattern Classification with Meta-Cognition and Online Sequential Learning Algorithm [#469] Skanda S. Bharadwaj, R. Chandan Kumar, B. N. Sumukha and Koshy George Special Session S30: Optimizing neural networks via evolutionary computation and swarm intelligence Tuesday, May 16, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Wei-Chang Yeh 11:00AM Investigation of Long Short-Term Memory Networks to Temperature Prediction for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors [#28] Oliver Wallscheid, Wilhelm Kirchgaessner and Joachim Boecker 11:20AM Improved Performance of Face Recognition using CNN with Constrained Triplet Loss Layer [#408] Henry Wing Fung Yeung, Jiaxi Li and Yuk Ying Chung 11:40AM A Novel Stacked Denoising Autoencoder with Swarm Intelligence Optimization for Stock Index Prediction [#757] Jiaxi Li, Guang Liu, Henry Wing Fung Yeung, Yuk Ying Chung, Junfu Yin and Xiaoming Chen 12:00PM An evolutionary method for creating ensembles with adaptive size neural networks for predicting hourly solar irradiance [#260] Raka Jovanovic, Luis Pomares, Yasir Mohieldeen, Daniel Perez-Astudillo and Dunia Bachour Special Session S15b: Extreme learning machines Tuesday, May 16, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Philip de Chazal 11:00AM Semi-supervised Convolutional Extreme Learning Machine [#776] Mahmood Yousefi-Azar and Mark D. McDonnell 11:20AM Objective Cost-Sensitive-Boosting-WELM for Handling Multi Class Imbalance Problem [#582] Liu Zhen, Tang Deyu, Li Jincheng and Wang Ruoyu 11:40AM Online Recurrent Extreme Learning Machine and its Application to Time-series Prediction [#880] Jin-Man Park and Jong-Hwan Kim 12:00PM Extreme Learning Machines to Approximate Low Dimensional Spaces for Helicopter Load Signal and Fatigue Life Estimation [#508] Julio J. Valdes, Catherine Cheung and Alejandro Lehman-Rubio Session spike2: Spiking neurons: adaptaion 2 Tuesday, May 16, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Meghan Galiardi 11:00AM Stable Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity Rule for Multilayer Unsupervised and Supervised Learning [#754] Amar Shrestha, Khadeer Ahmed, Yanzhi Wang and Qinru Qiu 11:20AM Calcium-Modulated Supervised Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity for Readout Training and Sparsification of the Liquid State Machine [#901] Yingyezhe Jin and Peng Li 11:40AM Optimization-based Computation with Spiking Neurons [#194] Stephen Verzi, Craig Vineyard, Eric Vugrin, Meghan Galiardi, Conrad James and James Aimone 12:00PM Multi-Layer Unsupervised Learning in a Spiking Convolutional Neural Network [#245] Amirhossein Tavanaei and Anthony Maida Session deep6: Deep learning 6: Applications Tuesday, May 16, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Bill Howell 11:00AM Action Unit Selective Feature Maps in Deep Networks for Facial Expression Recognition [#628] Yuqian Zhou and Bertram Shi 11:20AM How to Get Pavement Distress Detection Ready for Deep Learning? A Systematic Approach [#660] Markus Eisenbach, Ronny Stricker, Daniel Seichter, Karl Amende, Klaus Debes, Maximilian Sesselmann, Dirk Ebersbach, Ulrike Stoeckert and Horst-Michael Gross 11:40AM Deep Neural Networks for Kitchen Activity Recognition [#723] Juarez Monteiro, Roger Granada, Rodrigo Barros and Felipe Meneguzzi 12:00PM Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Pedestrian Detection with Skip Pooling [#491] Jie Liu, Xingkun Gao, Nianyuan Bao, Jie Tang and Gangshan Wu Session theory6: Theory 6 Tuesday, May 16, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Ulf Johansson 11:00AM Balanced Self-Paced Learning with Feature Corruption [#270] Yazhou Ren, Peng Zhao, Zenglin Xu and Dezhong Yao 11:20AM Model-Agnostic Nonconformity Functions for Conformal Classification [#485] Ulf Johansson, Henrik Linusson, Tuve Lofstrom and Henrik Bostrom 11:40AM DropIn: Making Reservoir Computing Neural Networks Robust to Missing Inputs by Dropout [#629] Davide Bacciu, Francesco Crecchi and Davide Morelli 12:00PM Information-Theoretic Dataset Selection for Fast Kernel Learning [#598] Antonio Paiva Session Plen4: Plenary session 4: Paul Werbos Tuesday, May 16, 1:30PM-2:30PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Robert Kozma 1:30PM Backpropagation in the Brain and More Advanced Learning Systems Paul Werbos Panel Session Panel2: Cybersecurity Intelligence Tuesday, May 16, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Catherine Huang Special Session S12+29: Datastream Mining Tuesday, May 16, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Plamen Angelov 2:50PM Power Plant Performance Modeling with Concept Drift [#640] Rui Xu, Yunwen Xu and WeiZhong Yan 3:10PM Concept Drift Learning with Alternating Learners [#509] Yunwen Xu, Rui Xu, Weizhong Yan and Paul Ardis 3:30PM Parametric System Identification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks [#745] Sahika Genc 3:50PM Online Query by Committee for Active Learning from Drifting Data Streams [#860] Bartosz Krawczyk and Michal Wozniak 4:10PM Sub-Event Detection from Tweets [#735] Satya Katragadda, Ryan Benton and Vijay Raghavan Session lang: Natural language processing Tuesday, May 16, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Minho Lee 2:50PM Symbolic Manipulation Based on Deep Neural Networks and its Application to Axiom Discovery [#20] Cheng-Hao Cai, Dengfeng Ke, Yanyan Xu and Kaile Su 3:10PM Significance of neural phonotactic models for large-scale spoken language identification [#169] Brij Mohan Lal Srivastava, Hari Krishna Vydana, Anil Kumar Vuppala and Manish Shrivastava 3:30PM Temporal Hierarchies in Multilayer Gated Recurrent Neural Networks for Language Models [#861] Dennis Singh Moirangthem and Minho Lee 3:50PM Convolution Neural Network Based Syntactic and Semantic Aware Paraphrase Identification [#129] Xiang Zhang, Wenge Rong, Jingshuang Liu, Chuan Tian and Zhang Xiong 4:10PM Alleviating Overfitting for Polysemous Words for Word Representation Estimation Using Lexicons [#562] Yuanzhi Ke and Masafumi Hagiwara Special Session S32a: Reservoir computing in hardware 1 Tuesday, May 16, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Cory Merkel 2:50PM Hardware Implementation of Echo State Networks using Memristor Double Crossbar Arrays [#820] Amr M. Hassan, Hai (Helen) Li and Yiran Chen 3:10PM Reservoir Computing in materio: A Computational Framework for in materio Computing [#304] Matthew Dale, Susan Stepney, Martin Trefzer and Julian Miller 3:30PM Design of a Time Delay Reservoir Using Stochastic Logic: A Feasibility Study [#708] Cory Merkel 3:50PM Structure Optimization of Dynamic Reservoir Ensemble Using Genetic Algorithm [#822] Wei Wang, Hsiao-Tien Fan and Zhanpeng Jin 4:10PM Linear Dynamical Based Models for Sequential Domains [#738] Luca Pasa, Alessandro Sperduti and Peter Tino Session spike3: Spiking neuron: hardware Tuesday, May 16, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Johannes Schemmel 2:50PM Robustness from structure: Inference with hierarchical spiking networks on analog neuromorphic hardware [#695] Mihai A. Petrovici, Anna Schroeder, Oliver Breitwieser, Andreas Gruebl, Johannes Schemmel and Karlheinz Meier 3:10PM An Accelerated Analog Neuromophic Hardware System Emulating NMDA- and Calcium-Based Non-Linear Dendrites [#621] Johannes Schemmel, Laura Kriener, Paul Mueller and Karlheinz Meier 3:30PM Neuromorphic Hardware In The Loop: Training a Deep Spiking Network on the BrainScaleS Wafer-Scale System [#730] Sebastian Schmitt, Johann Klaehn, Guillaume Bellec, Andreas Gruebl, Maurice Guettler, Andreas Hartel, Stephan Hartmann, Dan Husmann, Kai Husmann, Vitali Karasenko, Mitja Kleider, Christoph Koke, Christian Mauch, Eric Mueller, Paul Mueller, Johannes Partzsch, Mihai A. Petrovici, Stefan Schiefer, Stefan Scholze, Bernhard Vogginger, Robert Legenstein, Wolfgang Maass, Christian Mayr, Johannes Schemmel and Karlheinz Meier 3:50PM Compositional Neural-Network Modeling of Complex Analog Circuits [#420] Ramin M. Hasani, Dieter Haerle, Christian F. Baumgartner, Alessio R. Lomuscio and Radu Grosu 4:10PM Navigating Mobile Robots to Target in Near Shortest Time using Reinforcement Learning with Spiking Neural Networks [#438] Amarnath Mahadevuni and Peng Li Session deep7: Deep learning 7: Applications Tuesday, May 16, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Rodrigo Barros 2:50PM Scalable Deep Traffic Flow Neural Networks for Urban Traffic Congestion Prediction [#841] Mohammadhani Fouladgar, Mostafa Parchami, Ramez Elmasri and Amir Ghaderi 3:10PM Deep Learning of Texture and Structural Features for Multiclass Alzheimer's Disease Classification [#686] Chester Dolph, Mahbubul Alam, Zeina Shboul, Manar Samad and Khan Iftekharuddin 3:30PM Virtual Guide Dog: An Application to Support Visually-Impaired People through Deep Convolutional Neural Networks [#696] Juarez Monteiro, Joao Paulo Aires, Roger Granada, Rodrigo Barros and Felipe Meneguzzi 3:50PM Vertex Reconstruction of Neutrino Interactions using Deep Learning [#739] Adam Terwilliger, Gabriel Perdue, David Isele, Robert Patton and Steven Young 4:10PM Learning Deep Representations with Diode Loss for Quantization-based Similarity Search [#46] Shicong Liu and Hongtao Lu Session theory7: Theory 7 Tuesday, May 16, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Tharun Reddy 2:50PM Using Information Fractal Dimension as Temperature in Restricted Boltzmann Machine [#821] Muhammad Salman Khan, Sana Siddiqui and Ken Ferens 3:10PM HJB Equation Based Learning Scheme for Neural Networks [#337] Vipul Arora, Laxmidhar Behera, Tharun Reddy and Ajay Yadav 3:30PM Supervised Classification via Constrained Subspace and Tensor Sparse Representation [#380] Liang Liao, Stephen Maybank, Yanning Zhang and Xin Liu 3:50PM Parallel Dynamic Search Fireworks Algorithm with Linearly Decreased Dimension Number Strategy for Solving Conditional Nonlinear Optimal Perturbation [#472] Bin Mu, Junhui Zhao, Shijin Yuan and Jinghao Yan 4:10PM Parametric Identification of Stochastic Interaction Networks [#39] Hana Baili Session time: Temporal processing Tuesday, May 16, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Seif-Eddine Benkabou (tentative) 4:40PM State Initialization for Recurrent Neural Network Modeling of Time-Series Data [#127] Nima Mohajerin and Steven Waslander 5:00PM A Framework for Benchmarking Machine Learning Methods Using Linear Models for Univariate Time Series Prediction [#177] Rebecca Salles, Laura Assis, Gustavo Guedes, Eduardo Bezerra, Fabio Porto and Eduardo Ogasawara 5:20PM Adaptive Learning Method of Recurrent Temporal Deep Belief Network to Analyze Time Series Data [#525] Takumi Ichimura and Shin Kamada 5:40PM L2-Type Regularization-based Unsupervised Anomaly Detection from Temporal Data [#397] Seif-Eddine Benkabou, Khalid Benabdeslem and Canitia Bruno 6:00PM Spatio-Temporal Cellular Automata-Based Filtering for Image Sequence Denoising [#398] Blanca Priego, Abraham Prieto, Richard J. Duro and Jocelyn Chanussot Session text: Text and document processing Tuesday, May 16, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Giacomo Boracchi 4:40PM Tightly-coupled Convolutional Neural Network with Spatial-temporal Memory for Text Classification [#557] Shiyao Wang and Zhidong Deng 5:00PM Ensemble Application of Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Multi-label Text Categorization [#160] Guibin Chen, Deheng Ye, Zhenchang Xing, Jieshan Chen and Erik Cambria 5:20PM A Character-based Convolutional Neural Network for Language-Agnostic Twitter Sentiment Analysis [#793] Jonatas Wehrmann, Willian Becker, Henry Cagnini and Rodrigo Barros 5:40PM Sentiment Analysis with the Exploration of Overall Opinion Sentences [#902] Xiaojia Pu, Gangshan Wu and Chunfeng Yuan 6:00PM A Model of Extended Paragraph Vector for Document Categorization and Trend Analysis [#482] Pengfei Liu, King Keung Wu and Helen Meng Special Session S32b: Reservoir computing in hardware 2 Tuesday, May 16, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Nathan McDonald 4:40PM Photonic Reservoir Computer With Output Feedback for Chaotic Time Series Prediction [#224] Piotr Antonik, Michiel Hermans, Marc Haelterman and Serge Massar 5:00PM Robustness of a Memristor Based Liquid State Machine [#687] Nicholas Soures, Lydia Hays and Dhireesha Kudithipudi 5:20PM A Digital Neuromorphic Architecture Efficiently Facilitating Complex Synaptic Response Functions Applied to Liquid State Machines [#818] Michael Smith, Aaron Hill, Kristofor Carlson, Craig Vineyard, Jonathon Donaldson, David Follett, Pamela Follett, John Naegle, Conrad James and James Aimone 5:40PM Reservoir Computing and Extreme Learning Machines using Pairs of Cellular Automata Rules [#646] Nathan McDonald 6:00PM Maximizing Memory Capacity of Echo State Networks with Orthogonalized Reservoirs [#561] Igor Farkas and Peter Gergel Session spike4: Spiking neurons Tuesday, May 16, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Arunava Banerjee 4:40PM Learning Deterministic Spiking Neuron Feedback Controllers [#636] Tae Seung Kang and Arunava Banerjee 5:00PM INXS: Bridging the Throughput and Energy Gap for Spiking Neural Networks [#867] Surya Narayanan, Ali Shafiee and Rajeev Balasubramonian 5:20PM Image Segmentation with Stochastic Magnetic Tunnel Junctions and Spiking Neurons [#532] Chamika Liyanagedera, Parami Wijesinghe, Akhilesh Jaiswal and Kaushik Roy 5:40PM BrainGrid+Workbench: High-Performance/High-Quality Neural Simulation [#135] Michael Stiber, Fumitaka Kawasaki, Delmar Davis, Hazeline Asuncion, Jewel Lee and Destiny Boyer 6:00PM Generalized Model of Biological Neural Networks: Progressive Operational Perceptrons [#37] Kiranyaz Serkan, Ince Turker, Iosifidis Alexandros and Gabbouj Moncef Session convnet1: Convolutional neural networks 1 Tuesday, May 16, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Thomas Martinetz 4:40PM Recursive Autoconvolution for Unsupervised Learning of Convolutional Neural Networks [#170] Boris Knyazev, Erhardt Barth and Thomas Martinetz 5:00PM FxpNet: Training a Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Fixed-Point Representation [#373] Xi Chen, Xiaolin Hu, Hucheng Zhou and Ningyi Xu 5:20PM Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks by Group-wise 2D-filter Pruning [#374] Niange Yu, Shi Qiu, Xiaolin Hu and Jianmin Li 5:40PM Exploring Optimized Accelerator Design for Binarized Convolutional Neural Networks [#592] Kodai Ueyoshi, Kota Ando, Kentaro Orimo, Masayuki Ikebe, Tetsuya Asai and Masato Motomura 6:00PM Transfer Learning for Automated Optical Inspection [#855] Seunghyeon Kim, Wooyoung Kim, Yung-Kyun Noh and Frank Park Session theory8: Theory 8 Tuesday, May 16, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Liang Zhao 4:40PM Low and High Level Classification using Stacking [#513] Thiago Covoes and Liang Zhao 5:00PM Improving the Performance of Neural Networks in Regression Tasks Using Drawering [#520] Konrad Zolna 5:20PM Top-down Strategies for Hierarchical Classification of Transposable Elements with Neural Networks [#527] Felipe Kenji Nakano, Walter Jose Pinto, Gisele Lobo Pappa and Ricardo Cerri 5:40PM Ternary Neural Networks for Resource-Efficient AI Applications [#652] Hande Alemdar, Vincent Leroy, Adrien Prost-Boucle and Frederic Petrot 6:00PM Manifold Learning with Iterative Dimensionality Photo-Projection [#611] Daniel Lueckehe, Stefan Oehmcke and Oliver Kramer Plenary Poster Session P2: Poster session #2 Tuesday, May 16, 7:30PM-9:00PM, Room: Arteaga, Chair: Richard Duro P301 Hexpo: A Vanishing-Proof Activation Function [#115] Shumin Kong and Masahiro Takatsuka P302 Potential Layer-Wise Supervised Learning for Training Multi-Layered Neural Networks [#64] Ryotaro Kamimura P303 A Quotient Gradient Method to Train Artificial Neural Networks [#47] Hamid Khodabandehlou and Mohammad Sami Fadali P304 ABiRCNN with Neural Tensor Network for Answer Selection [#98] Xingwei He and Hua Xu P305 Three-Step DTZNN Algorithm for Time-Varying Linear Matrix Inequality Solving [#540] Dongsheng Guo, Aifen Li, Xinjie Lin, Feng Xu and Zhaozhu Su P306 On the Memory Properties of Recurrent Neural Models [#54] Arthur Jack Russell, Emmanouil Benetos and Artur d'Avila Garcez P307 An Alternative Approach for Binary and Categorical Self-Organizing Maps [#781] Alessandra Santana, Alessandra Morais and Marcos Quiles P308 On Self-Organizing Maps for Orienteering Problems [#209] Jan Faigl P309 Are Recurrent Associative Memories Good Models of Decision Making? Modelling discrimination decisions from different perspectives [#211] Bradley Harding, Marc-Andre Goulet, Denis Cousineau and Sylvain Chartier P310 EnsembleSNN: Distributed Assistive STDP Learning for Energy-Efficient Recognition in Spiking Neural Networks [#514] Priyadarshini Panda, Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan and Kaushik Roy P311 The Effect of Biologically-Inspired Mechanisms in Spiking Neural Networks for Neuromorphic Implementation [#395] Catherine Schuman P312 Comparison of Echo State Network Output Layer Classification Methods on Noisy Data [#490] Ashley Prater P313 Impact of biased mislabeling on learning with deep networks. [#711] Farzaneh S. Fard, Paul Hollensen, Stuart Mcilory and Thomas Trappenberg P314 A Class-specific Copy Network for Handling the Rare Word Problem in Neural Machine Translation [#497] Feng Wang, Wei Chen, Zhen Yang, Xiao Wei Zhang, Shuan Xu and Bo Xu P315 Transforming Sensor Data to the Image Domain for Deep Learning - an Application to Footstep Detection [#874] Monit Shah Singh, Vinaychandran Pondenkandath, Bo Zhou, Paul Lukowicz and Marcus Liwicki P316 Convolutional Neural Networks with Multi-valued Neurons [#458] Yuki Kominami, Hideki Ogawa and Kazuyuki Murase P317 Noisy Deep Dictionary Learning: Application to Alzheimer's Disease Classification [#440] Vanika Singhal and Angshul Majumdar P318 Improvement of Learning for CNN with ReLU Activation by Sparse Regularization [#289] Hidenori Ide and Takio Kurita P319 Optimization and evaluation of deep architectures for ambient awareness on a sidewalk [#794] Faruk Ahmed and Mohammed Yeasin P320 Deep Learning and Block Go [#369] Shi-Jim Yen, Chingnung Lin, Guan-Lun Cheng and Jr-Chang Chen P321 The RNN-ELM Classifier [#32] Athanasios Vlontzos P322 A Neuron-Output-Significant-Index-based Self-organization Pruning Algorithm for S-LINN [#789] Lizhen Dai, Gang Yang and Hui Yang P323 Adaptive Filtering Based on Extended Kernel Recursive Maximum Correntropy [#676] Shengyang Luan, Tianshuang Qiu and Jose Principe P324 ADL: Active Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation [#263] Bo Tang, Jin Xu, Haibo He and Hong Man P325 A Web-based Tool for Segmentation and Automatic Transcription of Historical Documents [#612] Fouad Slimane, Andrea Mazzei, Orlin Topalov, Greta Verzi and Frederic Kaplan P326 Low n-Rank Tensor Log-Linear Models for Classification [#750] Caleb Nelson, Yulo Leake and Brian Hutchinson P327 Machine Learning Approaches for the Prediction of Obesity using Publicly Available Genetic Profiles [#312] Casimiro Aday Curbelo, Paul Fergus, Abir Jaafar Hussain, Dhiya Al-Jumeily, Basma Abdulaimma, Hind Jade and Radi Naeem P328 FEMaR: A Finite Element Machine for Regression Problems [#91] Danillo Pereira, Joao Papa and Andre Souza P329 Adversarial Learning Games with Deep Learning Models [#81] Aneesh Sreevallabh Chivukula and Wei Liu P330 Towards the Discrimination of Primary and Secondary Headache: An Intelligent Systems Approach [#226] Robert Keight, Dhiya Al-Jumeily, Abir Hussain, Mohammed Al-Jumeily and Mallucci Conor P331 HMM-based Gesture Recognition Sytem Using Kinect Sensor for Improvised Human-Computer Interaction [#550] Sriparna Saha, Rimita Lahiri, Amit Konar, Bonny Banerjee and Atulya K. Nagar P332 Projected Clustering via Robust Orthogonal Least Square Regression with Optimal Scaling [#101] Rui Zhang, Feiping Nie and Xuelong Li P333 Multi-View Hard C-Means with Automated Weighting of Views and Variables [#122] Rodrigo de Araujo, Francisco de Carvalho and Yves Lechevallier P334 Interpreting Multivariate Membership Degrees of Fuzzy Clustering Methods: a Strategy [#198] Bruno Pimentel, Marcilio de Souto and Renata de Souza P335 A Neuro-based Network for On-line Topological Map Building and Dynamic Path Planning [#834] Wei Hong Chin, Azhar Aulia Saputra and Naoyuki Kubota P336 The LICORS Cabinet: Nonparametric Light Cone Methods for Spatio-Temporal Modeling [#13] George Montanez and Cosma Shalizi P337 Mobile Robot Control Based on Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Value Gradient Reinforcement Learning [#771] Seaar Al-Dabooni and Donald Wunsch P338 Towards Enabling Deep Learning Techniques for Adaptive Dynamic Programming [#543] Zhen Ni, Malla Naresh and Zhong Xiangnan P339 Deep Convolutional and Recurrent Writer [#325] Sadaf Gulshad and Jong-Hwan Kim P340 An Efficient Semi-Supervised SVM for Anomaly Detection [#367] Junae Kim and Paul Montague P341 Two Improved Continuous Bag-of-Word Models [#168] Qi Wang, Jungang Xu, Hong Chen and Ben He P342 OMKT: Projection Based Bounded On-line Multiple Kernel Tracker [#823] Prabhash Kumarasinghe and Suresh Sundaram P343 Recent Advances in Video-Based Human Action Recognition using Deep Learning: A Review [#578] Di Wu, Nabin Sharma and Michael Blumenstein P344 Object Recognition using Cellular Simultaneous Recurrent Networks and Convolutional Neural Network [#933] Md Zahangir Alom, M. Alam, Tarek M. Taha and K.M. Iftekharuddin P345 Random Fourier Feature Kernel Recursive Least Squares [#229] Zhengda Qin, Badong Chen and Nanning Zheng P346 Relevance Effect: Exploiting Bayesian Networks to Improve Supervised Learning [#247] Ardavan S. Nobandegani, Jad Kabbara and Ioannis N. Psaromiligkos P347 Kernel Group Sparse Representation based Classifier for Multimodal Biometrics [#843] Gaurav Goswami, Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh and Angshul Majumdar P348 Pose Invariance Through Registration for Hierarchical Feature Based Pattern Recognition Systems [#883] Noel Khan, David Elizondo, Benjamin Passow and Pamela Hardaker P349 Feature Selection for Biometric Recognition Based on Electrocardiogram Signals [#749] Felipe G. Silva Teodoro, Sarajane M. Peres and Clodoaldo Lima P350 EMNIST: extending MNIST to handwritten letters [#706] Gregory Cohen, Saeed Afshar, Jonathan Tapson and Andre van Schaik P351 Improved maximum inner product search with better theoretical guarantees [#618] Omid Keivani, Kaushik Sinha and Parikshit Ram P352 SVRG with Adaptive Epoch Size [#801] Erxue Min, Yawei Zhao, Jun Long, Chengkun Wu, Kuan Li and Jianping Yin P353 Temporal Progression in Functional Connectivity Determines Individual Differences in Working memory Capacity [#455] Pouya Bashivan, Gavin Bidelman and Yeasin Mohammed P354 A Chaotic Ring Neural Oscillator of Three Nonmonotonic Neurons [#539] Yo Horikawa P355 The Use of One-Class Classifiers for Differentiating Healthy from Epileptic EEG Segments [#499] Jefferson Oliva and Joao Luis Rosa P356 Signal Coding and Reconstruction Using Deterministic Spiking Neurons [#747] Gokhan Kaya and Arunava Banerjee P357 Training a Two-choice Decision-making Model with Environment Feedback [#121] Hui Wei and Yijie Bu P358 Deteriorating neural connectivity of the hippocampal episodic memory network in mTBI patients: a cohort study [#88] Hao Yan, Chuanzhu Sun, Xiaocui Wang and Lijun Bai P359 Dynamic Control Using Feedforward Networks with Adaptive Delay and Facilitating Neural Dynamics [#461] Khuong Nguyen and Yoonsuck Choe P360 Ensemble of Classifiers Applied to Motor Imagery Task Classification for BCI Applications [#753] Alimed Celecia, Rene Gonzalez, Marley Vellasco and Pedro Vellasco P361 A Wireless Steady State Visually Evoked Potential-based BCI Eating Assistive System [#465] Ching-Yu Chiu, Avinash Kumar Singh, Yu-Kai Wang, Jung-Tai King and Chin-Teng Lin P362 Brewing the first ever automatic memory management utility for SpiNNaker: Real-Time Garbage Collection for STDP simulations [#62] Mantas Mikaitis and David R. Lester P363 Exploiting the Use of Recurrent Neural Networks for Driver Behavior Profiling [#210] Eduardo Carvalho, Bruno Ferreira, Jair Ferreira Junior, Cleidson de Souza, Hanna Carvalho, Yoshihiko Suhara, Alex Pentland and Gustavo Pessin P364 In vivo Classification of Inflammation in Blood Vessels with Convolutional Neural Networks [#805] Stuart Mcilroy, Yoshimasa Kubo, James Toguri, Christian Lehmann and Thomas Trappenberg P365 An Investigation of High-Resolution Modeling Units of Deep Neural Networks for Acoustic Scene Classification [#298] Xiao Bao, Tian Gao, Jun Du and Li-Rong Dai P366 Detection of Motorcyclists without Helmet in Videos using Convolutional Neural Network [#394] C. Vishnu, Dinesh Singh, C. Krishna Mohan and Ch. Sobhan Babu P367 Fast Diagnosis of Bowel Activities [#275] Yi Huang, Song Insu, Priyanka Rana and Guan Koh P368 A comparative study of complexity of handwritten Bharati characters with that of major Indian scripts [#426] Manali Naik and V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy P369 The Classification of Periodic Light Curves from non-survey optimized observational data through Automated Extraction of Phase-based Visual Features [#342] Paul (Ross) McWhirter, Iain Steele, Dhiya Al-Jumeily, Abir Hussain and Marley Vellasco P370 Weighted Numerical and Categorical Attribute Clustering in Data Streams [#905] Wen-Bin Liang, Chang-Dong Wang and Jian-Huang Lai P371 Toward Virtual Data Scientist with Visual Means [#796] Boris Kovalerchuk and Michael Kovalerchuk P372 Phonetic State Relation Graph Regularized Deep Neural Network for Robust Acoustic Model [#147] Hoon Chung, Yoo Rhee Oh, Sung Joo Lee and Jeon Gue Park P373 Small-footprint convolutional neural network for spoofing detection [#144] Heinrich Dinkel, Yanmin Qian and Kai Yu P374 Biomorphic Modeling of Phoneme Identification and Classification Based on an Evolving Fuzzy-neural Network - From Hardcomputing to Softcomputing [#430] Mario Malcangi, Hao Quan and Philip Grew P375 Biologically Inspired Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Robot Collision Avoidance [#662] Myung Seok Shim and Peng Li P376 MLMVN as an Intelligent Image Filter [#551] Igor Aizenberg, Alan Ordukhanov and Fionntan O'Boy P377 Comprehensive Study of Features for Subject-independent Emotion Recognition [#537] Ashutosh Adhikari, Savitha Ramasamy and Suresh Sundaram P378 Helicopter Load Signal and Fatigue Life Estimation Using Low Dimensional Spaces [#506] Catherine Cheung, Julio J. Valdes and Alejandro Lehman-Rubio P379 Semi-supervised Saliency Classifier Based on a Linear Feedback Control System Model [#760] Shuwei Huo, Yuan Zhou and Sun-Yuan Kung P380 Adaptive Learning Based Driving Episode Description on Category Maps [#71] Hirokazu Madokoro, Kazuhito Sato, Kazuhisa Nakasho and Nobuhiro Shimoi P381 Structural Superpixel Descriptor for Visual Tracking [#102] Wenjun Huang, Ruimin Hu, Chao Liang, Weijian Ruan and Bo Luo P382 Wavelet transform and adaptive arithmetic coding techniques for EEG lossy compression [#798] Binh Nguyen, Dang Nguyen, Wanli Ma and Dat Tran P383 Multi-Bernoulli Filter for Group Object Tracking and Its Gaussian-Wishart Implementation [#206] Kangin Dmitry and Garik Markarian P384 Guide-wire Detection Using Region Proposal Network for X-ray Image-guided Navigation [#237] Li Wang, XiaoLiang Xie, GuiBin Bian, ZengGuang Hou, XiaoRan Cheng and Pusit Prasong P385 Predicting Evolving Chaotic Time Series with Fuzzy Neural Networks [#113] Frank Z. Xing, Erik Cambria and Xiaomei Zou P386 Information and Knowing When to Forget It [#517] Rohit Sharma and Ognjen Arandjelovic P387 State Space Reconstruction from Noisy Nonlinear Time Series: An Autoencoder-based Approach [#541] He Jiang and Haibo He P388 Symbolic representations of time series applied to biometric recognition based on ECG signals [#242] Henrique dos Santos Passos, Bruno Matarazzo Duru, Edenilton Lima de Oliveira, Felipe Gustavo Silva Teodoro, Sarajane M. Peres and Clodoaldo A. M. Lima P389 Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Using ABPCS Model and SVMperf in Chinese Reviews [#157] Yuxiang Bao, Hua Xu and Fei Jia P390 Text Clustering using Enhanced PLSA with Word Correlation [#762] Qian Zuo, Chang-Dong Wang and Jian-Huang Lai P391 Fuzzy controlled VSC of battery storage system for seamless transition of microgrid between grid-tied and islanded mode [#199] Chinmay Shah, Heidar Malki and Mehdi Abolhassani P392 Prediction of Residual Power Peaks in Industrial Microgrids using Artificial Neural Networks [#881] Thorsten Vogt, Daniel Weber, Oliver Wallscheid and Joachim Boecker P393 A First Approach using Neural Network to Estimating Soil Bulk Density of Urucu Basin in Central Amazon-Brazil [#712] Tayana Moreira, D. Brandao, D. Haddad, M. Ceddia, R. Oliveira and E. Pinheiro P394 Mining Unstructured Processes: An Exploratory Study on a Distance Learning Domain [#133] Ana R. C. Maita, Marcelo Fantinato, Sarajane M. Peres, Lucineia H. Thom and Patrick C. K. Hung P395 Regression-forests-based Estimation of Blood Pressure using the Pulse Transit Time Obtained by Facial Photoplethysmogram [#414] Mototaka Yoshioka and Souksakhone Bounyong P396 Constrained LMS for Dynamic Flow Networks [#422] Konstantinos Eftaxias, Clive Cheong Took, Bruno Venturini and David Arscott P397 Integrative Computing Method for the Prediction of Zinc-binding Sites in Proteins [#183] Hui Li, Dechang Pi, Yinghong Liang, Chuanming Chen and Yongzhi Liu P398 Investigating the Effects of Class Imbalance in Learning the Claim Authorization Process in the Brazilian Health Care Market [#614] Jackson Cassimiro, Andre Santana, Pedro Santos Neto and Ricardo Rabelo P399 A Language-Independent Hybrid Approach for Multi-Word Expression Extraction [#272] YingHong Liang, Hongye Tan, Hui Li, Zhigang Wang and Wenming Gui P400 Learning User Distance from Multiple Social Networks [#280] Yufei Liu, Dechang Pi and Lin Cui P401 Clickthrough Refinement for Improved Graph Ranking [#654] He Yu, Wu Jun and Wang Haishuai P402 Deep Learning Inspired Prognostics Scheme for Applications Generating Big Data [#729] Krishnan Raghavan, Jagannathan Sarangapani and V. A. Samaranayake P403 Critical Clearing Time Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks [#358] Komla Folly, Paul Olulope and Ganesh Venayagamoorthy P404 Constrained versus Unconstrained Learning in Generalized Recurrent Network for Image Processing [#434] Lasitha Vidyaratne, Mahbubul Alam, Keith Anderson and Khan Iftekharuddin P405 A Continuous Hopfield Neural Network Algorithm based on Dynamic Step for the Traveling Salesman Problem [#318] Chunni Zhong, Zhenzhong Chu, Chaomin Luo and Wenyang Gan P406 Acoustic Novelty Detection with Adversarial Autoencoders [#338] Emanuele Principi, Fabio Vesperini, Stefano Squartini and Francesco Piazza P407 Domain Adaptation of POS Taggers without Handcrafted Features [#812] Irving Rodrigues, Eraldo Fernandes and Cicero dos Santos P408 Scaling Up Deep Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Domain Dialogue Systems [#474] Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Seunghak Yu, Ashley Williamson and Jacob Carse P409 Kernel and Random Extreme Learning Machine applied to Submersible Motor Pump Fault Diagnosis [#108] Thomas W. Rauber, Thiago Oliveira-Santos, Francisco de Assis Boldt, Flavio M. Varejao, Alexandre Rodrigues and Marcos Pellegrini Ribeiro P410 A Multistage Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Fall Detection [#184] Tao Xie, Yiqiang Chen, Lisha Hu, Chenlong Gao, Chunyu Hu and Jianfei Shen P411 Piecewise Multi-linear Fuzzy Extreme Learning Machine for the Implementation of Intelligent Agents [#650] Ines del Campo, Victoria Martinez, Flavia Orosa, Javier Echanobe, Estibalitz Asua and Koldo Basterretxea P412 Extreme Learning Machine as a Generalizable Classification Engine [#347] Abdullah M. Zyarah and Dhireesha Kudithipudi P413 Cellular Computational Extreme Learning Machine Network Based Frequency Predictions in a Power System [#778] Iroshani Jayawardene and Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy P414 A Robust Method for the Interpretation of Genomic Data [#355] Jade Hind, Paulo Lisboa, Abir Hussain, Dhiya Al-Jumeily, Casimiro Aday Curbelo Montanez and Basma Abdulaimma P415 A Support Vector Machine Approach to Identification of Proteins Relevant to Learning in a Mouse Model of Down Syndrome [#768] Tara Eicher and Kaushik Sinha P416 Short-Term Plasticity in a Liquid State Machine Biomimetic Robot Arm Controller [#75] Ricardo de Azambuja, Frederico Klein, Samantha Adams, Martin Stoelen and Angelo Cangelosi P417 STDP-based Unsupervised Learning of Memristive Spiking Neural Network by Morris-Lecar Model [#494] Amirali Amirsoleimani, Majid Ahmadi and Arash Ahmadi P418 Computational Paradigms using Oscillatory Networks based on State-Transition Devices [#803] Abhinav Parihar, Nikhil Shukla, Matthew Jerry, Suman Datta and Arijit Raychowdhury P419 A Randomized Neural Network for Data Streams [#310] Mahardhika Pratama, Plamen P. Angelov, Jie Lu, Edwin Lughofer, Mukesh Prasad, Manjeevan Seera and Chee Peng Lim P420 Structure-based Fitness Prediction for the Variable-structure DANNA Neuromorphic Architecture [#896] Aleksander Klibisz, Grant Bruer, Catherine Schuman and James Plank P421 Analog Hardware Implementation of Spike-Based Delayed Feedback Reservoir Computing System [#765] Jialing Li, Chenyuan Zhao, Kian Hamedani and Yang Yi P422 Paving the way for providing teaching feedback in automatic evaluation of open response assignments [#85] Veronica Bolon-Canedo, Jorge Diez, Oscar Luaces, Antonio Bahamonde and Amparo Alonso-Betanzos P423 Prediction of Graduation Delay Based on Student Performance [#886] Tushar Ojha, Gregory Heileman, Manel Martinez-Ramon and Ahmad Slim Session Plen5: Plenary session 5: Stephen Grossberg Wednesday, May 17, 8:00AM-9:00AM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Daniel Levine 8:00AM Towards Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness: The Varieties of Brain Resonances and the Conscious Experiences that they Support Stephen Grossberg Special Session S08: Computational intelligence algorithms for digital audio applications Wednesday, May 17, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Emanuele Principi 9:20AM Convolutional Gated Recurrent Neural Network Incorporating Spatial Features for Audio Tagging [#633] Yong Xu, Qiuqiang Kong, Qiang Huang, Wenwu Wang and Mark D. Plumbley 9:40AM Deep Recurrent Music Writer: Memory-enhanced Variational Autoencoder-based Musical Score Composition and an Objective Measure [#602] Romain Sabathe, Eduardo Coutinho and Bjoern Schuller 10:00AM Audio Event and Scene Recognition: A Unified Approach using Strongly and Weakly Labeled Data [#95] Anurag Kumar and Bhiksha Raj 10:20AM On the Use of Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Detecting Audio Spoofing Attacks [#410] Simone Scardapane, Lucas Stoffl, Florian Rohrbein and Aurelio Uncini Session text2: Text and document processing 2 Wednesday, May 17, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Frank Wood 9:20AM Multi-Sense Based Neural Machine Translation [#111] Zhen Yang, Wei Chen, Feng Wang and Bo Xu 9:40AM Learning from Semantically Dependent Multi-Tasks [#256] Bin Liu, Zenglin Xu, Bo Dai, Haoli Bai, Xianghong Fang, Yazhou Ren and Shandian Zhe 10:00AM Incorporating Loose-Structured Knowledge into Conversation Modeling via Recall-Gate LSTM [#314] Zhen Xu, Bingquan Liu, Baoxun Wang, Chengjie Sun and Xiaolong Wang 10:20AM Using Synthetic Data to Train Neural Networks is Model-Based Reasoning [#751] Tuan Anh Le, Atilim Gunes Baydin, Robert Zinkov and Frank Wood Special Session S27a: Neuro-inspired computing with nanoelectronic devices 1 Wednesday, May 17, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Saibal Mukhopadhyay 9:20AM Enabling Bio-Plausible Multi-level STDP using CMOS Neurons with Dendrites and Bistable RRAMs [#215] Xinyu Wu and Vishal Saxena 9:40AM On-chip Training of Memristor Based Deep Neural Networks [#727] Raqibul Hasan, Tarek Taha and Chris Yakopcic 10:00AM Interpretability of Artificial Hydrocarbon Networks for Breast Cancer Classification [#523] Hiram Ponce and Ma de Lourdes Martinez-Villasenor 10:20AM Cognitive Domain Ontologies on the TrueNorth Neurosynaptic System [#824] Nayim Rahman, Tanvir Atahary, Tarek Taha and Scott Douglass Session cortex: Cortical modeling and simulation Wednesday, May 17, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Bryan Tripp (tentative) 9:20AM Similarities and Differences Between Stimulus Tuning in the Inferotemporal Visual Cortex and Convolutional Networks [#872] Bryan Tripp 9:40AM Odor Recognition in an Attractor Network Model of the Mammalian Olfactory Cortex [#645] Pawel Herman, Simon Benjaminsson and Anders Lansner 10:00AM Collective Discovery of Brain Networks with Unknown Groups [#244] Xinyue Liu, Xiangnan Kong and Philip Yu 10:20AM A biologically inspired neuronal model of reward prediction error computation [#478] Pramod Kaushik, Maxime Carrere, Frederic Alexandre and Bapi Raju Surampudi Session convnet2: Convolutional neural networks 2 Wednesday, May 17, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Hui Jiang 9:20AM A Fast Method for Saliency Detection by Back-Propagating A Convolutional Neural Network and Clamping Its Partial Outputs [#143] Hengyue Pan and Hui Jiang 9:40AM Identifying Spatial Relations in Images using Convolutional Neural Networks [#839] Mandar Haldekar, Ashwinkumar Ganesan and Tim Oates 10:00AM Connecting Deep Neural Networks with Symbolic Knowledge [#370] Arjun Kumar and Tim Oates 10:20AM Convolutional Sparse Coding on Neurosynaptic Cognitive System [#785] Md Zahangir Alom, Brian Van Essen, Adam T. Moody, David Peter Widemann and Tarek M. Taha Session theory9: Theory 9 Wednesday, May 17, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Junpei Zhong 9:20AM Label Confidence based AdaBoost Algorithm [#51] Zhe Luo, Xin Dang and Yixin Chen 9:40AM Toward Abstraction from Multi-modal Data: Empirical Studies on Multiple Time-scale Recurrent Models [#156] Junpei Zhong, Angelo Cangelosi and Tetsuya Ogata 10:00AM Self-Training with Adaptive Regularization for S3VM [#191] Edward Cheung and Yuying Li 10:20AM Universum Learning for SVM Regression [#366] Sauptik Dhar and Vladimir Cherkassky Special Session S20: Machine learning for business analytics Wednesday, May 17, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Chul Sung 11:00AM Improving Recommendation Accuracy using Networks of Substitutable and Complementary Products [#274] Tong Zhao, Julian McAuley, Mengya Li and Irwin King 11:20AM Cold-start, Warm-start and Everything in Between: An Autoencoder based Approach to Recommendation [#563] Anant Jain and Angshul Majumdar 11:40AM Evaluating Deep Learning in Churn Prediction for Everything-as-a-Service in the Cloud [#848] Chul Sung, Chunhui Higgins, Bo Zhang and Yoonsuck Choe 12:00PM It's About Time! Modeling Customer Behaviors as the Secretary Problem in Daily Deal Websites [#284] Tong Zhao, Mantian Hu, Razieh Rahimi and Irwin King Special Session S14+18: Explainability and Interpretability in Machine Learning Wednesday, May 17, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Isabelle Guyon; Michael Biehl 11:00AM Can we Explain Natural Language Inference Decisions taken with Neural Networks? Inference Rules in Distributed Representations [#90] Fabio Massimo Zanzotto and Lorenzo Ferrone 11:20AM Design of an Explainable Machine Learning Challenge for Video Interviews [#331] Hugo Jair Escalante, Isabelle Guyon, Sergio Escalera, Julio Jaques Jr., Xavier Baro, Evelyne Viegas, Yagmur Gucluturk, Umut Guclu, Marcel A. J. van Gerven, Rob van Lier, Meysam Madadi and Stephane Ayache 11:40AM Classification of sparsely and irregularly sampled time series: a learning in model space approach [#845] Yuan Shen, Peter Tino and Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova 12:00PM Marker Selection for the Detection of Trisomy 21 Using Generalized Matrix Learning Vector Quantization [#605] Andreas Neocleous, Costas Neocleous, Christos N. Schizas, Michael Biehl and Nicolai Petkov Special Session S27b: Neuro-inspired computing with nanoelectronic devices 2 Wednesday, May 17, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Kaushik Roy (tentative) 11:00AM Exponential-Weight Multilayer Perceptron [#388] Farnood Merrikh Bayat, Xinjie Guo and Dmitri Strukov 11:20AM On-Chip Training of Recurrent Neural Networks with Limited Numerical Precision [#829] Taesik Na, Jong Hwan Ko, Jaeha Kung and Saibal Mukhopadhyay 11:40AM Neuromorphic System with Phase-Change Synapses for Pattern Learning and Feature Extraction [#231] Stanislaw Wozniak, Angeliki Pantazi, Yusuf Leblebici and Evangelos Eleftheriou 12:00PM Flight Dynamics Modeling and Recognition using Finite State Machine for Automatic Insect Recognition [#816] Kan Li and Jose Principe Session mixture: Mixture models Wednesday, May 17, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Weite Li (tentative) 11:00AM Non-Local Information for a Mixture of Multiple Linear Classifiers [#149] Weite Li, Peifeng Liang, Xin Yuan and Jinglu Hu 11:20AM A Mixture of Multiple Linear Classifiers with Sample Weight and Manifold Regularization [#552] Weite Li, Benhui Chen, Bo Zhou and Jinglu Hu 11:40AM Generative Mixture of Networks [#704] Ershad Banijamali, Ali Ghodsi and Pascal Poupart 12:00PM Generalized Mixture Representations and Combinations for Additive Fuzzy Systems [#935] Bart Kosko Session semisup: Semisupervised learning Wednesday, May 17, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Alex Fedorov 11:00AM Truncated Variational EM for Semi-Supervised Neural Simpletrons [#682] Dennis Forster and Jorg Lucke 11:20AM Zero-Shot Learning with a Partial Set of Observed Attributes [#377] Yaqing Wang, James T. Kwok, Quanming Yao and Lionel M. Ni 11:40AM End-to-end learning of brain tissue segmentation from imperfect labeling [#877] Alex Fedorov, Jeremy Johnson, Eswar Damaraju, Alexei Ozerin, Vince Calhoun and Sergey Plis 12:00PM Joint Optimization of Feature Transform and Instance Weighting for Domain Adaptation [#238] Masato Ishii and Atsushi Sato Session neuro: Computational neuroscience Wednesday, May 17, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Mayank Vatsa 11:00AM Synaptic Efficacy Mosaics and the Impact of Morphology [#937] Nicolangelo Iannella and Thomas Launey 11:20AM A Synaptic Plasticity Rule Providing a Unified Approach to Supervised and Unsupervised Learning. [#362] Mikhail Kiselev 11:40AM Region-specific fMRI Dictionary for Decoding Face Verification in Humans [#840] Daksha Yadav, Naman Kohli, Shruti Nagpal, Maneet Singh, Prateekshit Pandey, Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh, Afzel Noore, Gokulraj Prabhakaran and Harsh Mahajan 12:00PM Neural Computation with Non-uniform Population Codes [#9] Brian Fischer Session Plen6: Plenary session 6: Christof Koch Wednesday, May 17, 1:30PM-2:30PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Irwin King 1:30PM Big Science, Team Science, Open Science for Neuroscience Christof Koch Panel Session Panel3: INNS 30th anniversary Wednesday, May 17, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: David Brown Special Session S10+24: Cybersecurity Analytics Wednesday, May 17, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Catherine Huang; Hongmei He 2:50PM Network Intrusion Detection for Cyber Security on Neuromorphic Computing System [#791] Md Zahangir Alom and Tarek M. Taha 3:10PM Empowering Convolutional Networks for Malware Classification and Analysis [#381] Bojan Kolosnjaji, Ghadir Eraisha, George Webster, Apostolis Zarras and Claudia Eckert 3:30PM The Object Class Intrinsic Filter Conjecture [#258] Michael Kounavis 3:50PM Autoencoder-based Feature Learning for Cyber Security Applications [#576] Mahmood Yousefi-Azar, Vijay Varadharajan, Len Hamey and Uday Tupakula 4:10PM A New Semantic Attribute Deep Learning with a Linguistic Attribute Hierarchy for Spam Detection [#409] Hongmei He, Tim Watson, Carsten Maple, Jorn Mehnen and Ashutosh Tiwari Session clst1: Clustering 1 Wednesday, May 17, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Max Vladymyrov 2:50PM Fast, Accurate Spectral Clustering Using Locally Linear Landmarks [#148] Max Vladymyrov and Miguel Carreira-Perpinan 3:10PM Trajectory Clustering via Deep Representation Learning [#181] Yao Di, Zhang Chao, Zhu Zhihua, Huang Jianhui and Bi Jingping 3:30PM Mini-Batch Spectral Clustering [#190] Han Yufei and Filippone Maurizio 3:50PM A Deep Learning Enabled Subspace Spectral Ensemble Clustering Approach for Web Anomaly Detection [#566] Yuan Guiqin, Li Bo, Yao Yiyang and Zhang Simin 4:10PM A Spectral Clustering Approach for Online and Streaming Applications [#684] Antonio Robles-Kelly and Ran Wei Session hw: Neuromorphic engineering Wednesday, May 17, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Rohit Shukla 2:50PM C. elegans Neuromorphic Neural Network Exhibiting Undulating Locomotion [#553] Nikita Agarwal, Neil Mehta, Alice Parker and Karam Ashouri 3:10PM Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) on Neuromorphic Computing System [#831] Md Zahangir Alom, Brian Van Essen, Adam T. Moody, David Peter Widemann and Tarek M. Taha 3:30PM An FPGA Distributed Implementation Model for Embedded SOM with On-Line Learning [#444] Miguel Angelo de Abreu Sousa and Emilio Del-Moral-Hernandez 3:50PM Evaluating Hopfield-network-based linear solvers for hardware constrained neural substrates [#852] Rohit Shukla, Erik Jorgensen and Mikko Lipasti 4:10PM A Power-Efficient Biomimetic Intra-Branch Dendritic Adder [#249] Pezhman Mamdouh and Alice Parker Session ensemble: Ensemble learning Wednesday, May 17, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Jeremiah Deng 2:50PM Sensitivity and Similarity Regularization in Dynamic Selection of Ensembles of Neural Networks [#57] Babak Keshavarz-Hedayati and Nikitas Dimopoulos 3:10PM Analyzing different prototype selection techniques for dynamic classifier and ensemble selection [#138] Rafael Menelau Oliveira e Cruz, Robert Sabourin and George Darmiton da Cunha Cavalcanti 3:30PM A Multi-agent Metaheuristic Hybridization to the Automatic Design of Ensemble Systems [#786] Antonino Feitosa Neto, Anne Canuto, Joao Carlos Xavier-Junior and Cephas Barreto 3:50PM A kernel-based ensemble classifier for evolving stream of trees with double concept drifting reaction [#873] Valerio Grossi and Alessandro Sperduti 4:10PM A Streaming Ensemble Classifier with Multi-Class Imbalance Learning for Activity Recognition [#875] Ahmad Shahi, Jeremiah Deng and Brendon Woodford Session rl: Reinforcement learning Wednesday, May 17, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Juyang Weng 2:50PM Bounds for Off-policy Prediction in Reinforcement Learning [#365] Ajin George Joseph and Shalabh Bhatnagar 3:10PM Training Neural Networks with Policy Gradient [#870] Sourabh Bose and Manfred Huber 3:30PM Can A Reinforcement Learning Agent Practice Before It Starts Learning? [#457] Minwoo Lee and Charles Anderson 3:50PM A Sandpile Model for Reliable Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning [#518] Yiming Peng, Gang Chen, Mengjie Zhang and Shaoning Pang 4:10PM Online Reinforcement with Exploration for Distributed Control [#637] Vignesh Narayanan and Jagannathan Sarangapani Session behav: Behavior analaysis Wednesday, May 17, 2:50PM-4:30PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Jaewook Yoo 2:50PM Dynamic Adaptation of User Migration Policies in Distributed Virtual Environments [#16] David Vengerov 3:10PM Semi-wildlife gait patterns classification using Statistical Methods and Artificial Neural Networks [#669] Daniel Gutierrez-Galan, Juan Pedro Dominguez-Morales, Lourdes Miro-Amarante, Francisco Gomez-Rodriguez, Manuel Jesus Dominguez-Morales, Manuel Rivas-Perez, Angel Jimenez-Fernandez and Alejandro Linares-Barranco 3:30PM Improving Point-based AIS Trajectory Classification with Partition-wise Gated Recurrent Units [#697] Xiang Jiang, Xuan Liu, Erico N de Souza, Baifan Hu, Daniel L. Silver and Stan Matwin 3:50PM Pedestrian Detection with Dilated Convolution, Region Proposal Network and Boosted Decision Trees [#483] Jiqian Li, Yan Wu, Junqiao Zhao, Linting Guan, Chen Ye and Tao Yang 4:10PM A Learning based Approach for Social Force Model Parameter Estimation [#533] Zhiqiang Wan, Xuemin Hu, Haibo He and Yi Guo Panel Session Panel4: New opportunities in neural network funding Wednesday, May 17, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Hava Siegelmann Session security: Security and risk assessment Wednesday, May 17, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Tatiana Tambouratzis 4:40PM An Investigation of the Hoeffding Adaptive Tree for the Problem of Network Intrusion Detection [#587] Diego Guarnieri Correa, Fabricio Enembreck and Carlos N. Silla Jr. 5:00PM Computational Intelligence Approach for Estimation of Vehicle Insurance Risk Level [#638] Kristina Vassiljeva, Tepljakov Aleksei, Petlenkov Eduard and Netsajev Eduard 5:20PM A Compressive Multi-Kernel Method for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning [#746] Thee Chanyaswad, J. Morris Chang and S. Y. Kung 5:40PM How Systematic is the Environmental Sustainability Index 2002 as a Tool for Grouping Countries in Terms of Their Environmental Sustainability? [#658] Tatiana Tambouratzis and Nikos Hatziethimiou 6:00PM Side-Channel Analysis and Machine Learning: A Practical Perspective [#702] Stjepan Picek, Annelie Heuser, Alan Jovic, Simone Ludwing, Sylvain Guilley, Domagoj Jakobovic and Nele Mentens Session clst2: Clustering 2 Wednesday, May 17, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Nistor Grozavu 4:40PM Signal-Based Autonomous Clustering for Relational Data [#664] Parisa Rastin, Basarab Matei, Guenael Cabanes and Ibtissame El baghdadi 5:00PM Collaborative Clustering between Different Topological Partitions [#674] Antoine Lachaud, Nistor Grozavu, Matei Basarab and Younes Bennani 5:20PM Integrating distance metric learning and cluster-level constraints in semi-supervised clustering [#718] Bruno Nogueira, Yuri Tomas and Ricardo Marcacini 5:40PM Analysis of the influence of diversity in collaborative and multi-view clustering [#8] Jeremie Sublime, Basarab Matei and Pierre-Alexandre Murena 6:00PM Improving Load Forecasting Based on Deep Learning and K-shape Clustering [#52] Fateme Fahiman, Sarah M.Erfani, Sutharshan Rajasegarar, Marimuthu Palaniswami and Christopher Leckie Session robot: Robotics Wednesday, May 17, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Chelsea Sabo 4:40PM Transfer Learning of Shared Latent Spaces between Robots with Similar Kinematic Structure [#853] Brian Delhaisse, Domingo Esteban, Leonel Rozo and Darwin Caldwell 5:00PM Learning Multisensory Neural Controllers for Robot Arm Tracking [#890] Lakshitha Wijesinghe, Marco Antonelli, Jochen Triesch and Bertram Shi 5:20PM Multi-robot Cooperative Planning by Consensus Q-learning [#910] Arup Kumar Sadhu, Amit Konar, Bonny Banerjee and Atulya K. Nagar 5:40PM Nonlinearly-Activated Noise-Tolerant Zeroing Neural Network for Distributed Motion Planning of Multiple Robot Arms [#436] Long Jin, Shuai Li, Xin Luo and Ming-sheng Shang 6:00PM An Inexpensive Flying Robot Design for Embodied Robotics Research [#683] Chelsea Sabo, Esin Yavuz, Alex Cope, Kevin Gurney, Eleni Vasilaki, Thomas Nowotny and James Marshall Session img: Image analysis Wednesday, May 17, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Alex Hocking (tentative) 4:40PM Mining Hubble Space Telescope Images [#130] Alex Hocking, Yi Sun, James Geach and Neil Davey 5:00PM Image Completion with Global Structure and Weighted Nuclear Norm Regularization [#200] Mingli Zhang and Christian Desrosiers 5:20PM Two-dimensional Spectral Image Calibration Based on Feed-forward Neural Network [#333] Mingze Li, Hasitieer Haerken, Fuqing Duan, Qian Yin, Xin Zheng and Ping Guo 5:40PM Genetic Algorithm-based Optimization of ELM for On-line Hyperspectral Image Classification [#595] Javier Echanobe, Ines Del Campo, Koldo Basterretxea and Victoria Martinez 6:00PM Restricted Exhaustive Search for Frequency Band Selection in Motor Imagery Classification [#756] Paul Bustios and Joao Rosa Session rl-ctrl: Reinforcement learning and control Wednesday, May 17, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Stephen Piche 4:40PM Batch Reinforcement Learning on the Industrial Benchmark: First Experiences [#608] Daniel Hein, Steffen Udluft, Michel Tokic, Alexander Hentschel, Thomas Runkler and Volkmar Sterzing 5:00PM Time Delays in a HyperNEAT Network to Improve Gait Learning for Legged Robots [#507] Oscar Silva, Pascal Sigel and Maria-Jose Escobar 5:20PM Robust Optimal Control for Time-Delay Systems with Dynamic Uncertainties via ADP [#554] Lu Dong, Jun Li, Wankou Yang and Changyin Sun 5:40PM Active disturbance rejection control based on differential neural networks [#19] Ivan Salgado, Manuel Mera and Isaac Chairez 6:00PM Gain Confidence of a Neural Network used for Model Based Control [#232] Steve Piche and Jason Grimm Session pred: Prediction and forecasting Wednesday, May 17, 4:40PM-6:20PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Filippo Maria Bianchi 4:40PM Cellular Computational Generalized Neuron Network with Cooperative PSO for Power Systems [#721] Md Rahman, Yawei Wei and Ganesh Venayagamoorthy 5:00PM Solar Power Prediction Using Weather Type Pair Patterns [#748] Zheng Wang, Irena Koprinska and Mashud Rana 5:20PM Local Short Term Electricity Load Forecasting: Automatic Approaches [#758] The-Hien Dang-Ha, Filippo Bianchi and Roland Olsson 5:40PM Temporal Overdrive Recurrent Neural Network [#386] Filippo Maria Bianchi, Michael Kampffmeyer, Enrico Maiorino and Robert Jenssen 6:00PM Monthly Energy Consumption Forecast: A Deep Learning Approach [#207] Rodrigo Berriel, Andre Teixeira Lopes, Alexandre Rodrigues, Flavio Miguel Varejao and Thiago Oliveira-Santos Special Track Banquet: Banquet and Award Ceremony Wednesday, May 17, 7:00PM-9:00PM, Room: Arteaga, Chair: Chrisina Jayne Session Plen7: Plenary session 7: Odest Chadwicke Jenkins Thursday, May 18, 8:00AM-9:00AM, Room: La Perouse, Chair: Yoonsuck Choe 8:00AM Perception of People and Scenes for Robot Learning from Demonstration Odest Chadwicke Jenkins Session self-org: Self-organization Thursday, May 18, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Ricardo Cerri 9:20AM A Self-Organizing Map-based Method for Multi-Label Classification [#427] Gustavo Giordano Colombini, Iuri Bonna Mauricio Abreu and Ricardo Cerri 9:40AM From CPU to FPGA - Acceleration of Self-Organizing Maps for Data Mining [#475] Jan Lachmair, Thomas Mieth, Rene Griessl, Jens Hagemeyer and Mario Porrmann 10:00AM Adaptive Density Estimation Based on Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network using Gaussian Process [#772] Xiaoyu Wang and Osamu Hasegawa 10:20AM Self-Organising Temporal Pooling [#888] Daniel Slack, Brendan McCane and Alistair Knott Special Session S17: Intelligent vehicle and transport systems Thursday, May 18, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Yi Murphey 9:20AM Neural-Based Model Predictive Control for Tackling Steering Delays of Autonomous Cars [#227] Ranik Guidolini, Alberto F. De Souza, Filipe Mutz and Claudine Badue 9:40AM Following the Leader using a Tracking System based on Pre-trained Deep Neural Networks [#825] Filipe Mutz, Vinicius Cardoso, Thomas Teixeira, Luan F. R. Jesus, Michael A. Golcalves, Ranik Guidolini, Josias Oliveira, Claudine Badue and Alberto F. De Souza 10:00AM Unsupervised Learning for Surveillance Planning with Team of Aerial Vehicles [#732] Jan Faigl and Petr Vana 10:20AM Long-Range Navigation by Path Integration and Decoding of Grid Cells in a Neural Network [#710] Vegard Edvardsen Session att: Attention and emotion Thursday, May 18, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Soheil Keshmiri 9:20AM Designing an Adaptive Attention Mechanism for Relation Classification [#45] Pengda Qin, Weiran Xu and Jun Guo 9:40AM Classification of Radiology Reports Using Neural Attention Models [#700] Bonggun Shin, Falgun H. Chokshi, Timothy Lee and Jinho D. Choi 10:00AM Emotional State Estimation Using a Modified Gradient-Based Neural Architecture with Weighted Estimates [#112] Soheil Keshmiri, Hidenobu Sumioka, Junya Nakanishi and Hiroshi Ishiguro 10:20AM Typicality effect on N400 ERP in categories despite differences in semantic processing [#300] Mansoureh Fahimi Hnazaee and Marc Van Hulle Session med: Medical and health applications Thursday, May 18, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Danilo Mandic (tentative) 9:20AM