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Cardona - Important gods are planets, planets are gods (plus Sun)

"... History never repeats itself, but it rhymes. Mythology echos. ..."

Table of Contents

Gods and plants - summary

My compilation of the important gods and their associated planets is taken from :

Dwardu Cardona 2006 "God Star" Trafford Publishing Victoria BC, 518 pages,
ISBN 1-4120-8308-7 Anthony Peratt read the whole book, and is cited in the book

Cardona's (deceased in 2015 if I remember correctly) classifications are VERY different from standard mythology, and this will not suit many. He is of the the [Velikovsky, Electric Universe] style of mythologists, and as such often cites [Lyn Rose, David Talbot, Velikovsky, others]. He clearly states that he is attempting to stay true to [common, dominant] mythological themes, in effect he assumpes that the great myths deep in the past, perhaps predating civilisation, are correct if sometimes difficult to understand, just as ancient people found catastrophic events difficult to [understand, describe].

Cardona's concepts are [crazy, wild, fun, penetrating] - particularly that Earth was once a lone planet of star-Saturn, which appeared from Earth to be locked in Earths Northern Polar fixed positions, illuminating Eartj's northern hemisphere directly. The ideas spread from there.

I am not a mythologist, nor do I like the subject very much (it's too complex for me), but the [Velikovsky, Electric Universe] style of mythologists have proven [mainstream, consensus, established] [math, science, engineering] to be fools so often that I have to keep and eye on them. I might even learn something. [Right, wrong, true, false] often doesn't mean anything, and it's far less a concern to me than whether I can see a rare individual who isn't just a blind intellectual robot ("turbic thinker" in some of my other work). Someone who [has, is] actually thinking. Cardona definitely has that.

Individual gods have sometimes had [dozen, hundred, thousand]s of names in the same society over time or even at the same time. The intent on this webPage is to list from oldest (original) names to mpore recent. The origial concepts morph over time, as conditions on Earth and in the Sky change, and people can no longer understad the original [conditions, events, context, concepts]. This problem may be worse today than it has ever been, partly driven by [modern, advanced, higher] education?

The Sun has often been as mis-[interpretation, translation, understanding] from very ancient times, which likely referred to Saturn. Cardona explains this in great detail across societies, and develops his themes very well, staying true to original myths.

09Jan2023 my spellings are suspect, the following tables are incomplete. There are a huge number of other [gods, themes] many of which do NOT refer to planets. I refer to "Mesopotamia, but [Sumeria, Babylon, Assyria, Akkadia, etc] do differ.

Gods of [planet, society]s

[Uranus, Neptune, (Pluto)] are NOT listed, as there were not visible to the unaided eye of the ancients (no telescopes). The stories of the Dogan tribe in Africe raise issues here.

Remember - there are [dozen, hundred, thousand]s of names for the same god, even in the same society!!! 10Jan2023 I re-arranged html tables, with many mistakes. Also info is in[complete, correct].

Su Me V Ma J Sa
Society/ Planet Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn
Me Mesopot Mesopot Nabu, Nebu Ishtar (Babylon) Nergal Marduk (Babylon) Ninurta (mighty hunter)
Hi Hindu Hindu ?Norgen? Devos (VHi) Skanda Asuras, Brihapati Yama (SaHi)
E Egypt Ra Sebku, Sebek Sbat vatitha Heru-chuti Heru-ap-sheta Heru-ku-pet
He Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew
C Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Fu Xing Shang-te
G Greek Helios Hermes Aphrodite Ares Zeus? Kronos
R Roman Roman Venus? Roman Mars Jupiter Saturnus
J Japan Japan Japan??? Japan Japan Japan Japan
Ma Maya Maya Maya Quetzcoatl Maya Maya Maya
I Inca Inca Inca Inca Inca Inca Inca

Gods of [theme, society]s

Many, if not most, of these Gods are NOT planets, but all planets are theme-gods as well? (I'm not sure). Few "theme gods" are listed below (mostly planet gods) - I will perhaps add far more over time?

Remember - there are [dozen, hundred, thousand]s of names for the same god, even in the same society!!! Furthermore for themes, many [non, demi]-Gods are known.

Ci T K L B W D
society/ theme civiliser tragedy knowledge, letters love bad guy war destroyer
Me Mesopot Mesopot Osirus Mesopot Ishtar (Babylon) Mesopot Mesopot Anath, ?Moq?, Ugard
Hi Hindu Hindu Hindu Hindu Hindu Hindu Hindu Kali
E Egypt Osirus Osirus Toth Egypt Set Egypt Sekhmet, Qudshu? of Anath
He Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew
C Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese
G Greek Greek Dionysus Greek Athena Athena Greek Athena
R Roman ?Kronos? Roman Roman Roman Roman Roman ?Kronos?
J Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Hachiman (WJ) Japan
Ma Maya Quetzcoatl Maya Maya Maya Maya Tezcatlipoca Maya
I Inca Inca Inca Inca Inca Inca Inca Inca



often was Saturn earlier?


?morning star?


evening star




star of South (Egypt)


stable, fixed in sky






knowledge, letters




bad guy





alternate egos?












[Synonyms, Sources] :

coding uses letter combinations, first part denotes planet, second society
examples : (DCi) = destroyer, China; (MaHi) = Mars, Hindu; (CiCi) = China, Civiliser;
Mesopot = Mesopotamia