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Bill Howell's "Hope-to-do-soon" projects :

Note that my MAJOR focus is on neural networks and evolutionary computation.
(last updated 26Nov2014, moved to separate web-page 26Sep2017)
Sub-project Todo
Astronomy, solar Revisit Ivanka Charvatova's barycentric theory for solar activity, add refinements for the variability of planetary motions as per a variety of concepts (including concepts listed under "Alternatives to the standard model of the sun, below).
Astronomy, solar physics Alternatives to the Standard Model of the Sun, including :
  • de Jager and Duhau's poloidal & toroidal cycles driven by sun's internal dynamos
  • Oliver Manuel's iron core sun & neutron repulsion
  • Donald Scott's transitor-like model
  • Wal Thornhill's solar system and galactic electric currents
Astronomy & Plasmas Plasma physics for astronomy : initial speculations and math, using Lucas' UEF to modify Anthony Peratt's textbook
Astronomical cycles Enlarge my collection of charts showing "association or correlation" between astronomical cycles and [biology, agriculture, psychology, sociology, markets, war, civilisation, etc etc]. Investigate Robert Schoch's major historical disruptions as being very similar to my suspicions. Build a tool for easier [viewing, comparison].
Biology & Forbush events Biology & Forbush events - In January ?2012? I sat in on a related discussion, and was fired up about this (as well as being stunned by some psychology results). In March I had a great conversation with prison guards, very much in line with discussions with nurses over years. It would be best to "get a handle" on Piers Corbyn work & Paul Vaughan's work BEFORE doing too much on this! Difficult, and things are evolving fast!
Climate An assessment of WeatherAction.com forecasts : July 2012 for Europe and USA to date. I might try Mandelbrot's "multi-fractals" for that, after preliminary analysis.
Climate Modelling of Paul Vaughan's blog ofMay2011
Electric geo-scarring Unification of Paul Anderson's "Electric scarring" and ?Thornhill / Talbott" EDM of theme for craters on other planets and moons
Electric geo-scarring Neil C. Howell's observation - Line-up of electric scarring from Alberta through Texas.
Electric geo-scarring Fingerprints - bentonite & clay distributions in Alberta. How much of what is blamed on meteorite impacts (eg iridium, microdiamonds, ?Buckminster Fullerenes?, etc) is actually due to electrical scarring? (Distantly related example, kimberlites, fulgarites, etc).
Electric Universe Galactic and solar system short circuits - Disruptions in planetary motions and other astronomical structures, and the catastrophic alteration of surface and deep geology
Electric Universe draft note & email on extension of Paul Anderson's analysis to mountain ranges
Electric Universe draft note & email on Dansgaard-Oschberg events : Ice-rafting or Electric discharges?
EZ water Gerald Pollack's EZ water & Origins of life
Pollack - arthritis, rainfall distributions in an area
History draft doc & email on "Adolf Hitler : Joseph Stalin's unwitting puppet on a string?" Just like Mao Tse-Tung in the early part of his career, all Eastern Bloc leaders, and quite possibly Franklin Delano Roosevelt (strong conceptual support from Viktor Suvorov's book "Icebreaker")
History Do a comparison of :
  • Steven Yaskell 2013 "Grand phases on the sun"
  • Robert Schoch 2012 "Forgotten civilisations"
  • David Keys 2000 "Catastrophe: An Investigation into the Origins of Modern Civilization"
  • Annalee Newitz "Scatter, adapt, remember"
  • Arnold J. Toynbee "A study of history"
  • Ibn Kaldhun "The Muqaddimah"
History Analyse and write an overview/summary of completely different chronologies for ancient history (Egypt's chronology in particular may consist of more lies and stupidity than reasonable inference). Dwardu Cardonna has some great ideas, but wants to finish his major work, and probably won't live long enough to finish even that...
Markets Review of Harry S. Dent books and forecasts - best long-term market forecasting I've ever seen, BY FAR!
Lies, Damned Lies, and Scientists I love science and I'm hugely impressed by scientists as individuals and with much of what they are doing. However, something is rotten in the state of science, and I'm furious with recurring and enduring fiascos of the overwhelming mainstrean scientific consensus in many areas (possibly all), as science [fashions -> cults -> religions]. For now I distinguish between the principles of :
  • Locality - beautiful science as long as the work is done well within the prevailing religions of that field of expertise.
  • Generality - catastrophic failures of [rational, logical, scientific] thinking by essentially all government and academic scientists when reality disagrees with their religions.
  • Universality - If these are issues with scientists, it must apply to all homo sapiens (or maybe just me?)...
Some themes to tackle : Proofs, Dis-Proofs, and Non-Proofs : Godel's theorems, severe constraints & limitations on [rational, logical, scientific] thinking, the necessity for [post, non]-scientific thinking for progress.
Neural networks inheritance (Mendellian AND Lamarckian!), architecture, function, randomness, control theory, confabulation versus Bayes Theory, and a "substantive", non-logical basis for semantics (serious semantics).
Politics "Government of the parasites, by the parasites, for the parasites"
Quantum mechanics etc Zero Point Energy : Max Planc's alternative to the "spooky" misinterpretations (as he saw them) of his 1901 paper establishing quantuum mechanics. While the spooks won the battle in the 1920's, a few foolhardy lunatics are trying to revive the 1911 approach.
Relativity Special & General Relativity : These concepts are to be retained as part of a "multiple conflicting hypothesis" approach that I try to force on myself. However, the immediate target is to revisit historical and modern "proofs" of relativity, and to see how they hold up (many have fallen!!).
solar writeup review of "solar concepts just before the revolution" [Usoskin, Charbonneau, Tapping, Yaskell] leading into [Schoch, Electric Universe - Peratt, Thornhill, Talbot, NPA - Lucas]
Universal Force analyse Bill Lucas' papers : A replacement of the Heaviside 4-vector "Maxwell Equations" by a "Universal Electrodynamic Force" and/or related concepts
Universal Force initial speculations - Birkeland Current end effects [torsion, tension, shear] - zero order with distance? (as a special issue of plasma physics for Astronomy)
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