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Cool!  In his video, Peter Temple mentions Wheeler (but not his collaborator Maunder, who studied the Sunspots etc), and Abdussamatov, who was first in the post-1998 period to warn of the potential for an imminent Grand Solar Minimum (~2001-2003 period if I remember correctly).  Canadian professor Theodore ?Landscheidt? and Ivanka Charvatova had suggested that possibility much earlier. 

Strangely, Peter Temple does NOT mention the possibility that the cold periods in his charts may be the first steps towards the next ice age.  After all, we may be overdue as this has been a long, mild interglacial period, and for the 10 "deep glaciations" of the last 1 million years, the Earth dipsey-doodles into glaciation and skyrockets up out of it.

Soon after Abdussamatov, Cornelius Kee Chris de Jager (a prominent astrophysicist, with whom I've had several email exchanges and who sent papers to me and others on his distribution list) also warned of this potential as recently as a couple of years ago, but he now isn't so enthusiastic on the Grand Solar Minimum start in one of the next two sunspot cycles.

In 2005-2007, may father and I did a "crazy, lunatic, one-dimensional" model for history over the last 7,500 years based on Ivanka Charvatova's "Solar Inertial Motion" concept, as summarized in the large chart (best on 3 foot by 4 foot paper or something like that) :
Our earlier charts on historical timelines were used in a book that highlighted the poloidal-toroidal model for the solar dynamo - by de Jager and Silvia Duhau!   My father and I started analysing war, but didn't jump to conclusions given the problems with data in ancient times (others have done very interesting work on this) and later re-focused on a complete reinterpretation of WWII.  In his book, author Stephen Yaskell officially acknowledged my father and I as the "two fools who rushed in" (we were happy and amused), but in the last few years I've seen much earlier reviews of history and the role of the sun.  In the last 3-5 years, such books have been rapidly proliferating. 

But since 2009, a stunning new cycle (I like to say quasi-cycles, as these are NOT regular like sinusoidal curves) may trump everybody, unifying a huge range of topics on 1 to 13 billion years :
If I can find the time, I may analyse the tie-ins between Puetz and Robert Prechter's work on the Elliot Wave theory for financial markets, which also seems to directly relate to social trend, politics and a host of other topics.  The only other work that I am familiar with that does this is the Mayan system of over 20 calendars.

Solar Micro-nova coming here soon?  Ben Davidson's comments on the potential for a civilisation-destroying solar micro-nova in the near future (a couple of groups put it near 2049).   
I don't agree with everything that Ben Davidson says, but he's well worth looking at!!

I don't think it's wise to use exact dates, as quasi-cycles aren't like that at our current level of understanding.  For example, the 2012 Mayan calendar scare is still very much a possibility for perhaps several hundred years!!! (They did have a 23-26,000 year cycle among many others, and a miss by a few hundred years is nothing).  In other  words, the Mayan scare should still be very much alive, and civilisation could be at risk in the 10 to 40 year future.

There's no end to fun with this...  For me, it's very strange to see commentary shifting after being almost alone out in the intellectual desert (Prechter addresses that very issue).  We don't know what will really happen, but there many, many strongly supported scenarios.  The theme that "CO2 is the primary driver of climate since 1850" is NOT one of them.  It is a signature failure of essentially all modern [scientists, institutions, media. etc], and there are no good excuses for that, but that applies generally to essentially all areas of modern science ...

Bill Howell
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