Subject: RE: Freedom of speech
From: "Bill Howell. Hussar. Alberta. Canada" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2019 21:14:51 -0600
To: "Gordon Ball. PEng Aircraft Landing Nav Systems. Ottawa"

They don't need micro-chips.  Homo Sapiens are intellectual robots, and the old techniques work perfectly. 

Homo Sapiens are intellectual robots - the more so at both ends of the spectrum of education.  This is best exemplified by [government, academic] research scientists - "University induced stupidity". Scientific disciples of [overwhelming, mainstream] scientific religions, who are the same as the fanatics of theological religions.  They know their truth, and cannot see anything except in that context.  Reality that is beyond the extremely [limitations, constraints] of their religion, cannot be seen. A sincere desire to do "what is right", and a need to enforce that on others, and to [suppress, punish, destroy] non-believers, prevents them from seeing that they are far worse than their "enemies".  Less one in 10,000 is what I call a "strong thinker".  This is not genius at all, it simply refers to the ability, for one theme only, by themselves and not as a lemming, following the crowd, to finally understand that at the most simple, introductory] level, their beliefs of 10 to 40 years don't actually fit reality very well.   In my experience, strong thinkers on one theme are very rarely strong thinkers on another.  [General Relativity, quantum mechanics, CO2 as the primary driver of climate change] are great examples, and they are the rule, not the exception in science.

Bill Howell
Volunteer firefighter, Member of Hussar Lion's Club & Sundowners
P.O. Box 299, Hussar, Alberta, T0J1S0

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Subject: RE: Audio files
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2019 02:08:07 +0000
From: Gordon Ball <>
To: Bill Howell. Hussar. Alberta. Canada <>

I agree with you about freedom. The Internet spies on everything we do or say. Some day people want to embed a microchip under our skin. What they forget is that it could be hacked.  Gordon


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From: Bill Howell. Hussar. Alberta. Canada <>
Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2019 9:42:14 PM
To: Gordon Ball. PEng Aircraft Landing Nav Systems. Ottawa
Subject: RE: Audio files
Thanks for the audio files, the video of the Presidential Regiment in Basel, and the link to the internet TV.

I didn't try the internet TV.  I don't have a TV because it is far too addictive for me.   Although I do pay subscriptions for news channels, I seldom watch them - time is too precious!  But I feel it's very important to subscribe, as I TOTALLY agree with Donald Trump when he speaks of "fake news".  I felt that way for a couple of decades before Trump became President, and the CBC is a quintessential example.  However, we have lost much of our freedom of speech in Canada through political correctness, and there are strong efforts to shut down the independent internet news channels. 


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Subject: Audio files
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 02:58:22 +0000
From: Gordon Ball <>
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Dear Bill I would like to share these audio files with you. GB


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