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Category: Local News

Collision on Highway 10 East outside of Rosedale


An update to an accident that happened yesterday afternoon involving a white minivan and a semi-truck.

Both vehicles were travelling towards each other on Highway 10X by the Cervus Equipment building.

"It looks like the gentlemen driving the van, he crossed over the centre line, and there was a semi going the other direction and attempted to avoid him but was unable to do so," commented Corporal Rachel Pergunas.

The accident looked worse than it was and both drivers had luck on their side as no one was seriously injured.

"The driver of the van was taken to hospital, it didn't look like serious injuries and the driver of the semi was shaken up but fine," continued Pergunas.

There were reports of Stars Air Ambulance being dispatch to Drumheller through their Twitter page, but Pergunas confirmed that they were never on site.

"Basically he got sideswiped, or head on with a semi. The outcome could have been far worse for sure," concluded Pergunas.

She went on to say that an investigation is still ongoing but that the accident was most likely caused by driver error and no charges have been laid.

A collision involving a semi-tanker and a van has shut down Highway 10 East, outside of Rosedale.

A first-hand observation from the scene of the collision suggests that a white van was struck on the front end of the vehicle. It either collided with the tanker or was hit by the tanker. These details are yet unclear.

DrumFM does know that there are no confirmed fatalities and that one person has been airlifted by STARS helicopter to a hospital.

Highway 10 East is being re-routed to a service road just off of the main highway and it is unclear as to how long the main road will be diverted.

Further details will be provided as they become available.

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