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Howell - covax adverse effects (covax = corona virus vaccine)

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21Feb2022 Do covax deaths account for ~50% of the official reports of covid deaths?

I've lost track of an email (probably Jan or Feb2022) where I did a back-of-the envelope estimate of covax deaths, based on US reported vaccinated people, and using a 40 times factor of under-reporting of covax VAERS data, as per Steve Kirsch and other independent guesstimates. On that basis, and even though covax has only been used for ~1 year as opposed to 2 years of "official covid deaths" by now, the covax deaths are likely equal to 50% of the reported covid deaths. In other words, AS MANY PEOPLE DIE FROM THE VACCINE AS FROM THE VIRUS (as reported)!!! While I don't trust my guesstimate at all, I trust it FAR MORE than ay of the official drivel, and it is based on analysis by people who can actually think critically, right or wrong.

See also Howell comments : Kyle Beattie's Bayesian analysis of covax - ~30% increases in [case, death]s, which provides a completely independent support for this, although I haven't tried to quantify tat in terms of a fraction of official covid deaths.


(covax = corona virus vaccine)
IMPORTANT!! Keep in mind a "best estimate" of a factor of 40 under-estimation of adverse events by the USA VAERS reporting system!
For example, if 10,000 covax deaths are reported, as compared to 800,000 confirmed covid deaths, this could man that : This webPage provides a gumbo soup of covax-related [information, links] of [graphs, results, news, comments, my emails]. Most of the monitoring of the covax news and results has been done by my brother Stephen Howell, as I can't afford to follow this closely. The astonishing and disturbing results vindicate his and my concerns dating back to when the mRNA vaccines by [BioNTceh-Pfizer, Moderna] were reported as candidates (see the section "Is the cure worse than the disease?"). The best estimates that I've seen are that covaxes are reponsible for ~400k deaths in the USA, compared to confirmed corona virus deaths of 860k @21Jan2022! It's even worse if you suspect, as I do, that many the covax deaths are reported as corona virsus deaths - in other words the vaccines may kill as many Americans at the same rate as the virus! Echos of always-suppressed lessons from the 1918 Spanish flu, and Peter Doshi's 2008 comment that vaccines could NOT have accounted for the great decline of influenza from 1940-?1998?. A real-world self-imposed zombie sci-fi movie effect?

By far the most interesting thing to me is how long, if ever, it will take the actual [science, health, policy, news] experts to wake up. But given the example of much of the rest of science, the answer could very well be : NEVER! As the saying goes, "... the road to hell is paved with good intentions ...", and this is certainly apparent in the new types of young researchers, as well as old types going back thousands of years. I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories, which to me usually reflect very bad thinking. But I am a fan of stupidity, including the "greatest experts in the world". Stupidity defines us as beings. Friends and family agree, but say "It's not everybody, Bill. It's just you."

Probing further into the "evil that lurks in the hearts of men", a really fun game is to predict [what, when] policies will be applied to cover the butts of our not-so-bright-experts. It's easy to forget obvious things, but a skimpy start appears below. I might do the same with respect to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine - yes, once again. I suppose most other things would get boring if they are repeated like that, but I'm sure that "boring" is the last word that Ukrainians would use to describe the situation.

I'm pro-vaccine, but now I very much regret having taken the Moderna, even though it's not solidly clear that a whole host of [rare, seemingly permanent] mental changes took place at the same time as I received my vaccines. But given my older work (~2005-2009) on flu and other pandemics, it does not surprise me to see major adverse effects, nor is it a big deal if we all die from it. Decisions are made, and we live and die by that.

This webPage is vastly [incomplete, un-corrected].

Images : covax drives covid [case, death]s, plus it's own adverse effects

Right-click on any image, and select "View Image" to see it full sized (or alternately type Control+ to enlarge the screen view again & again)

Rose 11Oct2021 "World Council for Health, presentation of VAERS data"
Video posted on 22Oct2021 by Kristall
  • VAERS under-reports, (Howell : recent estimates by a factor of 40 for covax)
  • teach immune system = natural immunity best; promote early treatment with known [efficacious, safe] drugs - ivermectin & hydroxchloroquinine (Howell : like Japan & India)
Howell - Jessica Rose's earlier ?Mar2021? presentation is the [earliest, most convincing] large-population study that I had seen. This presentation includes new results, and again, is some of the best work I know of in the area. I have seen no signs of any intelligent criticism of the study yet, although I'm not actively looking for it either. (non-priority for me at this time, and there is no intelligent life on planet Earth - especially not me)

Kyle Beattie 30Oct2021 "Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19"
Abstract : ...This study analyzed publicly available COVID-19 data from OWID (Hannah Ritchie and Roser 2020) utlizing the R package CausalImpact (Brodersen et al. 2015) to determine the causal effect of the admin- istration of vaccines on two dependent variables that have been measured cumulatively throughout the pandemic: total deaths per million (y1) and total cases per million (y2)...
Results : ...Causal impacts of the treatment on y1 ranges from -19% to +19015% with an average causal impact of +463.13%. Causal impacts of the treatment on y2 ranges from -46% to +12240% with an average causal impact of +260.88%. Hypothesis 1 Null can be rejected for a large majority of countries.
Howell - This study suggests that BOTH covid [case, death]s are strongly INCREASED by the vaccine programs!! Furthermore, that doesn't even include :
  • serious adverse effects of the vaccine itself, other than covid-19 disease related
  • potential exploitation by existing pathogens [virus, bacteria, microbe, fungus, parasite]s :
    • of [weak, damage]ed physiology, caused by the vaccine itself
    • of unknown new potential [mechanism, pathway]s arising from mRNA mechanisms
  • potential [accelerated, cascading] evolution of new disease strains, perhaps entire new classes
  • blah-blah - work on this later...

