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ChatGPT and AI Usage Survey (Teachers)
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ChatGPT and AI Usage Survey (Teachers)

Thanks for your participation! You are invited to take this survey if any one of the following applies to you:

  • You have used ChatGPT for work or personal use 
  • You have NOT used ChatGPT but have used similar tools such as Bard, Bing, Notion AI, Poe, or other LLM-based chatbots
  • You have NOT used ChatGPT or similar tools at all. There are still many questions that apply to student use of AI and your general opinion regarding the use of AI in education.

The survey takes 3-5 minutes to complete. Only questions marked with an (*) are required, but we would greatly appreciate it if you answered every question. Doing so will provide us with more insightful data to share with you.

This survey is being conducted by KEEP to gain a better understanding of how educators use ChatGPT and similar AI tools. We will publish the results to our public communication channels, but no personal or identifying information will be published or shared with any third party. The findings from this survey are for educational purposes only. Switch account
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Which faculty do you belong to?
How many years of teaching experience do you have? *
Where do you work? *
Have you used ChatGPT or similar tools?
Which of the following AI tools have you used? (Select all that apply) *
Does your school have an official policy governing AI usage?
What is your opinion of the level of strictness provided by your school's AI policy? (skip if your school does not have an official policy)
Too relaxed
Too strict
Clear selection
When did you start using ChatGPT (or similar tools)?
How would you rate your level of understanding of ChatGPT (or similar tools) and its capabilities?
How often do you use ChatGPT (or similar tools) for work?
What do you use ChatGPT (or similar tools) for the most?
Have you used ChatGPT (or similar tools) for any of the following?
Lesson planning
Creating course content
Providing student feedback
Creating quizzes, tests, or other assessments
Grading student assignments
Generating discussion prompts
Generating reading materials or summaries
Writing emails
Personal tasks
How has ChatGPT (or similar tools) changed the way you work? (Select all that apply)
Do you approve of your students using ChatGPT (or similar tools) in their assignments?
If you answered "Never" to the previous question, please expand on your position. (optional)
How many of your students do you believe are using ChatGPT (or similar tools) on submitted assignments?
What are your typical guidelines for student use of ChatGPT (or similar tools) in your classes?
Have you spent time teaching your students how to use ChatGPT (or similar tools)?
Generally speaking, do you think using ChatGPT (or similar tools) is helpful or harmful for learning?
Please expand on your position in the previous question. (optional)
Overall, which opinion most closely aligns with your stance on the use of AI in education?
What types of events would you like us to organise in the future? (Please rank your preferences with 1 being your top choice and 6 being your last choice) *
Online practical ChatGPT workshop
In-person practical ChatGPT workshop
Panel discussions on AI in education
Webinars featuring teacher presentations on AI in education
Image/video/other generative AI tools workshop
Discipline-specific practical workshops e.g. How to use ChatGPT for language teaching etc.
How has ChatGPT (or similar tools) changed the way you plan lessons?
How has ChatGPT (or similar tools) changed the way you assess student learning?
Do you have any concerns about the use of AI in education, specifically for content creation, lesson planning, assessment, or pedagogy? If so,