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Lies, Damned Lies, and Scientists

Something is rotten in the state of science. Or perhaps what is dreadfully wrong, and what scientists illustrate in a spectacular fashion, is that we are not what we claim to be, and that perhaps there are very good reasons for that.

The central themes are built around climate science for a start, but seem to apply to ALL areas of science:
This is a long overdue, frightfully incomplete, and error-replete draft of a long-overdue work hinted at in several of my postings over the last few years. An initial draft presentation-format dates to 09Apr2007, and several updates were made in 2007 and 2008, with activity dying until starting up again at the end of 2009 (I had moved back to Ottawa, bought a house, then had number laptops and hard drives die). The pdfs of the end-of-2010 Word files were were created and posted to my websie on 06Sep2011. As with most of my work, I'll never finish it anyways, and it's important to track the progression of ideas, to check back and see what I was thinking, to see how far I went, instead of mis-remembering the detals.

Current Chapters

You will note that about half of these chapters are empty! Additionally, my writing starts out as harsh and judgemental, and those parts are the more complete sections. Later writing flips - accepting the failure of logic for good reasons, and accepting the behavioural extremes of scientists and others (as a parallel, from a historical perspective, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were moderates, and of the three, Hitler was the nice guy). But I haven't done much on those chapters, yet. Moreover completion of this work may take forever to develop - I want to work on a pile of other things, and I may leave this "to ripen" for a year or two before getting back to it. My "main interest" is neural networks and neuroscience - not climate science, nor spending all of my time chasing the endess progression of screw-ups by professional scientists. It's more fun chasing the crazy, lunatic science - at least until it becomes accepted, distortionary, and vindictive. The truth can only lie with a lunatic - unfortunately, there are about six billion lunatics on Earth, each with several thousand lunatic ideas. Finding the right lunatic idea of the right lunatic is harder than guessing at the answer yourself.

Figures, pictures and tables are the property of the original publishers (my apologies as perahps not all sources are cited in this mid-project draft).

30Dec2010 - initial, incomplete, error-replete draft of the document (chapters)
06Sep2011 - converted Word documents of 30Dec2010 to pdf format, posted on website
07Sep2011 - add a few points and clean up a few errors.

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