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General Relativity is a turkey?

The comments herein are VASTLY incomplete! They would be far better (still vastly incomplete) if I could find extensive old notes.

I first posted this theme in my review of the ?2012 Natural Philosophy Society conference, Maryland. Over the preding years (from ~2007, I had started to look much more closely at relativitiy, nevenr having worked with it, and never have being particularly convinced, as it seemed to be self-contradictory to me, and possibly un-necessary.
From my self-imposed practice of "Multiple conflicting hypothesis" (MCH), I am NOT throwing out the theory of General, Special] relativity! MCH REQUIRES the retention of dominant scientific theories from history. But it also REQUIRE alternative concepts! Nor am I a fan of many alternative explanations. One important example is ether theory, but I have to admit that some models of ether (eg electromagnetic field based, maybe others) do pose interesting concepts. But I will have to do much more digging here.

I added added more comments for "Howell - review of Holverstott 2016 Hydrino energy".

GR & QM have been highly successful theories for [modelling data, making predictions, applications] QM (and quantum chromodynamics etc) as the "most successful scientific theory in history". But they are perhaps less-than satisfactory theories for [describing, explaining] [structure, phenomena, ??]

It seems to me that there is a [broad, deep, persistent] basis that questions the [honesty, competence] of essentially all physicists is continually questioned by looking at their historical performance (see "Lies, damned lies, and scientists)". One can always play with [frameworks, assumptions, changeable and inconsistent interpretations, statistics, small world universal function approximators] and get whatever answer you want. This approach is something that GR & QM scientists seem to excel at.
Vladimir Vapnik "drop your theories, go with the data...

Interferometer experiments

Famous 1919 solar eclipse and the anomalouss bending of light from Mercury by the sun

1919 solar eclipse observations by ?not Shapley but ? modern mercury data does NOT fit GR!
  • Atomic clock experiments
  • Radiation reaction & Mossbauer effect
  • Tanjential velocities of stars in spiral galaxies as a function of radius from the galactic core - This isn't actually a GR problem, it's more of a Newtonian gravity problem!!
    I have to find old notes on :
    Mossbauer results
    Radiation reaction

    [GR, QM] theory busting data? ...

    The speed of light in a vacuum (c) has gone down ~1.5% over ~300 years?

    In ?1977?, the physics community simply SET the value of c, and ongoing experimental determinations are simply not reported and discussed! We are currently in a period of an "flat" trend of c with time that is perhaps predictable from the trend over past 3 centuries, but this may not be the case over the oncoming [decades, century]? (14Dec2020 - as with the rest of this webnPage and that of Quantum mechanics, I have reat deal of [detail, data, analysis] from references to add at some time in the future).

    If correct, this data KILLS General relativity (GR) AND Quantum Mechanics (QM)!!! I have every confidence that "convoluted band-aid [mathematics, concepts]" can easily patch over the problem, as has consistently been done in the past, but that probably won't rescue the theories for me.

    References :

    While involving only rare [scientists, amateurs, writers], there is a very substantial base and serious of criticism of GR & QM. I ceertainly don't expect all of these to be solid, and perhaps none are. But they do THINK about the anomalies in the [data, experiments, concepts, theories,

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