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William Neil Howell

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[Random, scattered] selection : 3 of Howell's projects

I will change this every six months or year, just to profile my different projects. Most key projects are listed in the "Projects" menu (menu link above). Many are also referenced on "Howell's blog" (see menu at top of this web-page) in text-only format.

Icebreaker Unchained : we should have lost WWII

Did Josef Stalin and his colleagues play a key role in the rise of Adolph Hitler, starting not long after WWI and the "Beer Hall Putsch", just as he did with Mao Tse-Tung, and with the leaders of Eastern Europe after WWII? Does this "revisionist" concept fill in big gaps and inconsistencies in the conventional historical view?
I have not yet made a webPage for this project (so many years after it was shelved in Aug2015!), but [documentation, information, unfinished scripts] are provided in the Stalin supported Hitler (video production) directory and Icebreaker directory (which should be combined into one). Two very simple animations took sooooo loooong to produce. They total only ~ 1 minute for both "A year of stunning victories" map scan-zooms of the Poland, false war, lowlands, France and Dunkirk). Worse, the unfinished part 1 of 6 videos (!1 hour length) wasn't saved to a complete file, and the software to it needs massive updating. The vidoes are in ogv format (.ogg)- use the VLC media player to view (some other media programs also work).
This project includes yet-undeveloped themes that possibly Winston Churchill's ascent to Prime Minister at the start of the war, and the planning and actions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, both may have been influenced by an "invisible hand". It also should include a special look at the vastly underappreciated role of China the war, perhaps including the impacts of the massive 1942 Hunan famine, as well as a closer look at anti-Semitism, which wasn't only the Nazis.
This was a second major history project of my father and I, following our 2006-09 work on the rise and fall of civilisations over the last 7,500 years. It was put on the shelf unfinished due to my father's failing health, and to my own problems in handling the huge work required to produce usefideo animations. I may get back to it one day, if only after my death. (painting by Neil Howell)

Tesla [call,put] options graphs

25May2021 Here are two example graphs of TSLA options that I have been working on. I am far from getting into options trading, I just want to learn more about the market. For more details (but no webPage yet), see QNial software coding for options data processing (also "winURL yahoo finance news download.ndf" in the same directory for yahoo finance news downloads), and several graphs of Tesla options.

04Jul202 Edwin Kaal periodic table of the elements

Gareth Samuel comments on stunning results from Edwin Kaal and colleagues of a completely different model for the structure of [atom, molecule]s that apparently vastly surpasses quantum mechnical models, including predictive capabilities.
Click the title link above to go to the web-page, right-click the image below and select "view image" or something like that to see the full periodic table. One of very many reasons for my sying that "General relativity is a turkey, Quantum mechanics is a fool's paradise".

1872-2020 SP500 index, ratio of opening price to semi-log detrended price

Click the title link above to go to the web-page, right-click the image below and select "view image" or something like that to see the full image size.

David Fischer - The Great pricing Waves 1200-1990 AD

This very incomplete webPe gives some background on the themes of "great waves of pricing" in history, notably "price revolutions" of rapidly rising prices, and "price equilibria" of post-crash declining or modest price increases. Some ancient [Babylon, Greece] commodity pricing is also included. Fischers book is fascinating, and is perhaps suggestive the the [potical, economic, financial market, social] theories are not relevant at this scale, as the effects and societies' responses seem largely independent of ideas, with the big exception being the role of technology?

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