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fileops [nomenclature, docs]

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This "overall" webPage discusses concepts as part of the [code, code notes, fileops run (process), mid-level, overall] levels of documentation to explain my coding at different levels of abstraction.

Documentation is mainly intended for my own use so that I am not lost while fumbling around in too many details across levels of abstraction. [day, week, month, year]s after initial coding, I forget everything, and the time required to get back into the code and understand what I have done is exhorbitant.

Nomenclature :

The table below explains nomenclature that is relevant to overall work.
phrase : definition :
code bash script, Linux command,
code development Chronological notes that are created as code is being developed, and problems that were encountered.
code test Probably 95% of code development is the testing (and documentation). This is particularly important for my bash libraries (eg, but is often neglected for [one-of, early-stage] development.
level of abstraction [parallel, hirarchy] list of [manual, script] steps that describes the work. This makes it much easier to come back to it for [modification, operation, use] elsewhere [day, week, month, year]s later.
mid-level html webPage commentary that provides background [nomenclature, documentation, ...] at a level just above the process.
overall approach Not yet documented - will relate to general considerations.
(fileops run)
[parallel, hierarchy] list of [manual, script] steps that describes work on a project. This makes it much easier to come back to it for [modification, operation, use] elsewhere [day, week, month, year]s later.

Documentation :

Example of webSite documentation at different levels of abstraction :
level of : link : functions :
code variables: bookmark, class, pClassL, pHead, pHtmlL, pHtmlExclL, pOvrClassL, strTst,
functions: webSite_get_pHtmlL(), pinnL_idx_strTst_cut_pinn(), put classes into pOvrClassL, pOvrClassL_put_pHead, pOvrClassL_get_pClassL(), povrL_pStrP_fixLinks(), htmlHeadings_to_TblOfContents(),
... these lists are very incomplete 11Sep2023
code development webSite update notes.txt all
code test povrL_pStrP_fixLinks directory 11Sep2023 this is the only example so far for the webSites project
process fileops run webSite all
mid-level fileops run commentary.html all
overall see level of code
overall development fileops notes.txt usually none specific to project
overall approach fileops [nomenclature, docs].html description of how all concepts listed above relate to one another