He is still around and I will get in touch with him.

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Thanks, Geoff.


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I haven't had a reply from Steve (I wanted to ensure Murray was still up and around) but will follow up.

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Have you had any luck with a response from Murray Dryer, Geoff? 

I'm buried trying to finish reviews on 16 papers for a Chinese conference on Computational Intelligence. By 15May10 when that's done, it will cap reviews for 3 conferences since January.  It's almost like this period of the year is my "hermit time", so it will be nice to get out and focus on house repairs etc...  I've stopped running (Achilles tendons), and am getting into swimming, but the level of activity is WAAAYYY lower than just 5 years ago!

Catherine (oldest daughter) and James (husband since 04Jan10) have just bought a house outside of Auckland NZ, and Sarah's finished her last Bachelor's degree final exams in Singapore on Wednesday. 

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Subject: Paul Vaughan's analysis - samples
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Geoff, here are two recent examples of of Paul Vaughan's work as an introduction to the type of analysis that he does (advanced wavelet transforms), plus a link to his Master of Science thesis, Simon Fraser University.  The text in the recent examples is quite skimpy - he churns out a lot of analysis, and only occasionally "pulls it together" in interim form.  He purposely avoids getting too much into the phenomenological modeling (leaving physics to the physicists), as his strength is to search and find "interesting relations in the data" that lead to further investigations.  In other words, its more about rasing questions that providing final answers.

1.  The first example is from half a year or so ago, showing relationships between time series analysis of planetary motions and solar activity.  Although it does NOT look at solar wind data, it may be closest to Murray Dryer's interests.  I understand that the theory that planets affect solar activity (for example sunspots) has come and gone over the last 150 years, and isn't popular among solar physicists, but the "phase synchronization effects" are interesting.  Simply copy& paster the link into a browser to view the work.  It appears that some of the graphs don't display now - possibly because of changes and updates not yet reflected in the links.
Paul L. Vaughan  2009 "Combined Oscillations of Terrestrial Polar Motion, Solar System Dynamics, & the Lunar Nodal Cycle" Posted: Oct.10, 2009. Last Update: Nov.3, 2009]

2.  This series shows relations between astronomical (mostly solar, lunar), geomagnetic, climate, and volcanic variables.  It's probably outside of the area of interest of Murray Dryer, but it's a great example of some very recetn work by Paul.
Paul L. Vaughan, B.Sc., M.Sc. - March 3, 2010 - [last updated April 17, 2010]
Volcanic Activity, the Sun, the Moon, & the Stratosphere

3.  Embarrassingly, I can't find the link to Paul Vaughan's thesis, so I've simply attached it to this email.  It's a look at climate factors in the Fraser valley a bit upstream of Vancouver.
Paul L. Vaughan Dec08 "Solar-Terrestrial-Climate relations at Agassiz, British Columbia" Master of Science Under special arrangements, Simon Fraser University

On a completely different subject - just for the fun, here is a chart related to historical studies my father and I were doing as a project, showing isotopic proxies for solar activity (carbon 14 and beryllium 10) "folded" according to Charvatovan long periods (2,402.2 years, but with a 128 year "mis-fit").   While neither the solar activity 2,402.2 year cycles, nor the history "fold" really work, it's a lot of fun.  To print out you would need a 4 foot by 4 foot poster - but one can scroll around the image to get a bit of a feel.  Dr. Dryer might have a feel for longer-term solar activity behaviour, but I thought this might be of passing interest.  [NOTE:  The link won't work - one must copy & paste the full URL into a browser's file requester.]
http://www.billhowell.ca/Charvatova solar inertial motion & activity/Radioisotopes/Howell - history timelines and radioisotopes.jpg



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