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Neural nets

Neural Nets MindCode NN earlier work Computational neuro-genetic models Holidays : NNs & genomics Paper reviews
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MindCode neural network Bill Lucas - Universal Force Randell Mills- hydrinos IceBreaker unchained (WWII) "Hope-to-do-soon" projects
Failures of thinking : Lies, Damned Lies, and Scientists Climate - Kyoto Premise fraud Robert Prechter - Socionomics
Economics & Markets : S&P500 1872-2020, 83y trend Stephen Puetz - Greatest of cycles Robert Prechter - Socionomics S&P500 P/E ratios vs Treasury rates
Pandemics, health, Sun : Astronomy &
[health, pandemics]
Influenza Corona virus Suicide
Life & [Pre,]-history : Civilisations and sun Stephen Puetz - Greatest of cycles Steve Yaskell - sun & history Anthony Peratt -petroglyphs Galactic rays and evolution
Astronomy, Earth, Climate : SAFIRE - electric sun experiment Stephen Puetz - The Greatest of cycles Ivanka Charvatova - solar inertial motion Climate and sun Solar modeling and forecasting

Projects major

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Projects mini

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Software programming

Software programming & code QNial programming language Linux bash scripts TradingView PineScripts LibreOffice macros
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economics, markets

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Bill Howells videos

Howell-produced videos Birkeland rotation in galaxy - not dark matter? Past & future worlds (for schoolkids) Big Data, Deep Learning, Safety Icebreaker Unchained (WWII) How Nazis saved (some) Norweigian lives
Venus et Mars - Saint Valentin

Howell blogs

Blogs Howell's "Blog" Howell's cool emails Cool images (various sources) Suspicious Observers comments

Bill Howells book [note, review]s

Wilson 1977 Cosmic trigger, Howells review.html

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Hosted subSites

Hosted sub-sites Neil Howell's Art Paul Vaughan - top Climate modeller Steven Yaskell, sun & history Steve Wickson - extinction events


Professional Resume Education


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