Subject: Solar activity periodicities and the ~150 year ongoing failures of
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Steven -  Every so often (say 3 to 10 years - I forget what solar Physicist Paul Charbonneau wrote about the timing), someone brings up the planetary influence on sunspots and other phenomena. 

Suspicious0bservers  20May2018  "The Planets & The Sun, Introduction"  4,535 views
A YouTube posting today by Ben Davidson (Suspicious Observers) profiles a paper that he had mentioned a year ago, but it took time "getting through the system"  (probably over the dead bodies of zombie scientists?).  You should be able to access the video, but let me know if that is not the case.

Eleni Petrakou,  Oct2018 "A deterministic model for forecasting long-term solar activity", Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Volume 175, October 2018, Pages 18-23,
This is the paper that provoked mention of the issue again, and several other papers are also mentioned.  I don't intend to actually read these - I am too focussed on my physics project (step-by-baby-step-re-derivation of Bill Lucas's "Universal Force"), and it's hard to spend time on the modern analysis when I suspect the astronomy is flawed, and clearly the physics is HUGELY flawed (here I am speaking of General Relativity and probably Quantum mechanics (I have done less work on that). 

It's interesting to see Cornelius de Jager and Jurg Beer come up in Ben's video.  I of course read de Jager's paper (probably the 2005 paper in the video, but I didn't check) on the planetary influences (in his opinion not), just as I had read Paul Charbonneau's historical analysis and science opinion before that, along with comments by many other scientists.  I was quite unimpressed by their failures to actually consider the data, and even more their [myopic, poor)* [physics, astronomy] analysis, echoing the failures of the last 150 years instead of coming up with real [analysis,ideas].  That is NOT to say I think lowly of their work - I very much enjoyed many of [Charbonneau, Tapping, de Jaeger]'s papers, and they are good scientists.  But not nearly good enough - now I only occasionally see glimpses of their work, preferring to spend my timefollowing people who I sense may have a chance at progressing with science.  These are mostly amateurs, but there are a few rare good [government, academic] thinkers).  On this narrower theme of solar actitiy [cycles, phases, whatever] I like a mix of data and fundamental theory people :  Bill Lucas, Paul Vaughan, ?[Stephen Puetz, Andreas ?lastname?and Glen Borchardt? (?spelling)], and Nichola Scaffetta, Bob Carter, Ian Wilson, etc, etc, etc

I am convinced  that Ben Davidson is a far better thinker than essentially all but extremely rare [government,academic] research scientists (far fewer than 1 in 10,000, probably at least 1:100,000).  It's extremely fascinating to me that he points out the Neptune-Uranus correlation and acceleration.  I only remember Ivanka Charvatova (I used her model, not just the treffoil pattern of barycentric movements for the history charts), and Paul Vaughan of Vancouver mentioning those directly to me, albeit many have pointed that out over history in the literature.

I am NOT a good science enthusiast.  It's taking me forever (2.5 months) just to clean up symbols and nomenclature of my physics project, and I wonder how much longer that will take.  I need to get somewhere by 31Dec2018, so I can start working on other priorities, but I am making errors faster than I can fix them.

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