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Moderna vaccine - Howell's personal health problems, and "Corona virus vaccines : More harm than good?"

"... History never repeats itself, but it rhymes. ..."

It's important to know that I cannot be sure that the vaccine is relate to any one of the symptoms below, and I suspect that modern medicine CANNOT prove any of it one way or another. However, it seems completely implausible that all of the items below would occur suddenly at roughly the same time if not connected to the vaccine somehow. Some big changes are very strange, and many are "significant" in a subject way - most all the computer programming decline is a very serious issue for me!

I doubt that any of this type of possibility would normally appear in the USA CDC VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System), and [censorship, repression] routinely prevents it from getting out mainstream [news, social media]. Furthermore, none of this is "serious" in medical terms. Connecting it to the vaccine would be impossible unless many individuals post comments on non-mainstream online sites. It's pretty iffy, and would only be useful in the context of a very large sample population closely tracked after vaccination.

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Covid-19 vaccine shots

Moderna vaccine shots, Riverside Pharma in Drumheller
29Jul2021 first, 01Sep2021 second

I had wanted t take the Johnson & Johnson or Astra Zeneca vaccines, as my web postings of ~May-Jun2021 outlined known adverse effects, albeit at a low level (but possibly a significant portion, comparable] high levels compared to the virus effects, going by expert guesses of historical CDC VAERS results). I unwisely took Moderna, because :

Symptoms within one week or so after getting the vaccine

Symptoms within two weeks or so after getting the vaccine

Symptoms within a month or so after getting the vaccine

Symptoms 1 to 4 months from vaccination

Note that many symptoms below would NOT have been seen in the first monnth post-vaccination, due to travel.

Symptoms >4 months from vaccination

08Feb2022 comments


Corona virus vaccines : More harm than good?

08Feb2022 NOTE: I have a separate webPage for this now. See file:///media/bill/Dell2/Website%20-%20raw/Pandemics,%20health,%20and%20the%20Sun/corona%20virus/Howell%20-%20covax%20news.html The has been a flood of [information, protest] by thousands of [public, scientist]s as people realzed that we are not getting [honest, competent] information from [government, media, physicians, health care, scientists]. I won't post a long list of sources, including peer-reviewed scientific literature at this time (04Jan2022), but intent to do so in a few months. However, there is a rich volume of high-quality references in the references that I do cited below.

Keep in mind that the vaccine adverese effects may be common (as aopposed to iniotial impressions that these were rare), except for severe cases like death. This is also rare with the virus. It seems that many, if not most, of the best sources are from [Israel, India, China] rather than Western sources, but many "renegade" [physician, scientist]s have also produced great stuff, in spite of a few losing their licences shout out their truths, and being subject to [repression, ridicule, threat]s. Courage is a [key, necessary] requirement of a good scientist!!