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A Galactic Theory of Climate

Steven Wickson, Astrophysicist
21Apr2020 Old contact information (he went on to the Uof Ottawa a long time ago, if I remember correctly) :
kozmoklimate@gmail.com +1-403-734-2118
P.O. Box 279, Gleichen, Alberta, Canada, T0J 1N0


Based on mathematical analysis of Earth's glacial history and the record of mass extinctions over the Phanerozoic Era, past and recent theories have explored possible connections between geological history and the solar system's motion in the galaxy. Building on new evidence for these claims, this paper proposes a new mechanism for galactic influences on terrestrial climate: the moderation of galactic cosmic ray flux by the expanding and contracting Oort cloud under the influence of the galactic tidal field. This paper describes a model for the sun's orbit in the galaxy that can be tested against astronomical observations of the galaxy and paleoclimate studies from around the world.

Keywords: ice age, mass extinction, galaxy, cycle

Full paper: Wickson 2007 - Galactic Theory of Climate.pdf
Version: 30Sep07, original posted 05Jul07

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