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Why is Grossberg's cART relatively unknown?

Why is Grossberg's cART relatively unknown?

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11May2023 Howell: This webPage is only just being drafted. It is not a core priority (related to the 3 questions of the overview), so progress will be slow.

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Grossberg's highly diverse collection of [equations of the [mind, brain], modules, modal architectures, data support, successful engineering applications, insights], and the fairly unique situation that his conciopusness concepts arose naturally from his previous work, make it seem strange to me that his concepts are not widely known judging by common (often non-scientific) sources. Somehow his ideas are not yet making it towards the top of the lists that are commonly provided. I assume that his ideas are very well known in specialized scientific communities, such as the annual "International Joint Conference on Neural Netowrks" (IJCNN).

I am a good example of this lack of awareness, in spite of having purchased some of his books, read journal papers, and having listened to many of his presentations at IJCNN. But I just didn't have the big picture, and until his plenary talk at IJCNN2017 Killarny (?), wasn't aware of his work on consciousness. But it was really his 2021 book "Conscious Mind, Resonant Brain" that really brought it all together for me, and I haven't even made it very far into the book yet (as of 11May2023).

consciousness has been a "favourite topic" of many people over the ages. It touches the heart of the themes of who we are, why and how we are aware of that, and how consciousness may affect our lives and sometimes go wrong.

Perhaps some reasons for the lack of awarenes include: