Repeating the home page comments of the latter website : "... the purpose of the Guide is to provide [simple, compact] [text, images, links] to assist young researchers' use of the IEEE conference systems and IJCNN2019 requirements. It might also help as a map for experienced scientists who are not familiar with the IEEE systems. It will not be much help to scientists who are familiar with those systems. ..." BLOG links and descriptions below are arranged in the same manner as the home page of the Authors' Guide website. How to work with a blog and its webpage : One way to facilitate blog commenting is to right-click on a blog link below, and open the link in a new tab. Then right-click on its website, and open it in a separate window that you place beside the blog page. That way you can view the [blog, site] side-by-side as you compose your own blog [questions, answers, additions, corrections, deletions].

Author actions : from paper preparation through final acceptance

For [first time or rare] use, the [terminology, process] of the IEEE system can be a bit confusing. It's important NOT to omit actions at critical stages of the process, and perhaps this Author Guide will help with that.

Non-Author parts of the paper process

These sections are intended as a very basic outline of how paper submissions are processed by the various conference committees. Although not of much use to experienced authors, handy references might be of interest, or even useful, to young authors. Note that most information is available to the public, but access to some links is restricted to [IJCNN authors, IEEE members, IJCNN Organising Committee members, IEEE [Meetings, Conferences, Events] staff].