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Thanks, Sarah.   He's no-where on the physics thinking - not even a hint that he realized the [simple, introductory] frauds and failures of Einstein's theories of relativity.  Nor does he seem to understand the problems with Einstein's two other "miracle year" papers.  Moreover- huge mistake of saying "quantum mechanics", which was NOT Einstein...

On another note : Politics in Alberta, and a famous Howell socialist

The NDP won a massive majority last night in Alberta's provincial election (53 seats compared to a total of 33 for all other parties combined), ending ~44 years of Conservative rule.   The new truths are :
  • CO2 is the primary driver of climate change -  While the provincial NDP may still be hopeful with respect to the tar sands, the rest of the country's NDP is totally against it.   I'm not sure about my statement as I'd really have to check the Alberta NDP's history of policy statements in that area, but - what socialists say is irrelevant to a degree not matched even by the Liberals.  You can only really understand them after watching their actions over time. 
  • Conventional oil and gas has been declining rapidly for decades, and while fraccing has helped sustain much of recent activity, NDPers hate that too.  While it may be hard to imagine that an Alberta government would intentionally destroy the provinces ace-in-the-hole, the precedence has already been seen in BC and Ontario (where premier Kathyleen Wynn has advanced strongly to shut down power generation (coal is already pretty well gone or on the way out, nuclear is capped and on the long-term chopping block), in favour of alternative energy.  But Alternative is the pretty surface water and ripples of the pool, the reality of the shifting great bulk of the energy waters consists of power purchases from other jurisdictions and the shutdown of major portions of Ontario's industries.  The European example is well-established (Spain, Germany, Netherlands, etc etc), not that we would learn from it.
  • Wind and Solar - are in for a big surge of investment by the politically-connected.  The experience in the rest of the world is that one only finds out about the true costs as the economy starts to crumble, but that is blamed on businessmen rather than policy-makers and environmentalists.
  • Unionization of oilfield operations and exploration - is likely in the cards.  The female premier, Rachel Notley, is a labour lawyer.  As is now the established practise in Canadian politics, we can be sure that the Queen shall have her opulent decor and lavish self-indulgences.

So it's time for me to completely revamp my thinking and adapt to the new socialist reality.  Given my historical reading, I am superbly well placed for the adaptation, and in a sense perhaps it is a step in the right direction.  In recent years I've been thinking that democratic politics cannot be blamed on the politicians - it truly reflects the essence of what we think and desire.  The politicians are there as scapegoats when our stupid thinking, that we forced on politicians, blows up in our face and creates the entirely predictable mess that results.  A two-tier political system is probably what is needed - to the masses the socialism and rhetoric that they desire, to the ruling elite, the power that they need.  [Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao-Tse Tung (Zedong)], wildly mis-interpreted since the middle of the last century, were true socialists who reflected actual socialist thinking.  
In this matter, Bakunin was perhaps more important for a glimpse of reality than Marx&Engles, but the latter have long been extremely important as an intellectual sugar coating to a very different pill to easily program professional intellectuals.   In the end, this led to systems that resemble blood-line monarchies that have dominated all of human history, but that in the past lacked an actual bloodline given their immaturity.  But their modern embodiments seem to be well on their way there.

George Howell 1890 "Conflicts of capital and labour"  -  On recommendation from my uncle Bob Howell, I purchased a copy over the internet, and have a pristine-condition 1890 second edition.  Karl Marx has quoted this guy (or something like that), probably his first edition 1878, but I haven't checked that.  International Communists still quote him today.

In conclusion :   But before I abandon the search for truth and understanding, and become adept at cronyism and group-think, I'll put some time into a quick write-up of a project that has been on the sidelines for a decade or so :  "Government of the parasites, by the parasites, and for the parasites".  At first, some may object to the concept, but even if they do so, I think that deep inside they will be warm to something that.


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Subject: This quote made me think of you...
Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 20:27:46 +0700
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Was reading an interesting article on a startup and the founder said something that made me think of you:

""One day, when I was taking the physics classes at Normale Sup, I realised that in one class out of two we were talking about Einstein,” he says. "I was like, ‘Why on Earth would I continue on this path when one guy published three papers in 1905 and almost 100 years later we are still amazed at what this guy thought?’ And I decided that if I wanted to have an impact, maybe I’d rather focus on something which is not quantum mechanics.""


I'm on my way to Myanmar right now. Will send some pictures when I'm back.



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