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For recent topics that have caught my attention : see Bill Howell's "Blog" (via the "Blogs" menu item). Be warned : "recent" usually means within the last couple of years, as I don't often update the blog. I focus on mid-to-substantive projects that take time, with a sprinkling of "hey look at this" news items of other peopless' work etc.

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Clicking on image links (either [HREF, IMG SRC]), of formats [png, jpeg, etc], assumes that your browser shows images and blocks them, using the image viewing program that you have selected as a preference for your browser. I use [pquiv, image viewer] most frequently, but everybody has their own preference.

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You can download all or part of this webSite, but the whole webSite is just under 30Gbytes so you may want to be selective. Full links are used, so webPage links should work when downloaded, but these will load up online [webPage, file]s unless modified (see below). While the webSite is available, you may wish to [adapt, integrate] some of it into your work. Please pay attention to the copyright notices if you do, especially for commercial purposes.

Download a webPage or file : Once you have the webPage in your browser, your browser menu probably has an item like "Save page as". Download the full or major parts of the webSite : I haven't actually tested this yet, other than a quick test to download a directory. The process is well-described by Georgy Blagodatov, where I have substituted oneof my directories for his example. You should change '/home/username/Desktop/' to the directory path where you want the [dir, fil]s stored. :
How to download specific parts of website with wget?
All command:
$ wget --convert-links -P '/home/username/Desktop/' 'http:// nets/TrNNs_ART/'
It works.
answered Jun 8, 2020 at 17:49
Georgy Blagodatov

For greater speed of use, once downloaded you can replace "" in links with <your subDirectory where you have stored the files>. I have bash functions a '' library that does this, but it's too much to get into here. fileops is used to [add, uncomment] specfic functions that you want to run. This is an example only, as everybody probably has their own favourite bash libraries.

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