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Howell: projects

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SAFIRE electric sun experiments SAFIRE = Solar Atmosphere something something

19Jan2024 Howell: Obviously I haven't even built the outline for this webPage yet.

The SAFIRE reactor :

SAFIRE spherical plasma Lanmuir isotherms and temperatures : SAFIRE electric sun surface granules, resembling somewhat granules at surface of son (chromosphere or photosphere?) :

SAFIRE fusion energy projects
magnetic confinement types (like ITER)
temperature (Kelvin) 500 K outside of plasma Langmuir isotherms 10,000,000 K
pressure (MPa) vaccum (?? mPa?) 2016 Alcator C-Mod : 210 kPa (31.7 psi)
(plasma pressure record at the time?)
MIT: magnetic confinement approach uses strong magnetic fields to confine a very hot—many times hotter than the center of the sun—plasma with pressures up to 10 times the atmospheric pressure at Earth’s surface
Apr2022 First Light hypersonic projectile fusion prototype : 100 TPa

Whyte of MIT:

SAFIRE [team, consultants] 2017? :
Note that :
SAFIRE video (?which?) credits :
SAFIRE core team : Key science consultants : Science review team : Corporate consultants :
Montgomery Childs
Michael Clarage
Paul Anderson
Jason Lickver
Leighton MacMillan
Jan Onderco
Jon McMahon
Tracy Childs
James Sorensen
Dennis Reich
Wal Thornhill
Donald Scott
George Hathaway
Hal Puthoff
Eric Davis
William Garner
Dr. James Ryder
...Chairman, International Science Foundation
Harold Puthoff, PhD
...Director, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin
Eric W. Davis, PhD
...Chief Science Officer, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Austin, TX
William A. Gardner
...Professor Emeritus, University of California
Hathaway Consulting Services
Vantage Machine Ltd.
DMI Precision Ltd.
Fogler Rubinoff LLP
University of Toronto
Princeton Instruments
elta Photonics
Brooks Automation
Fluke Corporation
Computer Elite
Orillia Tool & CNC
SAS Institute
Red Cage Solutions
Swagelok Company
Kurt J. Lesker Company
Hathaway Consulting Services
Paradigm Creative Group
Silver Wolf Productions

Filmed by : Ben Ged Low
Special thanks to : Paul V. Sheridan