Subject: RE: 1001 Level 1 Test
From: "Bill Howell. Hussar. Alberta. Canada" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 16:41:40 -0700
To: "Einar Davison. Secretary-Treasurer. Hussar Fire Assocn. Alberta"

My apologies, Einar.  I just dug this out of my email pile.  I'm not doing well with my temporary cellphone either - texting is a disaster.  I should have ordered he new one three weeks ago, but hope to get to that tomorrow or Thursday.

Thanks for the note anyways.

By the way, regarding economic versus financial (especially stock markets) cycles, I've been blown away in the past week by a book by long-time "Elliot Wave Theory" proponent Robert Prechter :
  • Robert R. Prechter 1999 "The wave principle of human social behaviour and the new science of socionomics" New Classics Library  463pp  ISBN 0-932750-49-4
  • Robert B. Prechter, editor 2017 "The socionomic theory of finance" Socionomic Institute Press 813pp  ISBN 978-0-9776112-5-6  (I am just starting to read some articles in this, but won't go through it all - much of it is presented in a preliminary fashion by the 1999 book)
Right or wrong (but Elliot Wavers do have an impressive track record far beyond conventional analysis on market turning points), the book ripped out my belief systems, and other hand is one of the very few references I've read that confirms many of my suspicions on the  way financial markets work (economics of producer - consumer ware quite different, as Prechter points out).   No, it's not a conspiracy, it's just the way humans are...

I read the book after ~30 years of ignoring Elliot Waves because of an [stunning, fascinating] new concept of "Universal Wave Theory" (I read this book after reading several 2015 papers) this book  :
The only other long-term forecaster (economic, not financial) that I've seen with an impressive 10 to 20 forecast horizon is Harry S. Dent Jr, who based his thinking on demographics.

I stopped investing a long time ago, partly due to time but also due to my 100% returns (negative), and my lack of "money that I can now afford to lose".   I liked hi-tech and biotech concepts, but very few of those survive.  I wasn't enthusiastic about Elliot Wave theory because of my "fundamental analysis" mindset.  I was fascinated by Kondriatieff's analysis of economic supercycles, which are similar to the historical analysis of Ibn Khaldun (The Muqqadimah) from 1410 AD, who I love as a historian (persistntly recommended by my long-time favourite Arnold J. Toynbee, still a favourite, but edged over by several modern non-historians with breathtaking historical analysis).

For fun :  "Bitcoin soars 40 percent in one day
(25Oct2019): "Xi pump" or Elliot wave pattern".

I can't anyone else that likes to discuss markets, and I'm not sure that you do either, especially the technical analysis side.


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Subject: 1001 Level 1 Test
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2019 10:04:16 -0600
From: E Davison <>
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Hi Bill,
There is a 1001 Level 1 Test in Strathmore at Wheatland West tomorrow at 8:00 am it is both practical and written.  I suspect you can't make it and of course it was a bit out of the blue for me too.  So let me know if you are going or not and I will tell Chief de Beaudrap.
Thank you,