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Hussar area contacts are provided below for various themes and specific problems, in a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) format. Your email is addressed to the "Hussar contacts daemon", which : In general, only the "To :" contact will respond to your inquiries, while those who are copied on the mailtos will be able to see the issues that people are facing, and how they are handled. Alternates may also step in when contacts are flooded with work and cannot easily respond.

This arrangement provides an "Anonymous Recipient Email Daemon" (ARED), so that users don't have to search all over for the right contact and their email address, plus it keeps others in the loop to help share the workload, especially if the "To:" is [away, sick, otherwise unavalable]. You can see list of the contacts, but not their email addresses, for each FAQ. Read the [Author, FAQ team, HELPER] instructions below for a few more details.

Table of Contents :

Test for new users

New users may want to send a "dummy" email just to have an example of what happens with the "Anonymous Recipient Email Daemon" (ARED) mailtos. Click the mailto link below, and you will see an explanation in the email that pops up.
mailto New user test of system to see how it works.

Hussar Village

These issues are usually handled by the Publications Co-Chairs, with a copy to HELPER Mufti Mahmud.
WCCI Author Blog mailto Village admin
WCCI Author Blog mailto Village water
WCCI Author Blog mailto Village maintenance
WCCI Author Blog mailto Village council

Hussar Rural Fire Association

These problems involve the [Conference, Technical] Chairs, and paper authors, with a copy to HELPER Mufti Mahmud :
Author mailto Fire Association Board of Directors
Author mailto Fire Hall [Chief, Deputy, Captain, Sec-Treasurer, Trainer]
Author mailto Fire Fighters


These issues are usually handled by the Publications Co-Chairs, with a copy to HELPER Mufti Mahmud.
WCCI Author Blog mailto Agriculture Society
WCCI Author Blog mailto 4H club
WCCI Author Blog mailto Lions club
WCCI Author Blog mailto Community Hall Board
WCCI Author Blog mailto Sundowners Exec
WCCI Author Blog mailto Sundowners members
WCCI Author Blog mailto Curling club
WCCI Author Blog mailto Play School
WCCI Author Blog mailto Trip Kids


These issues are usually handled by the management company Conference Catalysts. A copy of your inquiry goes to HELPER Mufti Mahmud.
WCCI Author Blog mailto Arena operation
WCCI Author Blog mailto Arena concession
WCCI Author Blog mailto Hockey team ?name?


For queries such as those below, the contacts are either the WCCI2020 management company Conference Catalyst, or the Local Arrangements Committee :
mailto Rays convenience store (Toms store)
mailto Chinook Credit Union
mailto Armstrong Automotive

HELP web-page [problems, suggestions]?

web-page mailto WCCI web-site
web-page mailto Authors' [Guide, blog]s (Note that this is not being updated from IJCNN2019, but your suggestions may help for the future.)
web-page mailto This HELP web-page. As it is new and untested, problems will occur.
web-page mailto Social media - Facebook and Twitter

HELP instructions

This HELP web-page is a trial, designed to see if ["email ping-pong", email list construction] for OrgCom members can be reduced, as well as providing a consistent treatment of author inquiries. Very brief comments appear below to those who will receive "HELP" emails. As the mass email campaign is over, Bill Howell won't be putting significant time into improvements. If the concept proves useful, it is better to move this to the conference web-page.

Please help REDUCE the flood of emails that often overwhelm committe members!

You can do this by :

FIRST - check the related links to the [conference web-page, Authors' [Guide, blog]]s to find responses to your questions across a wide variety of topics and common problems. Because the Authors' [Guide, blog]s were prepared for IJCNN2019, and are not being updated, your should be aware that many details are different for IEEE WCCI 2020. This "Help" page serves as a kind of "quick update" for WCCI 2020 by providing a few of the details that have changed, but not all.

Remember - if it's not worth your time to look for an easily available response, then how can you expect volunteers to do that for you? But sometimes it can be hard to find the right answer, or the answers provided aren't clear or don't work! In those cases, asking for feedback can help us to improve the information.

SECOND - If you cannot find an answer to your [problem, issue] in the the [conference web-page, Authors' [Guide, blog]]s, use the "mailto" links provided below! The "mailto" links direct your inquiry to (hopefully) the right committee members, and copy the email to others to help their general awareness of issues that authors, committee members, session organisers] are having. Note that only common questions are listed, but you can pick a mailto in a related area, and modify the subject line to adapt it to your problem, but retain the first part of the subject line "IEEE WCCI 2020 HELP : ".

