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Neural nets

Neural Nets MindCode callerID_SNNs consciousness Computational neuro-genetic models
NN earlier work Paper reviews Holidays : NNs & genomics Conference Guides
ouch, this menu is very incomplete, even if NNs are my highest priority. Many other [key, priority] topics don't even have a webPage.
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Stephen Grossberg Overview- "Conscious mind, Resonant brain" list of
[chapter, section]s
list of
[figure, table]s
index - a few items only random quotes references- Grossberg's work
principles, architecture, function, process Principles, Principia equations of the [brain, mind] modules & modal architectures [micro, macro]-circuits CogEM
Cognitive-Emotional-Motor model
[intra, inter]-cellular processes informational noise suppression
[stable, robust, adaptive] learning on-center off-surround top-down bottom-up cooperative-competitive complementary computing laminar computing cellular patterns computing
family of ART
.....base, linguistic
Adaptive Resonance Theory
laminar cortical model - how visual cortex sees space-time patterns
laminar cortical model: working memory & list chunking (homologue of LAMINART)
[, n]START
learning & memory consolidation
associate learned categories across ART networks
laminar cortical speech model, perception cycle, disambiguation
.....visual, auditory [, d, p]ARTSCAN
attentional shroud, binocular rivalry
classification of scenic properties
synchronous matching ART, mismatch trigger
[gain control, working] memory
auditory stream, SPINET sound spectra
consciousness What is consciousness? conscious versus non-conscious behavior-mind-brain link classical mind-body problem Grossberg: other consciousness theories
random fun themes [core, fun, strange] theme searches art (painting etc) biology, evolution, paleontology brain disorders and disease hippocampus IS a cognitive map! auditory continuity illusion
.....cont'd random fun see-reach to hear-speak neurotransmitter learning and development why hexagonal grid cell receptive fields?
strange themes AI, machine intelligence, etc Brain is NOT Bayesian? brain rythms & Schuman resonances Explainable AI logic vs connectionist
successful [data-modelling, applications] [bio, neuro, psycho]logy data [software, engineering, other] applications

consciousness, Grossberg's conscious-ART, and Transformer NNs

cART & TrNNs Introduction TrNNs have incipient consciousness? TrNNs augment by cART? TrNN controls need consciousness?
What is consciousness? conscious versus non-conscious behavior-mind-brain link classical mind-body problem Grossberg: other consciousness theories
other concepts of consciousness [definitions, models]
of consciousness
John Taylor's consciousness opinions- Blake Lemoine, others Quantum consciousness Karl Pribram (ed): quantum fields and consciousness
.....cont'd other Walter Freemans chaos Robert Hecht-Nielson: cognition Why is cART unknown? reader input example references-
Let the machines speak need for machine consciousness cART augmentation of other research cART assess theories of consciousness [use, modification]s of c-ART For whom the bell tolls (Sejnowski)

This Menu table is something like a [simple, incomplete] book index, based mostly on [chapter, section] headings, [figure, table] captions, and "random quotes" as shown in the first row of the table. Cells of the Menu table have background colors that indicate :
green Introduction and main questions related to a possible relationship between Transformer Neural Networks (TrNNs) and Grossberg's ART models.
white Grossberg's work. I have minimized by own interpretations except for including of "reader inputs" as an example that others can use with their own inputs (with considerable downloading and programming).
blue Other consciousness concepts, with an overview "[definitions, models] of consciousness", plus webPages on a few [poular, related] concepts.
pink General comments about conscious machines, the potential of Grossberg's cART, and interesting comments by Terry Sejnowski on what chatGPT may already be telling us about ourselves.
grey There is little to no content on the webPage, yet. At this initial stage, most of the webPages are incomplete, but I will take a break (21Oct2023) to focus on neglected priorities.

Links in the Menu table above go to either : Readers can download the content of this webSite, and create their own thematic search-lists, including "reader inputs" as per my own example below. My example is frankly not very good, more annoying than helpful as far as the comments go, but perhaps useful for those who want to build their own set of comments that are easily incorporated into all menu items.


(projects: the emphasis of the table is on larger projects that take years of work. A few themes only involved some reading on a subject that intrigued me).

PROJECTS "Hope-to-do-soon" projects
Natural philosophy & physics : Bill Lucas- Universal Force Randell Mills- hydrinos Edo Kaal- Structured Atom Model SAFIRE electric model of Sun plasma technology
Economics & Markets : S&P500 1872-2020, 83y trend Stephen Puetz - Greatest of cycles Robert Prechter - Socionomics S&P500 P/E ratios vs Treasury rates
Pandemics, health, Sun : Astronomy &
[health, pandemics]
Influenza Corona virus Suicide
& evolition :
Civilisations and sun IceBreaker unchained (WWII) Anthony Peratt -petroglyphs Steve Yaskell - sun & history Galactic rays and evolution
Astronomy, Earth, Climate : SAFIRE - electric sun experiment Stephen Puetz - The Greatest of cycles Ivanka Charvatova - solar inertial motion Climate and sun Solar modeling and forecasting
Failures of thinking : Lies, Damned Lies, and Scientists Climate - Kyoto Premise fraud Robert Prechter - Socionomics

Software programming

Software programming & code QNial programming language Linux bash scripts TradingView PineScripts LibreOffice macros
[en, de]crypt instructions System_maintenance

economics, markets

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Bill Howells videos

Howell-produced videos Birkeland rotation in galaxy - not dark matter? Past & future worlds (for schoolkids) Big Data, Deep Learning, Safety Icebreaker Unchained (WWII) How Nazis saved (some) Norweigian lives
Venus et Mars - Saint Valentin

Howell blogs

Blogs Howell's "Blog" Howell's cool emails Cool images (various sources) Suspicious Observers comments

Bill Howells book [note, review]s

Wilson 1977 Cosmic trigger, Howells review.html

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Hosted subSites

Gray cells have no content yet. All Wickson 900year cycle webPages are incomplete.
Hosted sub-sites Neil Howell's Art Paul Vaughan - top Climate modeller Steven Yaskell, sun & history Steve Wickson - extinction events
Steven Wickson
900y cycle
overview 900y [core, fun, strange] concepts [figure, table]s quotes of Wickson reader Howell notes.html
...[solar, climate, history] references in book book's index


Professional Resume Education
Economics & Markets : S&P500 1872-2020, 83y trend Stephen Puetz - Greatest of cycles Robert Prechter - Socionomics S&P500 P/E ratios vs Treasury rates


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