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Conference Guides for [IEEE-CIS, INNS] conferences : Although this guide was initially set up for IJCNN2019, and was used for IEEE WCCI 2020, hopefully some of the basic information may still help [organising committee members, authors] up to 2023-2025 (assuming a half-life of links and process information of 3-5 years?). The Authors' and Publications menus have been combined, allowing authors to see the Publications Chair perspective as well. I am no longer keeping this up to date. Bill Howell, 11Dec2020

Blog : IEEE Xplore - online conference proceedings

The "Authors' Guide Blogs" (see links in manu near top of page) are in an early draft form, and are being run on a trial basis. Comments are moderated by the Publications Chair before posting, so expect delays of at least a day or so before they appear. Note that emails have been edited - usually by [omitting salutations, endings], but also by omitting material not relevant to the "theme" under which the emails are placed below.

Table of Contents :

What is the ISBN number for the conference?

21Mar2019 Howell NOTE : Refer to the Authors' Guide : Paper formatting web-page to select the appropriate copyright. For most papers, where the co-authors are NOT all [US, Crown, European Union] government employees (university professors are not usually government employees), and the paper does not use a "special copyright" (these are very unusual - perhaps affecting only 3-10 papers per conference), the ISBN number is 978-1-7281-1985-4.

Remember! : The ISBN AND Copyright notice is inserted at the left edge of the footer of the first page of your paper.

Subject: Fwd: IJCNN Inquiry
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 08:20:35 +0000
From: Chrisina Jayne <>
To: Bill Howell, Chul Sung. Publications Chair. IJCNN2019 Budapest. IBM. USA <>
CC: Xuewen Chen

Hi Bill and Chul Sung,

Could you help this author?

From: Xuewen Chen <>
Date: Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 3:39 AM
Subject: IJCNN Inquiry
To: Chrisina Jayne <>

Dear Chrisina Jayne,

I am Xuewen Chen, one of my paper has been accepted for presentation at the IJCNN 2019.
I am writing to ask would it be possible for me to have access to the ISBN number of the conference proceedings in advance,
since I need to provide this number to the academic committee in my school and apply for my master's degree on June 5, 2019.

I wonder when it is the earliest time for we authors to get a digital copy of the conference proceedings, and if it is not
convenient to send me the full copy, just the front cover, the copyright notice, and the table of contents pages are enough.

Thanks for your time.

Xuewen Chen

Partial answer - Does Science Citation Index Expanded cover the IJCNN proceedings?

Subject: Is IJCNN covered by Clarivate?
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 18:13:32 +0000
From: Chul Sung <>
To: K. Thom <>
CC: Bill Howell, Chrisina Jayne <>

Greetings Krista Thom:

As a publication chair of IJCNN2019 I was asked if IJCNN is indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded.

Are [WCCI, IJCNN, FUZZ IEEE, IEEE-CEC] covered by Clarivate, and that the "Science Citation Index Expanded" is now part of Clarivate?

Thank you!
Chul [tʃəl] as in Rachel [réitʃəl]

Subject: RE: paper indexing in Science Citation Index Expanded?
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 12:04:00 -0600
From: Bill Howell. Hussar. Alberta. Canada
To: Shizhe ZHOU. Associate Professor. Hunan U. China <>, Chul Sung. Publications Chair. IJCNN2019 Budapest. IBM Watson. USA <>
CC: Chrisina Jayne. General Co-Chair & Workshop Chair. IJCNN2019 Budapest. INNS Director. Oxford Brooks U. Oxford. UK <>

My guess is that the the "Science Citation Index (Expanded)" does cover IJCNN2019. I'm sure I've had that question for IJCNN2017, but that would take extra digging for the emails, and it may be best to get up-to-date information anyways given corporate changes.

As taken from the Authors' Guide : IEEE Xplore, see the "IEEE Indexing Agreements" link below my signature block for a listing of "Abstract and Index and Web Discovery Services IEEE Partners", and look for Clarivate. Clarivate Analystics was formerly part of Thomson Reuters, although I'm not sure if it is still a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters or affiliated with it - see I wasn't aware of this change. It's funny because Clarivate is out of alphabetical order in the pdf file (it's where Thomson Reuters would go), and my guess is that everyone probably still calls Clarivate the "Science Citation Index (Expanded)"? The Clarivate list is :

Deep Legacy Backfile-present
The contact name for the "Abstract and Index and Web Discovery Services IEEE Partners" is in the paragraph from the document :

As a result, and given that these services and our agreements with these partners can and do change, readers of this report are encouraged to contact Krista Thom, Publishing Relations Program Specialist at with specific questions.

Chul Sung - Can you get a confirmation that [WCCI, IJCNN, FUZZ IEEE, IEEE-CEC] ARE covered by Clarivate, and that the "Science Citation Index Expanded" is now part of Clarivate? It would be handy to know about all four conferences for the future.

Is IEEE Xplore content indexed and searchable via Google and other indexing services? Yes, IEEE content is indexed by Google. Additionally, IEEE has agreements in place with other publishers and services to include IEEE papers in their online and print indexes. Examples include INSPEC, Thomson Reuters' Web of Science, Ei Engineering Village and For more information, you may download a list of IEEE Indexing Agreements.

Does Science Citation Index Expanded cover the IJCNN proceedings?

Subject: Re: paper indexing
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 11:29:59 -0400
From: Chul Sung <>
To: Chrisina Jayne <>
CC: <>, Shizhe ZHOU <>

The larger version (Science Citation Index Expanded) covers more than 8,500 notable and significant journals, across 150 disciplines, from 1900 to the present. As I know the IJCNN conference papers are not indexed in SCI.

Bill, would you confirm this?


Chul Sung

Subject: Fwd: paper indexing
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:00:39 +0000
From: Chrisina Jayne <>
To: Bill Howell, Chul Sung. Publications Chair. IJCNN2019 Budapest. IBM. USA <>

Bill and Chul Sung

Could you please reply to this author

From: Shizhe ZHOU <>
Date: Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 11:53 AM
Subject: paper indexing
To: ijcnn2019 <>

Dear Admin of IJCNN 2019:

This is Dr.Shizhe Zhou, the corresponding author of accepted paper ID:19694, as:
> Author(s): Meijuan Ye, Shizhe Zhou and Hongbo Fu
> Title: DeepShapeSketch : Generating hand drawing sketches from 3D objects

I have an important question: Will the paper included in the proceeding be indexed by the SCI-E database?

Looking forward to your prompt reply, Thanks!

Shizhe ZHOU(PhD 2011, ZJU)
Associate Professor, Hunan University