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Howell: TrNN controls need machine consciousness too?

TrNN controls clearly need human consciousness, machine as well?

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from the section Grossberg's c-ART, Transformer NNs, and consciousness?:

3. Are current (semi-manual) "controls" of "Large Language Models (LLMs) going in the direction of machine consciousness, without those involved being aware of this? Will "controls" ultimately require machine consciousness as one of their components, in particular for [learning, evolution] in a stable and robust manner?

Here I am focussing mostly on consciousness at a simple level without dragging in machine [ethics, morality], which would presumably help as well, but I wanted to limit my focus at the current time.

Current [corrections, "controls"] of early generation LLMs require significant human guidance to evolve more effective systems that will avoid some of the problems in the early generations :

real-time [autonomous learning, evolution] of LLMs