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Conference Guides for [IEEE-CIS, INNS] conferences : Although this guide was initially set up for IJCNN2019, and was used for IEEE WCCI 2020, hopefully some of the basic information may still help [organising committee members, authors] up to 2023-2025 (assuming a half-life of links and process information of 3-5 years?). The Authors' and Publications menus have been combined, allowing authors to see the Publications Chair perspective as well. I am no longer keeping this up to date. Bill Howell, 11Dec2020

Publicity channels

Table of Contents :

Introduction :

There are many potential marketing channels for promoting a conference, including the [organisers, past attendees] themselves. I am not aware of any serious marketing analysis to help with the selection of conference publicity channels. Instead, this tends to follow past practices and the preferences of the General Co-Chairs.

I've put a lists of items from past conferences below. There may still be "leftover scraps of information" in the source document.

Social media, and online courses are interesting channels, with some success by Simone Scardapane with Facebook in the past.

IJCNN 2015 Publicity plans

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: IJCNN 2015 Publicity plans - next steps, potential changes to plans, update
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 12:37:51 -0600
From: Bill Howell. Retired from NRCan. now in Alberta Canada <>
To: De-Shuang Huang. IJCNN2015 General Chair. INNS BoG. TongiU. China <>
CC: Yoonsuck Choe. IJCNN2015 Program Chair. Texas A&M U. USA <>, Yun Raymond Fu. IJCNN2015 Publicity Co-Chair. NorthEasternU. USA <>, Giacomo Boracchi. IJCNN2015 Publicity co-Chair. Politecnico di Milano. Italy <>, Marianne Van Wagner. Executive Coordinator. INNS. Society Offices. San Antonio. TX <>

... only the relevant part of the email is shown here : ...

Most of the following have already been in our plans, but its worth repeating them here :

Mr. Bill Howell
P.O. Box 299, Hussar, Alberta, T0J1S0
Retired: Science Research Manager (SE-REM-01) of Natural Resources Canada, CanmetMINING, Ottawa
IJCNN2015 Killarney Ireland, Publicity co-Chair
IJCNN2014 Beijing, Technical Program Committee,

Detailed Lists, 28Mar2006 for IJCNN2007 Orlando

Targeted printed media

Targeted web and electronic media

Major Conferences

Where possible, have an attending INNS member give an announcement, provide flyers/ posters, more to be added.

Targeted Organizations

Old or infrequent marketing channels

Several old approaches haven't been used much in recent years, some because of budgets, others perhaps because of the newer social media opportunities etc. : Again, there may still be "leftover scraps of information" in the source document.

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