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09Jun2021 webSite status - Of ~1,000+ "user usable" links on this webSite (not including links in [adobe pdf, word processing, spreadheet, etc] files), there are 60-100 problematic links including including links to ~30 external sites that have changed or disappeared. The vast majority of links are in the "Neural Network Conference Guides", in documentation pages(eg QNial manual), while perhaps 300+ are in the "normal" webPages.
15Feb2023 major restructuring of my web directories, so most intenal links won't work

Neural Networks - general themes, conferences, my projects & peer reviews and links

This web-page is a very incomplete description of a variety of work that I have done in the area of neural networks. It's crazy, but in an area where I put so much of my time, I have documented and posted so little. The "MindCode" project has loing been my 1st priority, but I never seem to get around to working on it. Focus, famous focus...

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[Neural Network, Computational Intelligence] conferences for which I was on the Organising Committee :
WCCI 2020 Glasgow, UK Publicity Co-Chair for mass emails
IJCNN 2019 Budapest : Publications, Sponsors WCCI 2018 Rio de Janiero : Publicity committee, http://www.ecomp.poli.br/~wcci2018/committees/
IJCNN 2017 Anchorage Publications Chair, mass emails, www.ijcnn.org
IJCNN 2015 Killarney Ireland, Publicity co-Chair www.ijcnn.org
INNS BigData2015 San Francisco, Publicity Co-Chair http://innsbigdata.org
IJCNN 2014 Beijing, China 6-11 July, Technical Program Chair (paper reviews for a topic)
IJCNN 2013 Dallas Texas, Publicity Chair, August www.ijcnn2013.org
CISDA 2012 Ottawa, help John Verdon with Social Media Special Session related to Security & Defense, http://ieee-cisda.org
IJCNN 2009 Atlanta, GA, USA, Publicity Chair?
IJCNN 2007 Orlando, FL, USA, Publicity Chair?
IJCNN 2005, Montreal, QC, Canada Technical-Chair

Mr. Bill Howell
Bullshitter & Heretic (...I enjoy crazy ideas, & I am NOT an expert in anything!)
Hussar village volunteer fire fighter, Past-President of Lions Club, Sundowners Seniors Society

COMMENT on my signature block "Bullshitter & Heretic", which is-but-isn't a joke :
I don't always send it for casual, "empty" emails, but I will for anything with substantial content, where people should be warned. I still repeat it occasionally with long-time contacts, such as colleagues on conference committees, at work, scientists with whom I am discussing themes, etc, etc.
- I'm "Mr." Howell, because everyone kept calling me "Dr." or "Professor", and I'm neither. Many still
address me that way even after they see my signature block (which they obviously don't pay attention to).
- It was consistently scaring me that experts in a field were sometimes taking what I was saying too literally.
I'd far rather they ignore me, and think that I am a "bullshitter and heretic" than take me too seriously,
fail to check on my rantings, and be misled in consequence. My self-designated titles must turn many off,
which isn't good - but it's far better than the possibility of somehow misleading people.
Not to say that there isn't more than just an element of truth in the titles...
Also - see Steven Yaskell's book "Grand Phases on the Sun" on www.amazon.com & facebook
- the historical charts came from a project by my father and I
(my thinking has now shifted from that, to focus on bigger events possibly driven by major astronomical events)
Steven recognized us as "the two fools who rushed in", because of the historical concept that we worked on.

Last updated: 05May07, original 27Jan07