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Grossberg's [core, fun, strange] concepts

Thematic collections of Grossberg's [core, fun, strange] concepts

Table of Contents


Below are examples of "thematic collections" from Stephen Grossberg's book "Conscious Mind, Resonant brain". Explanations are provided in the Help menu, as per :

The "grepStr" (used by linux grep) listed at the start of each theme shows the keywords that were used.

principles, architecture, function, process

Principles, Principia

grepStr = Principles-Principia|behavior-mind-brain link|cycle of model evolution

equations of the [brain, mind]

grepStr = equation

modules & modal architectures ([micro, macro]-circuits)

grepStr = modules|microcircuit|modal architecture|macrocircuit

CogEM Cognitive-Emotional-Motor model

grepStr = CogEM|Cognitive-Emotional-Motor

[intra, inter]-cellular process

grepStr = intracellular|extracellular

informational noise suppression

grepStr = noise suppression|rate spectra

[stable, robust, adaptive] learning

on-center off-surround

grepStr = on-center|off-surround|on center|off surround

top-down bottom-up

grepStr = top-down|bottom-up|top down|bottom up


grepStr = cooperative|competitive

complementary computing

grepStr = complementary

laminar computing

grepStr = laminar

computing with cellular patterns

grepStr = cellular pattern

family of ART.....base, linguistic

ART - Adaptive Resonance Theory

grepStr = ART

LAMINART vison, speech, cognition

grepStr = LAMINART

[, n]START learning & memory consolidation

grepStr = START|nSTART

ARTMAP learn maps of natural terrain

grepStr = ARTMAP

[, c]ARTWORD word perception cycle


LIST PARSE [linguistic, spatial, motor] working memory

grepStr = LIST PARSE

family of ART ....visual, auditory

[, d, p]ARTSCAN attentional shroud, binocular rivalry


ARTSCENE classification of scenic properties

grepStr = ARTSCENE

SMART synchronous matching ART, mismatch triggering

grepStr = SMART|synchronous match|mismatch trigger

ARTPHONE [gain control, working] memory

grepStr = ARTPHONE

ARTSTREAM auditory streaming, SPINET sound spectra



What is consciousness?

grepStr = conscious

conscious vs non-conscious

grepStr = non-conscious|nonconscious|unconscious

behavior-mind-brain link

grepStr = behavior-mind-brain link

classical mind-brain problem

grepStr = mind-body -classical- problem

Grossberg: other consciousness theories

grepStr = Baars|Dehaene|Tononi|Edelman|Dennett|Damasio|Crick|Koch|Marcus|Pinker|Chomsky

random fun themes

art (painting etc)

grepStr = DaVinci|Monet|Matisse|Seurat

biology, evolution, paleontology

grepStr = biology|evolution|paleontology|brain evolution

brain disorders and disease

grepStr = brain disorder|autism|amnesia|Alzheimer|sleep|Agnosia|schizophrenia|ADHD|Theory of Mind|HeLa cancer cells|Xenopus oocytes|cardiac myocytes|helplessness|self-punitive|fetish|hallucinate

hippocampus IS a cognitive map!

grepStr = hippocampus|hippocampal|cognitive map

auditory continuity illusion

grepStr = auditory continuity

see-reach to hear-speak

grepStr = reach|speak|see-reach to hear-speak


grepStr = neurotransmitter|dopamine|serotonin|noradrenaline|acetocholine|gaba

learning and development

grepStr = infant development|adult learning|cortical development

Why are there hexagonal grid cell receptive fields?

grepStr = hexagonal

Strange themes

AI, machine intelligence, etc

grepStr = artificial intelligence|autonomous adaptive mobile intelligence|machine intelligence

Brain is NOT Bayesian?

grepStr = Bayesian

brain rythms & Schuman resonances

grepStr = theta|gamma|beta|delta|Schuman

Explainable AI

grepStr = Explainable AI

logic vs connectionist

grepStr = logic|connectionist

Successful [datamodelling, applications] showing effectiveness of cART etc

[bio, neuro, psycho]logy data

grepStr = data|monkey|sea urchin|slime mold|slug|tree shrew|biology|Psychological|neurobiological|neurophysiological|perceptual|mudpuppyhydra|aplysia

[software, engineering, other] applications

grepStr = software|science|engineering|applications