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04Jun2021 status - Of ~1,000+ "user usable" links on this webSite (not including links in [adobe pdf, word processing, spreadheet, etc] files), there are 60-100 problematic links including including links to ~30 external sites that have changed or disappeared. The vast majority of links are in the "Neural Network Conference Guides" in document files , while perhaps 300+ are in the rest of the webSite.

While selected blog items below do appear in my other [disease, pandemics] web-pages, the collected list below will make it easier for the reader to track my [email, blog]s on this subject. This collection is far from complete.

Incomplete list of blog [themes, comments, questions] : this is a hugely incomplete list of [emails, blogs] that I have made over the years. Perhaps some day I will augment it...

Table of Contents :

Cosmic/Galactic rays at historical high in summer 2019 :

21May2020 update :

Cosmic-galactic rays are extremely high-energy particles that presumably cannot be generated by our Sun or by nuclear weapons, that are normally assumed to come from galactic (or extragalactic) high energy events like supernova. They easily pass through materials, and generate a cascade of [ionised, nuclear byproduct] particles as they descend through our atmosphere. We are continuously bombarded by a tiny stream of these particles, but during periods of low [solar, geo]-magnetic field strengths (our "shield" against killer doses) the counts go up. Since the ?1940s? (again, I forget the initial references) this has be strongly tied to [climate, weather], and Svensmark has establish cosmic rays as a dominant influence over climate. The solar magnetic field drives the geomagnetic field, so cosmic ray exposure correlates to [sunspot, grand [maxima, minima], other] solar "pseudo-cycles". Furthermore, cosmic rays (and presumably their byproducts) easily damage DNA and other bio-[molecules, tissues, etc].

It has long been speculated (I can't remember the references), that high cosmic-galactic ray periods may be a contributing explanation of the correlation between pandemics and solar "psuedo-cycles". This sounds plausible, but I don't know of specific controlled experiments (hard to do with cosmic rays which supposedly can't be reproduced in laboratories, and the possible timeframes and scale needed for results).

We have been in an exceptionally low sunspot minimum of longer than usual duration, ash shown in the NOAA cycle chart. By far the best source of information that I've followed on the "low geomagnetic" (low Kp) days is Ben Davidson's daily news on his Suspicious Observers' YouTube website. I don't agree with everything he says, and he does tend to launch on crusade, but he is far beyond the [capabilities, thinking] of essentially all [government, academic] scientists, and is a far more reliable source (he constantly references "official" scientists and their results). Yes, there are powerful "stong" thinkers in [government, academic] science ("strong" in that they can chanllenge the science "fashions -> cults -> religions" of the overwhelming mainstream), but less than 1 in 10 thousand, so you really have to pick through the herd in an extremely selective manner (pins in a haystack).
What To Do With Space Weather Health Information - much more general information on space weather and health

14May2020 Howell - COVID-19 : [incomplete, random, scattered] cart [information, analysis, questions]

Information from many reliable sources is posted, including some of my own work to make [case, death] rates per million population for several countries. I have added my own [questions, comments, opinions] to provoke thinking. In general, the US is performing like most other caucasian countries, which seem to be having a particularly hard time with the virus. Canada is doing exceptionally well so far, but we'll see what happens over the next 6 months. Do our [self-isolation, social distancing] measures kill more people than the virus? In other words, is the cure worse than the cause? Is the virus really the cause of the [market crash, recession]? Food for thought...
(first posted 14May2020)

06Oct2016 Eileen Mckusick - The Sun's Influence on Consciousness

... Here is a very interesting commentary with historical references on psychology and solar behaviour, driven by Russian scientists to this day. As per Eileen's comments :
"... Alexander Chizevsky was likely the first to catalog a cyclical relationship between solar activity and cultural ?upsets? or advancements. Outbursts of both creative or destructive excitement, depending on the socio-cultural conditions which had been building, appeared to facilitate artistic revolutions and bloody revolutions from tyranny alike.
This episode introduces the community to his work, and some of the many effects found by other scientists, which ought to open one?s mind to exploring such a hypothesis. Perhaps channels like Suspicious0bservers will one day help forecast health states of physiology and psychology, helping us to hold better empathy for each other, knowing: ?It?s almost that time of the solar cycle!? ..."
(first posted 06Oct2016 from thundeerbolts site)

08Dec2015 Howell - The Greatest of cycles : Human implications?

- ... draft document in prep - posting within a day or two ...
Here is an [initial, random, scattered] framework of human-related "quasi-cycles", as background thoughts to the work of Puetz, Prokoph, Borchardt, Mason 01Apr2014 (see my 07Dec2015 posting below). I use the term "quasi-cycle" as complex natural cycles tend to be non-stationary, meaning that they do not always adhere to a fixed pattern, and that is one of many excellent points on the reliabilitities and errors of analysis that Puetz etal bring out far better than the vast majority of scientists.
(first posted 08Dec2015, random, scattered framwork document, 06Oct2016 - oops added the file&link)

Updates: original 30May2020 split from "_Pandemics, health, and the sun.html"
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