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Karl Pribram, editor, 1993 quantum fields and consciousness proceedings

Karl H. Pribram, editor 1993 "Rethinking Neural Networks: quantum fields and biological data" INNS Press, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, New Jersy, USA ISBN 0-8058-1466-3 Howell purchased in ?1998-2003?

Table of Contents

Proceeding Table of Contents

Eccles keynote, Pribram post-conference viewpoint

Section I. The dendritic microprocess

Section II. Quantum neurodynamics

Section III. Nanoneurology

Section IV. Perceptual Processing

Afterword, list of authors


Historical thinking about quantum [neurophysiology, consciousness]

These conference proceedings provide a wealth of historical information about quantum consciousness for the period 1944-1993. As an [initial, very incomplete] list : For background, see :

Howells questions about 1993 conference proceedings

(easy for those who know...but I don't) :