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Howell: For whom the bell tolls (Sejnowski)

For whom the bell tolls (Sejnowski)

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Terry Sejnowski: Is machine intelligence debatable?

In the summer of 2022 Terry Sejnowski posted an article suggesting that the issue of machine intelligence is perhaps too [ill-defined, emotionally-charged] to generate hard conclusions. On the other hand, Large Manguage models may provide an interesting "Reverse Turing Test" to judge the intelligence of humans.

Abstract :
"... Large Language Models (LLMs) have been transformative. They are pre-trained foundational models that are self-supervised and can be adapted with fine-tuning to a wide range of natural language tasks, each of which previously would have required a separate network model. This is one step closer to the extraordinary versatility of human language. GPT-3 and more recently LaMDA can carry on dialogs with humans on many topics after minimal priming with a few examples. However, there has been a wide range of reactions and debate on whether these LLMs understand what they are saying or exhibit signs of intelligence. This high variance is exhibited in three interviews with LLMs reaching wildly different conclusions. A new possibility was uncovered that could explain this divergence. What appears to be intelligence in LLMs may in fact be a mirror that reflects the intelligence of the interviewer, a remarkable twist that could be considered a Reverse Turing Test. If so, then by studying interviews we may be learning more about the intelligence and beliefs of the interviewer than the intelligence of the LLMs. As LLMs become more capable they may transform the way we interact with machines and how they interact with each other. Increasingly, LLMs are being coupled with sensorimotor devices. LLMs can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? A road map for achieving artificial general autonomy is outlined with seven major improvements inspired by brain systems and how LLMs could in turn be used to uncover new insights into brain function. ..." (Sejnowski 2022)

If I remember correctly, in the fall of 2022 Terry Sejnowski posted a follow-up comment to the Connectionist blog re-emphasizing the limitations of discussions about machine intelligence, and the possible applicability of LLMs in measuring human intelligence.

Sejnowski's idea is very interesting, judging by many [science, computer, philosophy, engineering, policy, public] commentators, for whom this is a very emotionally-laden subject that seems to drive [fear, suppression]. The case of Blake Lemoine is a good example. How far can LLMs go in assessing human intelligence, given their huge "codified databases"? Would they be able to go beyond our traditional measures of intelligence in both [depth, diversity]?

While Sejnowski specifcally discusses intelligence, I will assume that this is even more [problematic, potentially helpful] for machine consciousness, for which there is less consensus on [definition, data, model]s. I assume that many reserachers may be hoping to benefit from computer modelling to help [define, test, develop] theories of conciousness.


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... As for AI ...

Ditto. I use it to teach and entertain my granddaughter on how to structure a story. The output in sensitivity intrigue, and surprise endings is fascinating. Abd my gradson, for analyzing vehicles for purchase and dietary food decisions

I also use it to analyze, summarize, and create headlines for massive number of comments generated by surveys.

For vacation planning too and most time saving, analytic processes ... exercizing oversight/ critical thinking in the event (rare) that it hallucinates. Prevention is easy. Just don't ask it a stupid question, or one that you couldn't vetify independently.

ChatGPT3 and 4 plus Bing, so far have proven at least for me to be a gift and worthy of some prize.

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Subject: RE: Is the Era of Big AI Already Over?
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ChatGPT and other AI tools opened a new way to increase productivity and profitability, which got everyone’s attention.

Profitability, stock price and shareholder values seem to drive enterprises to turn left or right.

Just one small example, since we started to utilize ChatGPT, we have cut down our RFP and proposal prep costs by about 50%.

So I don’t see a season any business won’t jump to ensure their competitiveness or even survival.

I am not going to use the words like “ERA”, but I can tell you that at present, only a tiny percentage of businesses have adopted the concept, and there are going to be even big waves and impacts coming using standard product adoption curve.

My two senses.