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William Neil Howell

Contact information:

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For recent topics that have caught my attention : see Bill Howell's "Blog" (via the "Blogs" menu item). Be warned : "recent" usually means within the last couple of years, as I don't often update the blog. I focus on mid-to-substantive projects that take time.

[Random, scattered] selection : 3 of Howell's projects

I will change this every six months or year, just to profile my different projects. Most key projects are listed in the "Projects" menu (menu link above). Many are also referenced on "Howell's blog" (see menu at top of this web-page) in text-only format.

Tesla [call,put] options graphs

25May2021 Here are two example graphs of TSLA options that I have been working on. I am far from getting into options trading, I just want to learn more about the market. For more details (but no webPage yet), see QNial software coding for options data processing (also "winURL yahoo finance news download.ndf" in the same directory for yahoo finance news downloads), and several graphs of Tesla options.

1872-2020 SP500 index, ratio of opening price to semi-log detrended price

Click the title link above to go to the web-page, right-click the image below and select "view image" or something like that to see the full image size.

David Fischer - The Great pricing Waves 1200-1990 AD

This very incomplete webPe gives some background on the themes of "great waves of pricing" in history, notably "price revolutions" of rapidly rising prices, and "price equilibria" of post-crash declining or modest price increases. Some ancient [Babylon, Greece] commodity pricing is also included. Fischers book is fascinating, and is perhaps suggestive the the [potical, economic, financial market, social] theories are not relevant at this scale, as the effects and societies' responses seem largely independent of ideas, with the big exception being the role of technology?

Mostly active memberships :

long-time member$ - Friends of Science Society www.friendsofscience.org
"Patreon supporter$" - Electric Universe www.thunderbolts.info (in particular the SAFIRE project)
member$ - John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society http://www.naturalphilosophy.org
subscriber - Ben Davidson's www.Suspicious0bservers.org
subscriber - Principia Scientific International http://www.principia-scientific.org
member$ - International Neural Network Society www.inns.org
member$ - IEEE Computational Intelligence Society www.ieee-cis.org
past "supporter$" - Free Thinking Film Society www.freethinkingfilmfest.ca (World's most depressing film festival...)

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click to go down through the sub-directories of this website. This allows you to browse through ALL [files, directories] of this website, including those in this root directory (see the link "copy of root directory files" below). Many sub-directories are NOT included in the menus! (I'm too lazy)

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25Nov2020 major restructuring of directories, wrote [QNial, Unix command, bash] software to maintain [menu, header, footer, link]s 23Sep2020 partial revamping of home page, addition of many more subdirectories, most of which are not accessible through the menues at te top of each web-page. Use the directory listings for that. 13Apr2020 provide primitive menus for web-pages (initial work only), limited updates to some content
10Sep2018 cleaned up home page (still ugly), replace
26Sep2017 created separate section for "Bill Howell's videos", to make it easy to find my video productions
26Nov2014 revamped "Hope-to-do-soon" project list, tidied up a tiny bit (not enough!)
25Sep2013 I removed most of the "New Material" listing into a separate web-page, and added a list of "hope-to-do-soon" projects
Oops - missed a whole pile of changes from 16Mar2008 to 25Sep2013!
16Mar08 added Neil Howell webpage, with paintings
23Dec07 new contact information, moved from Calgary to Ottawa
24Oct07 29Aug07, 27Jan07, 08Dec06, 05Oct06, ...missing dates of many interim updates...,
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