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Conference Guides for [IEEE-CIS, INNS] conferences : Although this guide was initially set up for IJCNN2019, and was used for IEEE WCCI 2020, hopefully some of the basic information may still help [organising committee members, authors] up to 2023-2025 (assuming a half-life of links and process information of 3-5 years?). The Authors' and Publications menus have been combined, allowing authors to see the Publications Chair perspective as well. I am no longer keeping this up to date. Bill Howell, 11Dec2020

IEEE-CIS ListServers to distribute mass emails

Table of Contents :

Introduction :

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE-CIS) [sole,co]-sponsors a large number of [conferences, symposia, workshops, etc] (referred to generically as "conferences" in the rest of the web-page).

Starting with WCCI2020, a number of IEEE ListServers have been set up so that recipients may [sub, unsub]-scribe to the conferences for which they will receive publicity mass emails. As of summer 2019, only the WCCI2020 ListServer is actually being used, but the lists will be available to other conferences for their future use if they decide to use them.

The information on this "Publicity" website (inclkuding mass emails) will likely be hosted on the IEEE-CIS website (11Jun2019 hopefully within a year?!).

IEEE-CIS Publicity ListServers

As of well before ?June?2019, the following ListServers have been set up for conference publicity :
PUBLICITY-IEEE-CEC Congress on Evolutionary Computation
PUBLICITY-IEEE-CIBCB Computational Intelligence for Bio-informatics and Computational Biology
PUBLICITY-IJCNN International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IEEE and INNS)
PUBLICITY-IEEE-SSCI Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence
PUBLICITY-WCCI World Congress on Computational Intelligence (INNS co-sponsors IJCNN component)
wcci2020 for testing ONLY!

To see the IEEE-CIS Listservers you must be a [SENDER, EDITOR, OWNER]. [SENDER, EDITOR]s cannot see or manage the actual email lists, unless they are also designated as OWNERs. This provides a measure of [security, control] over the data and its use.

Setup and administration of the IEEE-CIS ListServers

This topic is covered in more detail by the "OWNER instructions" web-page (click the link in the Menu at the top of this web-page).

[Owner, Administrator]s create and maintain the mass email lists.

As of 25Oct2019, they were : As of 06Jan2020, they were : It is up to the [Owners] of each list to check that the mass email list update has been done, although lists will generally come in to them from other people (not necessarily [Senders, Editors].

[Roles, Responsibilities, Access] for producing mass emails

A number of roles for server administration are given in the "LISTERV documentation" (see the "IEEE information about the IEEE ListServers" section below), and even though other email server platforms might be used by your conference, it is convenient to use the IEEE ListServer terminology below : The initial mass email lists plus regular updates come from IEEE-CIS author lists for each of the conferences. Occasionally, publicly available emails or lists from related conferences are also obtained. However, the IEEE-CIS ListServers, allow end-user control of their subscriptions, including new users who learn of the lists.

As of 11Jun2019, the INNS - IEEE-CIS mass email policies.odt need modest updates for the IEEE-CIS ListServer arrangement.

This information web-page will likely be hosted on the IEEE-CIS website (11Jun2019 hopefully within a year?!).

IEEE information about the IEEE ListServers

IEEE provides a wealth of [information, instructions] about the List Servers.

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Many thanks to our Sponsors & Exhibitors

Ongoing support : [IEEE, IEEE-CIS] for [CEC, FUZZ, IJCNN]; INNS for IJCNN; [IET, EPS] for CEC
2020 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Glasgow, Scotland.....19-24 July 2020

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