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Quantum Mechanics is a fools paradise?

As with webPage General Relativity is a turkey?, the comments herein are VASTLY incomplete! They would be far better (still vastly incomplete) if I could find extensive old notes.

Rather than repeating it here, please refer to the introduction of my webPage "General Relativity is a turkey?"

Quantum Mechanics is a fools paradise?

The speed of light in a vacuum (c) has gone down ~1.5% over ~300 years?

In ?1977>, the physics community simply SET the value of c, and ongoing experimental determinations are simply not reported and discussed! We are currently in a period of an "flat" trend of c with time that is perhaps predictable from the trend over past 3 centuries, but this may not be the case over the oncoming [decades, century]?

As this issue is already covered in my webPage "General Relativity is a turkey?", please refer to it.

If correct, this data KILLS General relativity (GR) AND Quantum Mechanics (QM)!!! I have every confidence that "convoluted band-aid [mathematics, concepts]" can easily patch over the problem, as has consistently been done in the past, but that probably won't rescue the theories for me.

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While involving only rare [scientists, amateurs, writers], there is a very substantial base and serious of criticism of GR & QM. I certainly don't expect all of these to be solid, and perhaps none are. But they do THINK about the anomalies in the [data, experiments, concepts, theories,