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Subject: RE: Overlapping circles in [myth, religion, math]
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2024 20:04:18 -0600

NUTS! I forgot to include Edo Kaal's "Structured Atom Model, which actually USES non-overlapping proton spheres (with intervening electrons - he doesn't say of torus shape) as a basis of his concept to completely replace Quantum Mechanics and put the nucleus of the atom on a [rational, scientific] basis!
Kaal Structured Atom Model vs Quantum Mechanics
(in case that link fails, copy-paste the WHOLE text : http://www.BillHowell.ca/ProjMajor/Electric Universe/Kaal SAM nucleus/Kaal Structured Atom Model vs Quantum Mechanics.html

Also : NO neutrons, now [weak, strong] forces, electrostatic. He doesn't really discuss gravity, given his nuclear focus (for which gravity is irrelevant!).

I also mention on that webPage :
Sierpinski fractal tetrahedra: "... Things just seemed to blow up into fireworks this morning while doing a minor update to my draft webPage on Kaal's "Structured Atom Model" (SAM). I was trying to find my notes from circa 2012-2017 giving the name ("Hoh...?" or something), and references to an amateur's presentation to the Natural Philosophy Alliance" (before it became the "Natural Philosophy Society", I think). ... His concept was the early stages of an intent to replace Quantum Mechanics (QM). It only had 1 arbitrary parameter, if I remember correctly, compared to something like 20 for QM? ..." (taken from one of Howell's emails, 15Jan2024)

However, I suspect that I haven't updated my website since I made major changes to these webPages... plus I've probably forgotten many other key points.


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Subject: Overlapping circles in [myth, religion, math]
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2024 19:50:25 -0600

I did a quick webSearch on the topic of concentric circles in [myth, religion, math], which I hadn't heard of before. I really only looked at one webPage of direct relevance (and that was well put together), although there are many more:
12 Sacred Geometry Symbols & What They Mean:
Discover the ancient powers and uses of these geometric shapes
Co-authored by Sophie Burkholder, BA Reviewed by Joseph Meyer
Last Updated: April 3, 2024 Fact Checked

Sacred Geometry Symbols & Meanings |Understanding Sacred Geometry |Video |Tips
  • Whether you’re aware of it or not, sacred geometry really is all around you.
    Mathematically, historically, and spiritually, the impact of sacred geometry symbols on the ancient and modern worlds is irrefutable. While some people call it the language of the cosmos, the basic idea of sacred geometry is that certain shapes are the blueprint for all life in the universe. In order to fully understand sacred geometry symbols, their meanings, and how they came to be, read below for a comprehensive guide on these mystical mathematical shapes.

This page shows several symbols with circles, overlapping or not, plus a few other interesting ones. The webPage links four of these directly to Christianity (plus other faiths) : It would create a lot more reading for me to [verify, understand] the statements, but perhaps the Bible or historic documents explain the link. Many statements seem tenuous.

You specifically commented on 64 interlocking circles, not tetrahedra as described above, but perhaps other refeerences use interlocked circles?

I was not familiar with the symbols listed above, but other symbols that are listed amont the "15 most sacred" I have long known:
But the "Sacred-Geometry-Symbols" webPage leads me much [deep, broad]er into many themes that I don't know well. One exciting find via this path was Johannes Kepler (he keeps popping up!). Wow! Deep inside this path, I found that Kepler was a key mathematician in defining some of these geometries. It also appears that the polytopes are complementary to Platonic solids, as stated by the webPage authors. I have read several times that Kepler did NOT think that his model of planetary orbitals was the end solution, that somehow tetrahedra must be central. I never understood why he felt that way, and if I ever find the time, it would be fun for me (and a great amount of [time, work]) to understand this geometry's math.