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Anthony Peratt's theme of Petroglyphs and Auroral phenomena

Here's a STUNNING, exciting hypothesis regarding high-energy auroral phenomena as an explanation of petroglyphs (drawings scratched or chipped into stone) around the world. This theme ties in very well with, and was actually inspired by prompting from, the Thunderbolts community of mythologists and scientists. David Talbot's presentation (available on DVD) "Seeking the Third Story" captures very well how mythology and science seem to be coming together to provide a much greater view of science, history, and mankind.

I've been a huge fan of Peratt's Dec2003 paper on petroglyphs (actually, he has many papers) since I first saw it in perhaps 2008 or 2009, and only when I read Paul Anderson's paper (end of August 2012) did I find out that he published Part II, with a Part III coming out as well (I couldn't find it via Google search so I assume it is still pending). Apparently David Talbot and other Electric Universe mythologist had initially convinced Peratt to look at petroglyphs from the perspective of high energy atmospheric plasmas, and it looks like Peratt really grabbed the ball and ran with it!

Both papers are ingenious in terms of their creativity, scientific thoroughness and insight, and in terms of how well they tie the hypothesis (that high energy z-pinch auroras were the inspiration for as many as 40% of ancient petroglyphs and megaliths like Stonehenge) to ancient societies right around the world. Specific themes such as an explanation for the layout of Stonehenge (in Part I), and what the Nasca lines in Peru represent and how they were aligned, are spellbinding and brilliant, right or wrong! But the really stunning leap of imagination, science, math,

It's great to see the degree of international assistance, often by enthusiastic volunteers, native groups, and retired professors. Obviously the theme has really touched a human chord.

While I have been enthusiastic, I have also been cautious about the hypothesis presented. But evidence from the Part II paper provides very strong support to the first Part, and whle I am not an expert on petrolgylphs, it seems to me that the traditional scientific and mythological explanation for petroglyphs has nowhere near the basis that this hypothesis has!! Still, I like to maintain an approach of "multiple conflicting hypothesis".

The next step could be [geological, mineralogical, rock mechanics] evidence for "Electric Discharge Machining" type phenomena such as crater formation and Paul Anderson's "Electric scarring of the surface of the Earth" hypothesis. As per my comments on Paul's paper (on another web-page : ), some scientists are suggesting that a meteorite impact circa 10,000 BC may explain the disappearance of the Clovis culture from the Chesapeake Bay area, the extinction of most mega-mammals in North America, and the onset of the cold "Younger Dryas" period. As a basis for the meteorite hypothesis, they are citing the presence of nano-diamonds, micro-metallics, and buckey-balls (+- 60 carbon atoms connected like the sections of a soccer ball). But if electrical disaggregation of rock can be identified, plus if these other features other features can be associated with plasma discharges in a lab, then the "Electric Universe" theme would provide even more support to the hypothesis of Peratt, Anderson, and a key originator of may related ideas: Immanuel Velikovsky, plus a group of mythologists who have been correcting and extending Velikovsky's concepts (David Talbot, Lynn Rose, Dwardu Cordonna?, Ev Cochrane, and many others).

08Sep12 Anthony Peratt's Part II on Petroglyphs and Auroral phenomena

This link takes you to an IEEE web-page where you can purchase a clean copy of the article : This link brings up a scanned, annotated version of the article, so you decide to buy the clean copy via the link above : Part II described the worldwide [locations, orientations, Field Of View (FOV)] of "archaic" (before ~2,000 BC) petroglyph sites, with surprising results both to the researchers and myself. Essentially all have a southern view, and many sites have noticeable gaps where that Southern view is interupted by mountains or other land features. They can also have [North, East, West] views, but those don't prove to be consistent.

The 3D holographic reconstruction of ancient plasma phenomena from thousands of petroglyphs around the world is unbelievable – rarely do I see such a combination of science, talent, and imagination!

One key question, though : The 3D image of the plasma system that was supposedly "holographically" recontructed from thousands of petroglyphs around the world, resembles very closely "polar alignment structures" derived from mythology and proposed by ?Velikovsky", David Talbot ("The Saturn Myth"), Duardu Cordonna (?spelling - my books are in storage?), and probably others as well. So is that configuration truly :data driven", or are several alterantive interpretations possible depending on how one does the reconstructions?

19May09 Anthony Peratt's theme of Petroglyphs and Auroral phenomena

This link takes you to an IEEE web-page where you can purchase a clean copy of the article :
This link fetches a clean copy of the article from a Los Alamos directory :
This link brings up a scanned, annotated version of the article, so you decide to buy the clean copy via the link above : A couple of comments: It there any truth to his theory? Who knows... but it's certainly fun!!

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