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Grossberg 2021 [figure, table]s

[Figure, table]s of Stephen Grossberg 2021 "Conscious Mind, Resonant Brain"


p370 Chapter 11 means (Grossberg 2021) page 370, Chapter 11
p002sec Illusion and realitymeans (Grossberg 2021) page 2, section Illusion and reality
p013fig01.09means (Grossberg 2021) page 13, Figure 1.09 (1.9 as in book)
p030tbl01.02 means (Grossberg 2021) page 30, Table 1.02 (1.2 as in book)
p111c2h0.5means (Grossberg 2021) page 111, column 2, height from top as fraction of page height
|| text...Are notes in addition to [figure, table] captions, mostly comprised of text within the image, but also including quotes of text in the book. Rarely, it includes comments by Howell preceded by "Howell". The latter are distinct from "readers notes" (see, for example : reader Howell notes).
p044 Howell: grepStr 'conscious' means a comment by reader Howell, extracted using the grep string shown, referring to page 44 in (Grossberg 2021)

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Chapter 1 - Overview

Chapter 2 - How a brain makes a mind

Chapter 3 - How a brain sees: Constructing reality

Chapter 4 - How a brain sees: Neural mechanisms

Chapter 5 - Learning to attend, recognize, and predict the world

Chapter 6 - Conscious seeing and invariant recognition

Chapter 7 - How do we see a changing world?

Chapter 8 - How we see and recognize object motion

Chapter 9 - Target tracking, navigation, and decision-making

Chapter 10 - Laminar computing by cerebral cortex

Chapter 11 - How we see the world in depth

Chapter 12 - From seeing and reaching to hearing and speaking

Chapter 13 - From knowing to feeling

Chapter 14 - How prefrontal cortex works

Chapter 15 - Adaptively timed learning

Chapter 16 - Learning maps to navigate space

Chapter 17 - A universal development code