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From: "Bill Howell. Retired from NRCan. now in Alberta Canada" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2015 20:44:03 -0600
To: "Peter Temple. FOS member. Speaker-Futurist-Cycles Expert-Market Analyst. Calgary" <>

Thanks, Peter.  I enjoyed speaking with you at the FOS AGM.   I am over-whelmed with preparations for our village "Hussar Summer Daze" annual festival for all of this weekend, and I'm completely tied up with the EU2015 conference and other responsibilities until at least 03Jul2015.  I just can't go through this right now, nor can I respond to other items, but I will try to get to them later.  

The timing of meeting you is strange (as timing often is).  Besides my long interest in cycles and pseudo-cycles, here's a quick list of NOW items for me :
  • peer review for Neural Networks journal due 05Jul2015 "Karaoglu, Yılmaz, Merdan - Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of Two-Neuron Network with Discrete and Distributed Delays" - mathematical theorems for predicting bifurcations of a slightly more complicated 2-neuron recurrent net (extremely simple network - tough math)
  • Electric Universe conference EU2015 NEXT WEEK    - I am joining by webcast, as it's just too much money for me now.  You can join the webcast too.   One speaker has a background in "fractional calculus" which I mentioned to you as "fractional order calculus).  To me, the SAFIRE project is the best shot and best science for understanding solar cycles, even though it will be a year or two until they get there (if ever - but then the Standard Model of the sun is just mathematical curve fitting with no basic component for this beyond that). 
  • Just received the book 2 days ago - "Death of Money" - not about cycles, but about financial warfare (like Computer-IT-Communications warfare).
  • cool book on understanding meso-scopic (between microscopic neuron level and whole-brain) function, including (small part of much greater picture) alpha beta, theta, gamma rhythms)  -  but the real core is advanced wavelet, Hilbert, etc transforms for phase transitions (cones especially).  I've had this for a year or two and get back to it when I can (NOT often!)
    • Walter J. Freeman, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga 2013 “Imaging brain function wth EEG: Advanced temporal and spatial analysis of electroencephalographic signals” 248pp ISBN 978-1-4614-4983-6
  • My verification of a model for solar activity (the first proposed as soon as the sunspot cycle was discovered ~150 years ago, and proposed-refuted every 10-20 years since).  If I remember correctly, I've done a couple of notes on this, of which one is :
  • My father & I (acknowleged in Yaskell's book as "the two fools who rushed in" - I like that label) [naive, one-dimensional, lunatic] theory of 7.5 ky history based on grand solar episodes (max and min).  No written test, just a chart.  I stopped as it doesn't account for the near-instantaeous 40 to 95% killed-offs and complete societal disappearances in whole regions of Earth once in a while.  Giant chart :
    • 27Sep09 The Sun and civilisations - Echos of the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar Great Cycle of 5,126 years? - Here is a revised, high-detail chart relating the sun-barycenter hypothesis for solar activity to the rise and fall of civilisations. Radioisotopes carbon 14 (C14) and berylium 10 (Be10) are used as proxies for solar activity. (Note: slight upgrade 04Oct09 - put in radial graphs and table of climate/temperature periods).
      It is interesting to note that the Mayan Great Cycle period of roughly 5,126 years is one-quarter of the Mayan Grand Cycle of 25,630 years, which is approximately the precessional cycle of the Earth's axis, which is one of three cycles commonly associated with Milankovic cycles (Earth orbit eccentricity (~100 ky and 400 ky), Earth axis obliquity (40+ ky) and precession (26 ky)).
Of course, there are many other "cycle-related" themes, including advanced control theorms for memristor networks with [discrete AND continuous] time delays (I peer review only), and my own MindCode project (epi-DNA basis for neuron function), although cycles are only a small (or tiny) part of those.

Neural Network signature : 
Mr. Bill Howell
P.O. Box 299, Hussar, Alberta, T0J1S0
Retired: Science Research Manager (SE-REM-01) of Natural Resources Canada, CanmetMINING, Ottawa
IJCNN2015 Killarney Ireland, Publicity Co-Chair, Program Committee member
INNS BigData2015 San Francisco, Publicity Co-Chair
Review committee (assign&review) : ICICIP2015 Wuhan China,
Reviewer :  Neural Networks journal, INISTA2015 Madrid, WIRN2015 Rome, SSCI2014 Orlando, IJCNN2014 Beijing
INNS BOG member 2014-2016, past Secretary 2014

Normal signature : 
Mr. Bill Howell
Bullshitter & Heretic (...I enjoy crazy ideas, & I am NOT an expert in anything!)
IJCNN 2015 Killarney Ireland, Publicity co-Chair
INNS BigData2015 San Francisco, Publicity Co-Chair
IJCNN 2014 Beijing, China 6-11 July, Technical Program Chair (paper reviews for a topic)
IJCNN 2013 Dallas Texas, Publicity Chair,  August
CISDA 2012 Ottawa, help John Verdon with Social Media Special Session related to Security & Defense,
member$ - Friends of Science Society
"supporter$" - Electric Universe
member$ - John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society
member$ - International Neural Network Society
member$ - IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
member$ - Principia Scientific International
"supporter$" - Free Thinking Film Society (World's most depressing film festival...)
Retired: Science Research Manager (SE-REM-01) at Natural Resources Canada, CanmetMINING, Ottawa
see Steven Yaskell's book "Grand Phases on the Sun" on & facebook
    - the historical charts came from a project by my father and I
    (my thinking has now shifted from that, to focus on bigger events possibly driven by major astronomical events)
P.O. Box 299, Post Office, Hussar, Alberta, T0J1S0

COMMENT on my signature block, which is-but-isn't a joke :  I don't always send it for casual, "empty" emails, but I will for anything with content, and still repeat it occasionally with long-time contacts, such as colleagues on conference committees, at work, scientists with whom I am discussing themes, etc, etc.
- I'm "Mr." Howell, because everyone kept calling me "Dr." or "Professor", and I'm neither.  Many still
  address me that way even after they see my signature block (which they obviously don't pay attention to).
- It was consistently scaring me that experts in a field were sometimes taking what I was saying too literally. 
  I'd far rather they ignore me, and think that I am a "bullshitter and heretic" than take me too seriously,
  fail to check on my rantings, and be misled in consequence.  My self-designated titles must turn many off,
  which isn't good - but it's far better than the possibility of somehow misleading people. 
  Not to say that there isn't more than just an element of truth in the titles...

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This is the show I was telling you about

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