Author instructions

All you have to do is : WARNINGS : The "Anonymous Recipient Email Daemon" (ARED) : At this prototype stage, once you have established email contact with the FAQ team, remove the daemon mail from the [To:, CC:] fields of subsequent emails.

FAQ team instructions

It is assumed that FAQ teams are typically composed of WCCI2020 Organising Committee (OrgCom) members. However, Email filter(s) - My first recommendation is to put in a filter on your [Outlook, Thunderbird, other] email system so that HELP email exchanges don't flood out your inbox. The Subject line phrase "IEEE WCCI 2020 HELP : " would be a good filter key to do that. Of course, you can : FAQ team lists - At present, the system "carpet bombs" OrgCom members that might be the best contacts for each FAQ (my first guess). But FAQ teams can refine the lists to include only [all, some, one]*[To, CC] contact.

[To,CC] list modification on replies - Don't forget to edit the lists when you reply, as necessary. Perhaps other people should be included.

Inquiries coming from outside of the HELP system - I don't know if this is useful, but for inquiries that don't go through the HELP system, you might encourage authors to submit future inquiries via the HELP web-page, which will helpfully direct any further inquiries to the right initial email list.

For other questions, if they arise, please refer to the "Authors Guide : WCCI 2020 HELP web-page" :
That will help to direct your inquiries to the right Organising Committee contacts.

The biggest fear, of course, is that the HELP web-page might enormously increase [frivolous, flaming, spam] emails for already-busy OrgCom members. Based on the low volume of the IJCNN2019 Authors' Guide, and the late one-shot introduction of the system, that won't happen for WCCI2020, but I could be wrong. Changes can be made if that becomes a problem (see the comment in the "HELP instructions" intro above, for example).

HELPER instructions

The instructions above for FAQ teams apply to HELPERs as well. It is expected that HELPERs won't look at the emails, but can as necessary. Critical FAQs that a HELPER may want to address or be involved in can be filtered out by email programs for actions.

Initial HELPERs are listed in a section above as a first guess.

HELPER CC's - The current assumption is that the General Co-Chair has final say on HELPER CC's included for each FAQ. Often people who are not directly involed in work teams [need, want] to know about issues that arise, and need a track record of that to give them an idea of the magnitude of the problem, turnaround times, etc so they are better placed to put resources on it. (they can "see" the problems when FAQ teams bring up issues).

[IEEE-CIS, INNS] Board members, future conference Chairs are NOT currently CC'd as HELPERs in any of the mailtos. That is possible, of course, just as any person can be added. But this will likely be a very low volume website, and the only likely reason for "extra people" that I can see would be for them to get a feel for author inquiries and responses. A future conference Co-Chair might be one such case.

Hussar contacts system status

28Jan2020 This web-page is VERY incomplete, having just been thrown together with limited testing. Hopefully it may still be of help to authors at this initial stage (paper submissions). See the "Website [problems, suggestions]?" section below if it isn't working properly.

REMINDERS : This Authors' Guide is specific to the IEEE conference paper system, and for the most part links to, or repeats, information that is copyrighted by the IEEE. Keep in mind that the IEEE processes something like 1,800 conferences per year, and delays exceeding a week are to be expected, with longer delays during high-activity parts of the year. So don't wait too long before starting each process!
Author preparations for the conference include (roughly in squence) :
  1. Initial submission of your paper to the IEEE paper review system.
  2. Receipt of an email paper acceptance notification from the Program Co-Chairs via the IEEE paper review system.
  3. Payment of the conference registration fee. At least one of the co-authors must be registered for the conference to present the paper.
  4. IEEE approval of a signed IEEE electronic Copyright form (eCf) (online submission)
  5. Submission and approval of a properly revised final paper.
  6. Travel visa approval, for citizens of countries required to do that by Hungary.
  7. ?What else have I forgotten? ...
WARNING : This web-page is an early stage DRAFT that WILL contain errors and omissions. I would appreciate email feedback about the Authors' Guide's [utility for you, content that could be added, broken links, questions]. Additionally, please [comment, question, advise, recount your experiences] on any of the topics of the Authors' Guide.

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