Nial as a Prototyping Language

Mike Jenkins

Emeritus Professor, School of Computing 

Queen's University at Kingston

President, Nial Systems Limited

based on a framework for a lecture on K by

Dennis Shasha

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU 

Quick Tour of Nial 

Unit 1: Basic language features

Atomic data types 


Arrays of higher dimension


Reading and writing files

More on operations 

Unit 2: More advanced features

Like C, Nial has programming structures for conditional execution. 

NIal also has loops, though programs usually run faster and are shorter if you avoid using them. 

We discuss these features and the EACH transformers that often render loops unnecessary. 


Conditionals and loops 

EACH and related transformers

Using array addresses

Unit 3: Nial examples

Vector and matrix computations 

Building and using tables

Executing strings