Complexity science for sleep stage classification from EEG [#487] Takashi Nakamura, Tricia Adjei, Yousef Alqurashi, David Looney, Mary Morrell and Danilo Mandic 9:40AM Temporal-Specific Roles of Fractality in EEG Signal of Alzheimer's Disease [#544] Sou Nobukawa, Teruya Yamanishi, Haruhiko Nishimura, Yuji Wada, Mitsuru Kikuchi and Tetsuya Takahashi 10:00AM Robust Greedy Deep Dictionary Learning for ECG Arrhythmia Classification [#18] Majumdar Angshul and Ward Rabab 10:20AM An intelligent learning-based watermarking scheme for outsourced biomedical time series data [#690] Trung Duy Pham, Dat Tran and Wanli Ma Session scene: Scene analysis Thursday, May 18, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Clive Cheong Took 9:20AM On Making Sense of Neural Networks in Road Analysis [#175] Daniel Morris, Andreas Antoniades and Clive Cheong Took 9:40AM Grassmann Matching Kernels for Scene Representation and Recognition [#477] Bisser Raytchev, Miku Koujiba, Toru Tamaki and Kazufumi Kaneda 10:00AM 3D CNN Based Phantom Object Removing from Mobile Laser Scanning Data [#653] Balazs Nagy and Csaba Benedek 10:20AM Comparison of Semantic Segmentation Approaches for Horizon/Sky Line Detection [#741] Touqeer Ahmad, Pavel Campr, Martin Cadik and George Bebis Session rnn: Recurrent neural networks Thursday, May 18, 9:20AM-10:40AM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Stefan Oehmcke 9:20AM Convolving over Time via Recurrent Connections for Sequential Weight Sharing in Neural Networks [#691] Jason Allred and Kaushik Roy 9:40AM Compressing Recurrent Neural Network with Tensor Train [#579] Andros Tjandra, Sakriani Sakti and Satoshi Nakamura 10:00AM Recurrent Neural Networks and Exponential PAA for Virtual Marine Sensors [#656] Stefan Oehmcke, Oliver Zielinski and Oliver Kramer 10:20AM Structural adaptation for sparsely connected MLP using Newton's method [#830] Parastoo Kheirkhah, Kanishka Tyagi, Son Nguyen and Michael T. Manry Session dyn: Neurodynamics Thursday, May 18, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Isaac Chairez 11:00AM Global Asymptotic Stability for Matrix-Valued Recurrent Neural Networks with Time Delays [#79] Calin-Adrian Popa 11:20AM Connection Sparsity versus Orbit Stability in Dynamic Binary Neural Networks [#445] Ryuji Sato, Shunsuke Aoki and Toshimichi Saito 11:40AM A novel gene network model based on nonlinear dynamics of asynchronous cellular automaton [#924] Ryota Araki, Hiroyuki Torikai and Takuya Yoshimoto 12:00PM Two-layer dynamic neural field learning law based on controlled Lyapunov functions [#500] Jorge-Luis Garcia, Ivan Salgado and Isaac Chairez Special Session S22: Machine learning methods applied to medicine Thursday, May 18, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Veronica Bolon-Canedo 11:00AM The Fused Lasso Penalty for Learning Interpretable Medical Scoring Systems [#213] Nataliya Sokolovska, Yann Chevaleyre, Karine Clement and Jean-Daniel Zucker 11:20AM Supervised Context-Aware Non-Negative Matrix Factorization to Handle High-Dimensional High-Correlated Imbalanced Biomedical Data [#273] Ali Braytee, Wei Liu and Paul Kennedy 11:40AM Objective Quality Assessment of Retinal Images Based on Texture Features [#221] Beatriz Remeseiro, Ana Maria Mendonca and Aurelio Campilho 12:00PM Analysis and Optimization of the 13C Octanoic Acid Breath Test [#707] Vitoantonio Bevilacqua, Marco Riezzo, Antonio Brunetti, Francesco Russo, Benedetta D'Attoma and Giuseppe Riezzo 12:20PM Microcalcification Detection Using Self Organizing Neuro Glia Network Classifier [#761] Shems Bertegi and Kirmene Marzouki Session brain: Brain imaging and analysis Thursday, May 18, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Vasiliki-Maria Katsageorgiou 11:00AM MiPAL: Multiple-instance Passive Aggressive Learning for Identification of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder from fMRI [#714] K.V.D.J.Prabhash Kumarasinghe, Suresh Sundaram and Subbaraju Vigneshwaran 11:20AM Data-driven Study of Mouse Sleep-stages using Restricted Boltzmann Machines [#596] Vasiliki-Maria Katsageorgiou, Matteo Zanotto, Valter Tucci, Vittorio Murino and Diego Sona 11:40AM Performance Analysis and Benchmarking of All-Spin Spiking Neural Networks [#846] Abhronil Sengupta, Aayush Ankit and Kaushik Roy 12:00PM Metastability of Cortical BOLD Signals in Maturation and Senescence [#634] Shruti Naik, Subbareddy Oota, Arpan Banerjee, Dipanjan Roy and Raju S. Bapi Session health: Health applications Thursday, May 18, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Raka Jovanovic 11:00AM Localized Sampling for Hospital Re-admission Prediction with Imbalanced Sample Distributions [#828] Xingquan Zhu, Jose Hurtado and Haicheng Tao 11:20AM An Algorithm for Automated Segmentation for Bleeding Detection in Endoscopic Images [#868] Eva Tuba, Milan Tuba and Raka Jovanovic 11:40AM A Method for Intelligent Support to Medical Diagnosis in Emergency Cardiac Care [#624] Luis Alberto Souto Maior Neto, Robson Pequeno de Sousa, Carlos de Almeida, Katia Galdino, Fabricia Martins Silva and Antonio Venancio de Moura Lacerda Filho 12:00PM Latent Topic Ensemble Learning for Hospital Readmission Cost Reduction [#717] Christopher Baechle, Ankur Agarwal, Ravi Behara and Xingquan Zhu Session feature: Feature selection Thursday, May 18, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Ali Minai 11:00AM Feature Selection using Multiple Auto-Encoders [#755] Xinyu Guo, Ali Minai and Long Lu 11:20AM A Fast Information-Theoretic Approximation of Joint Mutual Information Feature Selection [#817] Heng Liu and Gregory Ditzler 11:40AM Early Stabilizing Feature Importance for TensorFlow Deep Neural Networks [#110] Jeff Heaton, Steven McElwee, James Cannady and James Fraley 12:00PM Video-Based Face Recognition Using Ensemble of Haar-Like Deep Convolutional Neural Networks [#699] Mostafa Parchami, Saman Bashbaghi and Eric Granger Session sync: Circuits and synchrony Thursday, May 18, 11:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Jeremie Cabessa 11:00AM Spatio-Temporal Pattern Recognition in Neural Circuits with Memory-Transistor-Driven Memristive Synapses [#466] Kurtis Cantley, Robert Ivans, Anand Subramaniam and Eric Vogel 11:20AM Emulation of Finite State Automata with Networks of Synfire Rings [#301] Jeremie Cabessa and Paolo Masulli 11:40AM Vibrated Synchronization Features Neural Network [#591] Kakemoto Yoshitsugu and Nakasuka Shinichi 12:00PM A Software-equivalent SNN Hardware using RRAM-array for Asynchronous Real-time Learning [#897] Aditya Shukla, Vinay Kumar and Udayan Ganguly Workshop WS2a: Workshop 2: Deep Learning for Music Thursday, May 18, 1:30PM-6:30PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Dorien Herremans; Ching-Hua Chuan Workshop WS3: Workshop 3: Computational Aspects of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision with Neural Systems Thursday, May 18, 1:30PM-6:30PM, Room: Parallel 3 (Room #2+11+12), Chair: Boguslaw Cyganek; Michal Wozniak Workshop WS4: Workshop 4: Canceled Thursday, May 18, 1:30PM-6:30PM, Room: Parallel 4 (Room #3+10+9), Chair: Canceled Workshop WS5a: Workshop 5: Machine Learning for Large-Scale Networks Thursday, May 18, 1:30PM-6:30PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Izabela Moise; Nino Antulov-Fantulin Workshop WS6: Workshop 6: Advances in Learning from/with Multiple Learners (ALML) Thursday, May 18, 1:30PM-6:30PM, Room: Parallel 6 (Room #5+6), Chair: Matei Basarab; Younes Bennani, Guenael Cabanes, Nistor Grozavu; Nicoleta Rogovschi; Jeremie Sublime Workshop WS1: Workshop 1: Developmental Plasticity and Evolutionary Robotics Friday, May 19, 9:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 1 (Cook), Chair: Angel P. del Pobil and Fumiya Iida Workshop WS2b: Workshop 2: Deep Learning for Music Friday, May 19, 9:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 2 (Room #1+13+14), Chair: Dorien Herremans; Ching-Hua Chuan Workshop WS5b: Workshop 5: Machine Learning for Large-Scale Networks Friday, May 19, 9:00AM-12:20PM, Room: Parallel 5 (Room #4+7+8), Chair: Izabela Moise; Nino Antulov-Fantulin