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Conference Guides for [IEEE-CIS, INNS] conferences : Although this guide was initially set up for IJCNN2019, and was used for IEEE WCCI 2020, hopefully some of the basic information may still help [organising committee members, authors] up to 2023-2025 (assuming a half-life of links and process information of 3-5 years?). The Authors' and Publications menus have been combined, allowing authors to see the Publications Chair perspective as well. I am no longer keeping this up to date. Bill Howell, 11Dec2020

Reviewers' Guide

NOTE : Refer to the Paper reviews - from the authors' perspective webpage for author information related to reviews. The current web-page is for information related to your tasks as a paper reviewer.

08Oct2018 This webpage won't be developed until closer to the review time period, following the paper submission deadline (see the dates in the menu near the top of this web-page). It may only be placed on a webpage, but that will be decided later.

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2020 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Glasgow, Scotland.....19-24 July 2020

2019 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Budapest, HUNGARY.....14-19 July 2019
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