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Cryptos versus [currencies, 10 year [rates, bonds]], at [[5,1] year, 1 month, 5 day] intervals

For now, I am simply posting my graphs, and comments tI made on my TradingView idea posting.

14Dec2020 Posted to TradingView :
Subject : Currency-crypto over (5 years, 1 year, 1 month, 5 days)

Comment : I'm a crypto newbie, so the pricing relationship comparisons across time are very curious to me. Similarity of currency patterns over time on a linear scale, and crypto patterns on a logarithmic scale sort of make sense to me. But the similarity is more than I would have expected. How long can crypto maintain the logarithmic growth? Will the (linear, logarithmic) pattern similarities sustain for years, or "invert" or change somehow soon? Will the logarithmic growth rates decline to the pace of financial asset price inflation (eg debt growth, Modern Monetary Theory Treasury-Fed injections)? I don't want to be a crypto-trader, I just want to send $$ to my grandchildren, and to have fun and frustration doing it.

5 year perspective :

1 year perspective :

1 month perspective :

5 day perspective :

17Dec2020 Additional comments on 10 year [interest rates, bonds] versus cryptos : I was also very surprised to see how closely the (inverted) cryptos tracked 10 year Treasury bonds. Unlike the situation with the currencies above, this occurs for linear scaling of all plots (inverted scale for cryptos). 5 year perspective :

1 year perspective :

I couldn't plot the [1 month, 5 day] results, as that would exceed my TradingView subscription allowance.

17Dec2020 initial posting
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