Guy Hatchard 17Dec2021 - New Zealand provides a very special case for assessing covax adverse effects in a population
Note that I haven't done a quick check of the rate to compare that to "normal" covid death rates in other nations. Both [covid, covax] death rates are very low, but that's what all the excitement is about.
Howell - Now isn't this potentially embarrassing. I can almost hear the gears whirling, as the only true human capability for genius kicks in - the collective package of [self-promotion, back-stabbing opponents, stealing [idea, acclaim, fruit]s of competitors, claiming inventions from decades before your birth, protecting one's ass]. There seems to be NO WAY for thinking to get out anymore. Witness the themes ["CO2 is the primary driver of climate since 1850", fundamental theoretical physics, etc, etc].

09Jan2022 Bill Howell - covid [case, death, vaccine, excess deaths] for the UK and South Africa - UK covid [case, death, vaccine, excess deaths] - South Africa covid [case, death, vaccine, excess deaths]
21,766 DEAD Over 2 Million Injured in EU Drug Reaction Database
Posted: 24 Aug 2021 02:10 AM PDT
The European Union database as of August 14th, suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 21,766 fatalities, and 2,074,410 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.

Howell : comments on selected [paper, presentation]s

Howell comments : Jessica Rose's analysis of VAERS Data, increase in Deaths Following covax Shots
Dr. Jessica Rose | VAERS Data Reveals 5,427% Increase in Deaths Following C-19 Shots
2872 Views, 22Oct2021 Kristall (date of original presentation not provided - amateur)

mRNA covaxes & "Lamarckian (RNA) versus Mendellian (DNA) evolution and heredity" - This is absolutely vital! Rose seems to be confined to a Mendellian concept, just like most scientists. I'm not sure, but there is ZERO indication that she has a broader understanding.
Of course, the covaxes of greatest concern are the mRNA type (eg [Pfizer, Moderna]). The great thing about running an experiment with several mRNA covaxes on the world's entire population, is that our knowledge could be catapulted to a whole new level! And remember, we might lose a preferential fraction of the right subset of the population in doing so!

I had definitely been thinking of this as soon as mNA covaxes were suggested, but at that time I didn't think they would go for it. They've only been approved in ~2015? for a [rare, lethal] genetic condition.

I've already forgotten the second point that I missed. Oh well, that's normal for me now.

Rapid co-evolutionary changes of ecosystems : [mutual aid as (per Prokopkin early 1900's), and competition] - I will add this third important point that should never be out of mind. It has been known for >20 years that genetic material can be rapidly exchanged between organisms, as with the long assumption that [bat, pig, bird, monkey (ebola)] diseases can mutate to affect humans. But of course, ecosystems are diverse and complex, and there is no pragmatic way (yet?) to fully study these types of bio-systems (or any complex systems like [good, service, technology, financial market, business]s). We may even end up with [virus, bacteria, parasite]s with entirely NEW basis for [vectoring into hosts, transmission, health effect].

As an example, back in IJCNN2001 in Lago di Como, Italy, I read a Scientific American article about parasite modification of host animal behaviour, then saw behaviour of fish in the lake that were suggestive of examples in the article : the fish turned sideways occasionally in-day, givding bright flashes of light easily seen by predator birds. I don't think I saw a flash, then a bird-of-prey capture the flashing fish, so I don't have a plausible visual support of the concept (added 21Jan2022). I wondered at the time if sexual diseases and promiscuity might be like that (never saw a confirmation). Perhaps pigs like myself are also behaviour modified to eat too much for our parasites within (a bit of tapeworm ghost in me - but could be [bacteria, microbe]s etc)?

I have seen NO comment related to potential human behavioural changes and mRNA vaccines, but some of my "personal covax possibe effects" could be like that. We'll just have to wait - but at least we are experimenting with the world's population so if t can happen, we might just see it, but only if [medical, science] experts open their eyes, and think. (not very likely on either account)

Howell comments : Kyle Beattie's Bayesian analysis of covax - ~30% increases in [case, death]s

Kyle Beattie 30Oct2021 Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19.pdf

Comments :

Howell comments : Pardekooper's videos are handy to get started with database usage

Craig Paardekooper
Pardekooper's videos below are handy to get started with database usage.
These are kind of slow snoozers, but handy.
Craig Paardekooper - The Speed of Death from vaccine - ADVERSE REPORTING VAERS
385 views,05:59 length, 11Jan2022 DUBsential (11Jan2022 stated in video)
Craig Paardekooper - VAERS - Different Effects of the Vaccine on women and men
226 views, 11Jan2022 DUBsential (10Jan2022 stated in video)

Howell comments : Covax 'how might I cover my ass?'

IMPORTANT! : The "CO2 is the primary driver of climate since 1850" theme is proof that : Science history is full of the above. The beautiful thing is that [random, rare, sttered] cart [amateur, scientist]s "do wonderful things that do wonderful things"

Never apologize, just keep [shout, morph]ing!
switch covid-19 [case, death] cart [criteria, tests] from over-reporting to under-reporting
bash the horrible capitalists (as Biden is doing about the inflation that he is creating)
bash the "covax deniers" -> "deniers are killing people"
Steve added this section
more strongly [censor, repress] "covax deniers"
Build major initiative for "new focus on very low covax side effects"
create [biased, bogus] new [perspective, analysis]
engage mainstream [scientist, medical, institutional (eg [hospital, state health]), policy, media]
manage the media
manage [science, health] cart [journal, career]s
deflect potential political damage from past stupid decisions to disallow anti-virals
i.e. more of the same... all of this is already present, just make it [bigger, better, more effective]